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A Tribute to my Beloved Mother-The Late Catherine Stewart

The Solid Rock of my family

I just thought that I would share some loving memories of growing up with my mom, Catherine Stewart. All I can say is that she was the best mother anyone could ever have. My mother was one of those women who was raised in the south by my strong, hard working grandparents.

Mom not only raised me, but she raised my 3 older sisters as well. Mom used to cook large meals for us as well as for my aunts, uncles and other relatives and friends and they loved it! On Fridays, she would cook up some of her catfish with spaghetti and salad, our house would be packed. Our guests was always taking a plate to go. My mom loved to listen to music while she did her cooking and cleaning around the house. Of course, us four girls was always around to help out. Whenever she made her desserts, we would all take turns licking the bowls.

As mom grew older, she started to attend church services quite frequently. She enjoyed this very much. Mom very much still loved to cook those big Sunday dinners. Mom was the pastor's aide as well as the usher at her church. She took great pride in her church duties until her health started to decline.

Unfortunately, mom passed away in January of 2006. Her death left a big void in our hearts and it still does to this very day. But as time go on, we have learned to appreciate the life lessons instilled in us by our mother. It's funny how some of the things that she used to say still ring in my ear today. So many times, I wished that I had listened to her instructions, but as young folks, we always want to go out & live our own lives. One thing I can say about Mom, she did not put up with a lot of foolishness when it came to raising her children. Her firm voice and stern ways kept us in line, and I thank her for that.

The love that I feel for my mom, I'm passing that same love down to my children in hopes that they would know what it feels like knowing that their mother loved and cared for them.

Mom, I dedicate this writing in your memory. Just know that you have touched so many lives during your stay with us on this earth and for that we are forever grateful.

On today, January 19, 2012, makes six years that my mom has been gone. It has not been easy. But I choose to remember her with warm thoughts, laughter, and of course, tears. My life has not been the same. There is not a day that goes by that I see or hear something that reminds me of her. What I wouldn't give to see her smile and hear her laughter. I remember all the conversations that we used to have. RIP mom!!!! I love you, always.


Today is my mom's 69th birthday. I will honor her memory with laughter and tears as I reminisce of all the wonderful times that we have shared as mother and daughter. I surely do miss her cooking. I do miss the times when we attended church together with my children and stepfather. It's still hard to believe that she has been gone for six years. But I know that she is resting in peace and I can go on in my life. Mom, you will always be in my heart and spirit. I carry you within me everywhere I go. I love you so very much and I surely do miss you. I look forward to the day to when I can see your face again!!!!!!! Just know that you have touched so many lives during your stay here on earth. I know that you are in God's care. RIP Mama!!!!!

A Song for My Mom

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