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Nothing Is Lacking

For so many times we all think that something is lacking in life. This particular thought comes to our mind. But when it comes we do not know what is lacking. We feel something is missing. We find somewhere life is incomplete.


Self assessment

Then we start finding what is lacking. Why my life is not complete. Why I am not satisfied with what I have. Why I am not happy. We try hard to find that missing piece of happiness. But we are failed to do so.

There is nothing which is missing. Actually what we have is not enough for us. We always want more. We want more money, more love, more power, bigger cars, bigger houses and much more. Another reason is we are always in a competition. We want more than someone. We want more not because we want to become happier but to show that I have more than someone with whom we are in a race. In this type of condition of our minds and life we miss so many things. We hardly notice the magic of nature. That’s what we overlook every day.


Beauty of morning

The sun rises every morning. But we have no time to look at that magic. We never keenly observe that moment, when birds come out from their nests. We miss all these things when we never give importance to take some time to see sunrise. The sun never rises alone. So many things rise along with it. So many things change with the color of the sky. Our minds blossom with flowers. We revive over childhood while looking at the school going children. Everything is found as fresh as a dew drop. All these beautiful things you enjoy without any cost. You just need to look at the little things around you.


Begin the day with a new perception

After having this type of experience, when you start a day you will find everything new. You will find yourself as fresh as flower. You will become child like. You will become more polite and soft-spoken. And that will help you during the day in dealing with different kind of people. People will notice the change in your personality and behavior. They too will show more love and affection. Your life will become easier and more beautiful. This little experience of observing sunrise will add more meaning to your life. Your life will become more beautiful. You will be more satisfied. All day you will show gratitude for little things. You will start noticing and appreciating those things which you have never noticed before.


Back home with a new personality

At the end of the day when you will go back to your home, the place where you have been living for so long will seem new to you. You will start loving each corner of your home. You will show love to your plants. And you will feel that your home has been waiting for you. All walls know you and the ceiling of your home is starring at you. You will find all non-living things become alive, when you notice them and touch them with feelings and love. That same day when you will prepare dinner you will enjoy it more. All spices and vegetables will become special for you.

You will ask yourself only one thing. Why you have not noticed these things before. Now you will not have any complaints about life. You will look at the stars and the moon at night. They will calm your mind and soul. You will sleep well without any stress, grudge or any kind of negative feelings.


A new beginning with satisfaction

Next morning when you will wake up, you will find yourself totally new. You will be transformed into a new being. Now you are more close to nature. You are living life with true values. Now you are not in any competition. When you withdraw yourself from that race, you will be free from jealousy, pain, hatred and all types of negative emotions. Now your best companions are love, truth, compassion, gratitude, honesty, appreciation and care.

When we are not in a race, nothing is lacking in our life. If we are not happy where we are and with whom we are then we will not be happy wherever we go. So, be satisfied and enjoy your life fully.

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thoughtsprocess (author) from Navsari (India) on July 20, 2020:

Thank you so much manatita for the appreciation.

thoughtsprocess (author) from Navsari (India) on July 20, 2020:

Thank you so much Lorna Lamon for theses beautiful words of appreciation.

manatita44 from london on July 19, 2020:

Beautiful Sunday thoughts. Stay blessed!

Lorna Lamon on July 19, 2020:

This is such an interesting and thought provoking article Vandna. It is easy to feed into the idea that having material possessions equates to happiness. In fact, the opposite is true - the more we have the more we want.

Reconnecting with nature and the true meaning of life will let us appreciate what is really important, giving us inner peace and joy. A very enjoyable read.

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