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Love Extends Beyond the Veil

Renee Abbott has spent almost five decades as a spiritual counselor, psychic, and medium. A1 Psychic Radio has hosted her show in the past.

Love Being Sent Beyond the Veil

Love Being Sent Beyond the Veil

The Musicians, Artists, Writers Who Are Spirit Are Offering A Different Kind of Shelter

Mystical, mythology, the unknown are subjects that draw people. They love the supernatural, mystery and seeing the impossible done. They will spend money to read or go and watch a thriller. Zombies, fairies, gnomes, monsters, and dragons are a few of the mythological creatures that people adore. Many wish they live in an enchanted world. Fantasy is our way of escaping

Over the decades, I’ve worked hard to escape a world that people can’t see. My past six years would stand the test of time, for producing a thrilling foundation for a fantasy book, except it is real.

In my life, the Hermit who often shy away from the world, today steps out of her proverbial closet. Yes, there are ghosts and entities from other realms. I decided to burn down that invisible closet and step out to share my story. How can I not, when it was me who first brought up this offer to them; “would you help me give people shelter in the way you did with me? “

A shelter whose existence is different than feeding and housing the poor, or building an intentional community where people could live as a family, or a 1960s commune. None of these represent the shelter I want to provide for others. My definition of this shelter is to ignite a person’s spirit’s passion. The major difference is this shelter goes beyond survival techniques and leads a person straight in building their heaven that is built from their creative passion. At that time, I didn’t have a name for this, but after hearing the term Artist Salon, and researching Gertrude Stein’s Artist Salon, a passion rose in me to bring this forth again, with alterations.

This group of spirits and other entities cherished the concept. It fit their lifestyle in the spirit realms and the Crystal Kingdom realms. Most of them live their existence through media of music, art, writing, photography and other types of creative expression. They could blend well with the human artistic communities. What a wonderful idea to work alongside their loved ones, family and friends, still in the physical world. This offered an endless possibility tin creating new strings of art, in each media.

Media of Art Expression

Media of Art Expression

How Did I Meet Them?

They moved in with me around the middle of July 2013 but didn't start their work until November 1st, 2013. They needed an invitation, and that came in the middle of July. I needed answers and help. Though I parted ways with my one guide, I was desperate, so asked him to help me, plus to bring my deceased husband. He came, bringing his close friend and my late husband. Within a matter of one year, eight other spirits joined, and they all turned my life upside down. These eight new spirits who joined were not all from Earth. Some of them came from the Crystal Kingdom, a different realm. Each had a purpose that was in sync with each other. Within that year, as they carried out their purpose, which, at the time, I had no idea they had one, something else was brewing among them. A surprise that caught them by surprise and caught the attention of God.

They became a family, but nothing I’ve witnessed on earth. Not even the television family shows contained that certain element. There is no comparison to the love they showed each other here on earth. There were disagreements, There were heated arguments, often in trying to understand a language barrier with the Crystal Kingdom language, plus their mindset, and most of all keeping my deceased husband safe. As a rule, spouses don’t work together, it can provide problems. When a problem arose, they handled it within forty-eight hours. The biggest difference I noticed, our way, 'our' needs were not present. Nobody, in this group, tried to manipulate or shove their desires on to the others. There was no coercing. They kept the mission as the center and looked for the best answer while making sure each person felt okay with the decision. This personal caring, not using words to manipulate to prove their point, so they could get their, way. was not prevalent. At times I observed how one or two spirits/Crystal Beings would take a step back and let the other concept take place. This was not surrendering or giving in, but an openness to try it another way. They weren’t negotiating, as we know it. They were nourishing the heart of the mission. The mission didn’t belong solely to the spirit of earth entities or the Crystal Kingdom. Their mission was to aid those who died and needed assistance. The caseload on the other side tilted over to dangerous. They only had till April 2015 to complete their mission, and when finished they all planned to head back to their worlds. It was this love that grew among them, which promoted God to stop the mission ; turning me into a spirit guide intern after my suicide.

Good asked these musicians if they would want a second chance to help humans? The musicians, poets, and artists said yes, Divine asked the Crystal Kingdom if they wanted to join? With their yes, their mission changed, as did mine, when the Grim Reaper walked away without me.

Dead Musicians

Dead Musicians

A Bridge for Healing from Both-Sides of the veil

To have a tribe of musicians, many from the hippie era, but also blues, jazz, and folk, artists, poets and writers wanting to ignite the passion in people through another way needs to be shared. We are choosing to share this through the Artist Salon. Our passion is to create several of them, so people can come and explore their creative passions, and if desired, to have a chance to talk to these spirits.

Yes, It is possible to have a sit-down and talk to them, because I am their conduit. I’ve been a medium since my forties, for one of them, and now for about 5000, who joined. Imagine being offered the chance to re-enter earth and to have the opportunity to help people.

These spirits and the Crystal Kingdom are not here to teach spiritualism or religions. They don't want groupies or fans. They came to create with humans, and grow love. I am currently creating the channeling room. I can see it now. "Jasmine can I come for a session. I think you might be channeling my father, or perhaps mother. " Can you imagine the healing that can take place?

To create a home or several of them, so people can embrace their dead loved ones, be it family or friend, and then speak to them about a song they wrote, a photograph, a new concept in building a guitar, which is one of their favorite topics. Sounds impossible? It is not. They are already doing by helping people to tap into that ‘genius within’, and we have only just begun.


Meet the Hippie Ghost Band

In 2017 the dead musicians, artists, and poets chose the name Hippie Ghost Band. The majority of the original thirteen, who began to work with me, was from the Hippie Era. .It is best to just know them as the Hippie Ghost Band.

I love them and all the help they gave me. They nourished my soul and provided another way for me to live, but I couldn't step out of my proverbial closet to do any good, at sharing this with the world. couldn’t make peace with going public. It took me to May 2019 to burn down that wall. To not share this love, their mission, which is joint with me, would be a big mistake I don’t want to lay on my death bed saying, why didn’t you let people know? They could have helped this world.

I know this sounds crazy. I agree, but there is one crazier factor, to ignore what is evident. Those in the spirit world who have joined me were ahead of their time. It appears they still are. They are the pipe pipers for those who currently are living their life ahead of their time. How can I justify an action to withhold an opportunity for those ahead of their time, be they spirit or human, to grow new concepts, or create a different reality? It has always been the artistic, right-brain, ahead of their time that opened new roads for people to explore. We are doing it again.

Until my next blog on our adventure, walk-in creative passion.

Renee Abbott

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