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Life Goes on Without Us..

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Over the years I have learned that we were meant to be expendable.

Over the years I have learned that we were meant to be expendable.This is not a bad thing, it is all part of the natural order of life. Our cells break down, our organs grow slowly weaker, our eyesight and hearing fail. Our memories become a soft blur. We wrinkle like old parchment paper holding the script of all of our moments here.

We graduate in our yourh from high school and college as seniors and then later on in life we graduate from our youth as seniors again. We grow from tiny tots learning to walk on wheeled devices and then as we age we go back to walkers without wheels to help us keep walking. We go from Pampers to adult depends following the same process from birth to senility.

As babies our bones grow stronger to support us and as seniors our bones grow spurs and knots of calcium and humped backs for reasons unknown. Our mirrors keep tabs on the reversal of our youth every ten years or so. They refect the changes that we so often refuse to see as we age.

Animals of all species follow the same aging dilemmas that we do, but they grow old far more rapidly. Parrots live 50 or more years while our precious dogs and cats are usually only granted 14 years or so. My Welsh Corgi lived to be an am,azing 18 years and four months old. All dogs and cats get grey fur like our grey hair, their backs give out, and their legs stop working. Their eyes grow milky as ours do with cataracts. Even trees age, bending and twisting into gnarled forms of what they once were. Their limbs die much like ours or fall useless due to strokes or nerve damage. They are designed by nature to spread seeds to duplicate themselves.

We are designed as well to spread seeds to replicate ourselves, creating tiny carbon copies to carry on as we slowly fade. Even the seasons mimic life's endless cycle of expendability.Spring Is birth, Summer Is youth, The fall is like growing old and in the winter everything dies and grows cold. Not even moutains are exempt, they too crack and tumble from the stress of the years.

Some turtles amazingly enough live over 100 years. Galpagos Tortoises live to be 175 years old. Is it because they move so slow? Or does hiding in a protective shell when they are stressed grant them longer years? Greenland sharks live 300 to 500 years.They eat nothing but voracious qualities of raw fish. Is it their choice of rather plain sushi that allows them to out live us?

Ocean Quahogs which are a species of clams live 400 years or more. Maybe that's the ideal clams for our clam chowders. A deep water species of black Coral was estimated to be 4,265 years old. We can't eat coral, it's to hard too chew but what about a ground up powder of it in a pill form. Or would it be poisonus? The Immortal Jellyfish continously reaches an adult stage and then reverts back to an infant stage endlessly. Imagine if we could grow up, grow old and then be an infant again repeating the process over and over eternally. Wow!

Of course I would want to retain all of my memories from my past lives and improve on my current one. Glass Sponges can live up to 9,000 years. Forget twinkies and sponge cake maybe we should be digesting glass or injecting dried, glass sponge in a liquid form daily. Alas there is no fountain of youth yet. Ponce DeLeon is most likely dust now. He searched for that fountain of youth and thought he found it but you all know what happened to him.We are all assigned a moment to move on, our destiny holds a final chapter, sentence and last words.

Nothing last forever and most likely for good reasons.

I cannot think of a single thing that lasts forever in our world. Diamonds seem to last for hundreds of years and they are based in carbon like we are. I have heard that cockroaches will be the only thing left on earth to thrive if we annhilate ourselves as a species with nuclear weapons. What a party those roaches will have in that dire circumstance. A vast human buffet roasted and spread everywhere. No one spraying Raid on them or setting up roach motels.

So Back to the topic, Who was the oldest human being? A lady from France lived from 1875 to 1997 which means she was over 122 years old. The oldest man lived to be 116 years old. He was Japanese. Both of their ages were verified as true. In history the oldest man according to tradition was a citizen of Crete who lived for 300 years in the 6th and 7th century.The oldest man in 2022 was a man from Venezuela who currently will be 113 years old this coming May.The oldest woman is from France and she is or was 118 years old. Sadly she died in April.

So we can live longer but will it be on a walker or in a wheelchair and is that worth it? A lot of folks claim that a healthy Mediterranean diet will extend life. What does a Mediterranean diet consist of: It's main components are plant-based foods, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, mostly plant-based foods, beans, nuts, whole-grains, seeds and lots of extra virgin olive oil. Much smaller amounts of meat, eggs, seafood and dairy products are consumed. Only moderate portions So to live to be over one hundred I would have to give up a lot of Big macs, Whoppers, ice cream, all you can eat crablegs and God knows what else or just eat what I like and die happy at 72? Otherwise i can devour things I never cared for and then deal with less bone shrinkage, my nostril and ear hair turning into wig holders.

My Father-in-law was told by doctors to give up beef, his favorite beef was brisket and he ignored them and died at 60. But he died happy cause he was able to enjoy his favorite food to the end. So there are choices we are given when we are aging. I have not made up my mind yet and I do like to eat foods that are not recommended for me.

It is as I said, the natural order of life is to grow old and die. We have to make room for all the the little ones coming to the earth. We had our halceyon days and our moments of Glory, We enjoyed our youth and wasted so much of it on trivial things like watching T.V. or being bored. It all comes around in the end and we must now savor each day and each breath simply because we are expendable.

Death is a given, and so many others besides me were given its long sleep far too early. I do not plan on plastic surgery with a face frozen by botox to where I can't even smile at the first tulip that blooms. Wrinkles are the true telling of the life we enjoyed. Laugh lines especially. Sure less frown lines would be nice but the skin is brainless and it folds where it's been used the most.

If I go bald I am not plugging my scalp with hair from its bottom being planted on top. I will be just another Yule Brenner and wear a hat if I am bothered by my shiny head. Hopefully my age spots when they appear will all appear beneath my neckline, or form a really artistic pattern on my face that others will admire. Hopefully It's not in the likeness of the virgin Mary with folks driving hundreds of miles to gaze in awe at my aging mug.

We all will wind up on the flipside of the record of our lives and we should look at this period with a sense of humor, because getting sad will just give us more frown lines. I hope all of you will age gracefully and accept your golden years as someing more that Pyrite. I hope all of you exit this life surrounded by family and friends on your last night and then peacefully pass in your sleep to wake up in paradise. Where no one or anything ever grows old.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III