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Life At a Lake

As an educator of 15 years, I know what works and what doesn't in the classroom. I boldly speak the truth and always will.

There's no place like a lake!

Relax and take your time, you're on lake time!

Time to unwind

Time to unwind

Take Life a Little Slower

As summer marches closer to the crisp autumn months, it is optimal to savor one last vacation to enjoy the warm temperatures. A southern lake is a great place to do such a thing! Whether swimming, jet skiing, boating, fishing, or taking a leisurely walk, a stay at a lake has a little something for everyone.

Swimming in a Bath:

The water temperatures Lake Gaston, NC, can reach 90 degrees! It is almost as though you are swimming in a bathtub! Jumping in on a hot day can offer a little relief from the heat. Floating on tubes and bouncing along with the waves from recreational boats and waterskiers adds a bit of fun. Goggles and snorkels allow little divers to find fish as they frolic in warm lake waters.

Jet-Skiing Just for Jest:

The sounds of jet skiers laughing and screaming with joy as they ride waves and zoom past creates the ambiance of carefree fun. Some like to the tour of the docks and homes as they idle by. Others bounce along like a blur with rooster-tails of water; they cruise the open lake. Others still like to make wave soup by spinning in circles and jumping the peaks jutting from the centers. When riding a jet-ski, there is little else to think about - except surviving the fun!


Wakeboard boats, pontoon boats, bass boats, and other motorboats pass each other along the lake, with occupants waving like old friends. It is hard to believe we are in an era of COVI 19 when so many are out and about just seizing and enjoying the day! Staying distant while still having outdoor fun is a great way to relax. Cruising up and down the lake for an evening ride amid blazing waters and sky enriches the soul.

Fishing All Morning and Evening:

Like the excitement before a big hunt, lines readied, poles packed, boats loaded, and nets laid to stand by mark the occasion. Before the sun rises, the fishermen of the family set off. The elusive largemouth bass awaits their snares. Hours pass. Smelling of fish and worms, they arrive home with fish or a few good fishing stories! Either way, the time was spent in peace and contentment.

Taking a Long Walk with Your Pooch:

The gentle crash of waves against the shore, the songbirds of the south darting about, and the warm sun on your shoulders make for a perfect sensory-filled walk. Cardinals and Carolina Wrens and Mocking Birds sing to your presence with your furry friend at your side. It becomes clear why one sometimes needs to get away to unwind. With so many great outdoor activities, a lake is an excellent, fun-filled and relaxing family getaway.

~Amanda Allison, M.Ed.

© 2020 Amanda Allison