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Life's Changing Nightmare - Chemo Day

My boyfriend is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Everyday we encounter new details on this life changing nightmare. The road is not easy.


Life's changing nightmare - chemo day is about a true life event that has effected our lives. The challenges we face daily as we enter into the diabetic world with chemotherapy.


Totally Drained of Energy

I assumed my sleep was pretty good last night, but here I sit totally drained of energy, barely able to keep my eyes open.

Maybe from the morning shock wave when my body felt temperatures in the lows 40s.

Or maybe I am just getting a few moments to relax.

Whatever the case, we are forging ahead with Ron’s battle against stage 4 lung cancer.


Letting God Take Control

We are both sitting here relaxing while we let God take control.

It is day 2 of Ron’s chemotherapy where he will receive three different drugs through his port access.

This happens every 21 days and then we are quarantined for 48 hours.

This protects others from his chemotherapy as well as protects him from colds & viruses


Blood Sugar Levels

During his first round of chemo his blood sugar level went through the roof.

He has never had a problem before, but after a few tests we find out he is indeed diabetic.

This is problematic because the day before chemotherapy he has to begin taking dexamethasone, a steroid that raises blood sugar levels.

So Ron is now on medication for diabetes & must follow a true diabetic diet on his chemo days. If his numbers get too high then no chemo will be given.

It’s not great odds for a diabetic but he has to do whatever he needs too.


Beating the Diabetes Devil

Luckily, today it seems like we have beaten that diabetes devil. His number is 103 so chemotherapy begins.

This journey is definitely opening up our eyes to a whole new world. Every day brings us new challenges.

Cancer Fight Song - Long Gone