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Living Life with a Little Spice

I'm Diana, happily married, and blessed by God on a daily basis. I live with chronic illnesses, but I don't let that get me down!

Add Some Spice to Your Quiet Life

Adding a little spice to your quiet life can be very cleansing. By "spice", I mean adding a little something extra. Change up your "normal" routine by going somewhere you've never been or trying that thing you've been wanting to try but were too afraid to do. No matter how small you have to start out, begin. Begin now. There's no time like right now. I don't think you'll be sorry you did!

The cereal box is hanging in the kitchen as a reminder.

The cereal box is hanging in the kitchen as a reminder.

Bland Life? Perhaps.

I was living a very simple, if somewhat boring, life. I had been living on my own after separating from my husband (now ex), so I was still learning who I was and what my true interests were. From the outside, I led a very bland life. Every day I got up, went to work, and went home. The weekends weren't much different. Except for attending worship on Sunday and at some point visiting my local Walmart, I didn't go much of anywhere and so I spent a lot of time alone in my yard or in the house.

Yep, it was quiet. I spent a lot of time listening to the radio and playing with my new kitten Piper Rae. She was a godsend, helping me see life differently. It's amazing how a pet can affect your life. Piper Rae taught me to laugh and to not be afraid of being silly. I watched her attempt so many kitten-things and get right back up to try again, that even failure seemed like more of a stepping stone than my feeling like a failure. She taught me all that in just a few short months after I got her when she was still very young. It may sound crazy, but she was an amazing personality.

Even with the life lessons I was still learning at home and at work, I was content to remain a homebody, and not being social. I've always been an introvert, and am very shy making it difficult for me to meet new people.

I Am Over This!

One day as I was eating my favorite cereal for breakfast, I found myself studying the front of the cereal box. I had an epiphany. I was tired of living so alone and so cut off from everyone. I was living in a self-imposed prison of sorts. I was over that! I was finished with living that way! I suddenly wanted to do everything all at once!

What on earth could have affected me so much on a sunny Sunday morning? I love Quaker's Life cereal; I always have. This particular morning, I was eating Cinnamon Life. They had taken something very plain and have made it so much better by just adding a little spice. I could do the same thing to my life!

Millwood State Park

Millwood State Park

Getting Outside My Comfort Zone

I had a very small comfort zone. I'm so shy I rarely went anywhere alone. I didn't go to the mall, to the local state parks, or even for a Sunday drive by myself. "Why not?", you may ask. I wasn't comfortable with my own company, with being without anyone else. But that all changed that Sunday morning on my "decision" day. I wasn't going to wait any longer for my life to change magically. If I wanted it to be different, I had to be a little uncomfortable and do something different! I wasn't waiting any longer to do it!

After church that day, I packed a backpack with a few bottles of water, an apple for a snack, and my cell phone. I hopped in the car and drove 25 minutes to a state park with a lake, popular with fishermen and local campers. I had heard many years earlier that it has a short and very pretty trail, so that's where I went.

Choosing Spice is Nice!

That was my first trip, when I went for a short hike around a lake and took lots of photos of the lake, trees, birds, squirrels, and even took a couple selfies to show my friends. It felt so nice to choose to live with a little spice!

Over the course of that year, I would often see a reminder of my new-found confidence and resolve that would encourage me to keep it up! Over the course of the next few months, I would often drive to a larger, neighboring town to visit the mall or to do a little shopping on a weeknight (Living on the edge looks different for everyone!). I went shopping with friends, went to a couple of restaurants by myself, and even went to the movies with a couple of wonderful friends on Christmas Day!

I did many of the things I hadn't done in years! I was much more spontaneous and light-hearted than I had felt in a long time! I was enjoying the time to learn how to be an independent woman, capable of making her own decisions, and choosing her own spice in her life!

Piper Rae as a kitten.

Piper Rae as a kitten.

Spice Adds Flavor to Your Life

Sometimes a little spice goes a long way. Other times, our lives require a little more spice. We may need to change up the things we've become accustomed to doing when we've been in the same rut for a while. I'm not saying it's bad to have a routine, because I'm all about a routine! But changing things up every now and then also changes your perspective, and can have a definite effect on your attitude!

That year was a good one, one where I learned about myself and how strong I can be. Little did I know I only had to make a conscious decision to make a change. And I'm so glad I did!

When Will You Begin?

Okay, so now I've told you my story about when I decided to begin taking advantage of the life I've been given instead of just existing through it. When will you begin your new journey? When will you decide to spice up your life a little?

Go ahead, it won't hurt. And even if it does, at least you'll have that experience behind you and you can grow from it.

Begin today! Decide now to live your life to the fullest! We are only blessed with one life and we aren't guaranteed any extra time.

Have a good time! Go to Walmart on a Tuesday instead of waiting til your usual Friday night after visiting your favorite restaurant like you always do. Drive to the mall on Thursday! Go to the "late" movies during the work week!

Enjoy your adventure. And enjoy the spice you add to your life!

© 2017 Diana Majors