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Living By The Moment

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Krishna has been a writer with an enthusiasm about life and psychology. She loves improving herself through reading and constant learning.

The Crisis

The world is in chaos. Every single day, we wake up to some news that brings grim to our faces. There is always something that will automatically stop us in our tracks and make us lose hope. But how do we not succumb from loneliness and anxiety? How do we keep going despite the worries? How to stand up again after we've lost? How to make every single day productive despite all the feelings that you seem to harbor?


The Situation

May 1, 2020 - more than one month since the imposed enhanced quarantine in the Philippines. I am working as a medical technologist in a private hospital. Every single day, I wake up to learn some bad news - the positive cases of COVID-19 is inscreasing rapidly, corruption continues to be practiced, one of our co-workers has been exposed to a suspected COVID-19 person, my friend lost his purpose in life, the person that I miss interacting the most has been suspended, and so on, and so forth.

I have realized that unless the pandemic has been fully stopped, I will continue to receive some bad news, worries in performing my duties, and anxiety on why life continues to be unfair very now and then.

A Time To Stop and Reflect

After several days of worrying and overthinking, I finally accepted that especially during these times, life will continue to be a battlefield. I have accepted the fact that every single day will be a brand new day of challenges and trials. Will I surrender to my worries and confusion? Will I allow myself to drown in the miseries of the world?

No. I believe that what we dwell in is what we allow ourselves to fully experience. Life is not black and white. It is a colorful canvas since the beginning. From the start, it has many twists and we must accept the fact that everything changes and we must adapt quickly to its ever-changing nature. Problems will continue to arise from different sides of the world. Conflicting opinions will remind you that we are all unique individuals.

Yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery,

and today is a gift...

that's why they call it present

— Master Oogway

The New Routine

I have finally accepted the fact that what we have now is precious and is so much important than what we will have in the future.

I wake up early, and I take my time to stretch my body - let my body and mind connect and feel the sensation of being alive. I take more time petting my pets, taking the time to appreciate their beauty and sweetness. I make sure to eat together with my family, responding when they share their opinions and story. I allow myself to fully appreciate nature on the ride going to work. I jam to music and let myself be unashamed to dance to the rhythm. Even if it takes an hour or so, I allow myself to fully immerse in the enjoyment of dancing and letting yourself move with the rhythm. I respond to all the messages that I've been receiving lately, knowing that some of my friends may be struggling. I remind myself to always check up on others. I talk to my parents more. I allow myself to laugh out loud, walk slowly, and thank everyone as quickly as possible. I try hard to erase doubts as I talk to strangers, symphatize and be kind always.

I realized that being productive is sometimes - just letting yourself feel alive. Being productive doesn't mean you have ticked off and finished many duties in a day. But what if you have done them but they are nowhere near perfect? What if you have finished them but you have not enjoyed the process? What if you have finished all these projects but you have forgotten to take care of yourself?

Being productive means doing something that is worth taking your time, and sometimes it means to be - just be.

You must let go of the illusion of control

— Master Oogway

The Importance of Acceptance

I do not really promote optimism. Instead, I believe that one should look at life the way it is. Life is not just about a ray full of sunshine. Allow yourself to feel the pain and loneliness. Allow yourself to feel that there is the dark side. Accept that life has both darkness and lightness to offer. After that, let go of the feeling that you do not wish to dwell on. After all, life is short right? Why torture yourself to suffer the pain all over again?

I encourage everyone to keep track of the news and be socially and politically aware of the happenings around the world. Support a great cause. If you can, donate and help as much as you can. Raise your voice and promote awareness in the social issues that need our voices.

I donated a little amount and try so hard to help people while I still can. I tend to focus at the moment and give the necessary help that I can give at the present moment. I always lend an ear to a friend in need. I cannot always give helpful advice from time to time but I am aware that being there for them, helps them more than forcing or pressuring others to solve the problem at hand.

Whenever there's a problem at hand, I try to do whatever I can do to lessen the problem. However, I've come to accept that not all problems will be solved quickly. More often, we win when we wait. Also, we win when we accept the situation and know that we cannot control everything in our lives. I have accepted that I cannot do everything quickly and most of the time, taking one step ahead is all that I can do. After all, that one step ahead (no matter how small it is) is always worth celebrating.

Don’t cling to things because everything is impermanent.

— Tuesdays with Morrie

Everything is Changing

Everything is changing. There is no permanent thing in this world. In the end, death will come for all of us. It is the inevitable. It is something that we cannot escape but we simply have to accept.

If this is life, why bother hurting others? Why go through all the hassle on dwelling on things that we cannot control? Why not use all these blessed time to be kind to others and to oneself? Why contribute to all the toxicity in the world? Why not be the sunshine in the lifetime that you are given? Why not use your voice to help others? Why waste all this time by rushing and doing things but not enjoying it? Why not love every single second of life?

In the end, going slow sometimes means better progress. In the moments that we feel the most - we live life the most. And indeed, it is only through loving the good and bad side of life, we truly live life to the fullest. In the gift of time that we are given, being kind to others and to oneself is always the better option. After all, what goes around comes back around.



Life is indeed short. It is full of trials as well as blessings. We choose what we prefer to feel the most. We choose what we dwell on the most. In the present that is given to us, I hope that everyone will use their precious time to be as helpful as they can to others while enjoying life. After all, not everyone does get a second chance at life, right? So why not make the best out of it?

© 2020 Krishna

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