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A life story: sad or happy

Happiness at home can be achieved if with our actions, we put the family as a priority.

Dreams are not sustained by misbehaviors and misadventures. Life dissipates if we do not cultivate good values: love, loyalty, understanding, empathy.

There was a dreamer man, some years ago. He was a normal man, who had a position in the government. A worker of humble and constant salary. He had a wife and six children, but he had affairs one of which had consequences, for he had a daughter with another woman. Years go by and that woman never demanded money from him, because she worked to support her daughter, who lived with her parents.

But as they say: between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden, the wife who was very jealous, finds out about the daughter of her husband, out of wedlock. From that moment on, she dedicated herself to making life impossible for her husband, as soon as she arrived at her house. In short, he made his existence at home a living hell.

The man, already tired of the mistreatment of his wife, decides to leave his house and rent an apartment, where he begins to live. One day he meets another woman, who unfortunately did not have good habits, and little character, because this man joins her, and begins to develop a series of behaviors that he had not had before, such as being late and being absent from work for days in a row. , until the least expected day he is fired.

The man had a vice from a very young age: casinos. He had picked up that bad habit, in his current relationship. He never stopped going to casinos. But anyway, when he was with his ex-wife, he managed to moderate that impulse and hardly went to those slots and gambling places.

Now out of work, he works as a hawker, selling household items, and most of the money he earns from this activity is played in casinos. He has two children with this woman. And that new home is darkened by misunderstanding, and vice.

The family did not eat as it should, and because of this, he and his new wife develop incurable diseases. At the time he dies and the woman is left alone and sick, because her children are taken from her by the State, to be handed over to her mother, who does not want her to be near the children and throws her out on the street. Thus ends this last disintegrated home.

The first home, their children were already grown up, and they were close to their mother, so even though they suffered the loss of their father, they already had the strength to overcome it. The second home children are orphaned from their father and away from their mother.

God stands out in the Bible, in Colossians, with reference to forgiveness and respect: “bearing with one another, and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another. As Christ forgave you, so do you." Rancor should not govern our lives, even if there is separation, especially if the children are in the middle. Not thinking about the consequence of what we do could lead us to a very sad end.

We can avoid a sad story, and work for a happy story, by being smart, loving our family, planning with the simple and complex details of life.

The important events of prosperity and prosperity will be very close, and our united family will enjoy the life that God gave us to be happy. If we follow his commandments as much as possible, as his children, blessings will rain down on us.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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