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Live Your Life

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

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Live your life. Don't ask "what if" questions because no one can change the past. Embrace each moment. Do something for yourself. Discover the meaning behind each memory, then store them inside your heart like a treasure at the end of a rainbow. Keep living each day.

"Zayde Wolf - Live Life"


Tears of Sorrow

We all experience tears of sorrow by losing a loved one through death, divorce, an argument between friends or family, a romantic relationship ending, a career change, or other ways.

Many of us blame ourselves living life with a sense of guilt.

We often think we are moving forward when we suddenly recall a memory. This moment makes us feel remorse.

Wondering what we could have done differently as our mind flips through the "If only..." questions.


We Cannot Change the Past

We can not change the past. It's over. We can't do or say anything to alter the outcome.

Our past is filled with memories stored for a purpose. Perhaps to make us stronger but only time will tell.

We are all human capable of making mistakes. Nothing is perfect. The road we travel is not simple.

We need to challenge each new day without dwelling on events before they happen. Do not set yourself up for disappointment.

Focus on being yourself, giving life your best.

Live life,

Don’t let the sorrows of yesterday

Ruin your chance for happiness today.

— Brenda Arledge


Sharing Family Time Together is Gone

Today families are busy. Each member seems to go his separate way.

The past days of spending family time together is gone.

Times like watching television, playing cards, listening to music, or other forms of entertainment like simply sharing dinner together are no longer part of a family's routine.

Life has a whole new set of standards than the ones we were raised to believe in as children.


Time Alone

There are times we will be alone. Value this time and find something interesting to do for your own pleasure.

Read a book, try photography, paint a picture, write a poem, learn golf, or choose something to challenge your mind.

Create your own happiness. Don't depend on others.


Discover the Meaning of Memories

Let your memories unfold in the beauty of the world.

Let them live within you. Don't push them away.

Each memory, good or bad, holds a buried treasure. Discover the true meaning of each one.

Keep them stored like a treasure chest inside your heart. It is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Precious gems to cherish forever.


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