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Letter: Together We Can Make A Difference

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Together We Can Make A Difference" is a letter I wrote to Ron when we found out he had Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

It shows the positive outlook I had at the time.

I encourage anyone going through a similar situation to think positive, and to to stand together as one.

There's also a small paragraph about how "A Promise is a Promise" at the end.

Then I want you to think what we can do if we reach out to support one another as we face life each day.

We can help make this a better world.

I explain this further in the section "Help One Another."

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Together We Can Make A Difference

After all these years, you still know how to make my heart pitter patter.
Everywhere we go, you treat me like a lady.
Never forgetting your old school manners, as you open doors for me.

We have a connection that others only dream about.
One that is full of love, courage, and passion.

Sometimes in life, we’re dealt a bad set of cards, but it’s what we do that matters.
If we keep reshuffling the deck, we lose the game.
But if we play out the hand we’re dealt, we win the battle.

We know we can face any struggle, as long as we do it together.
We can climb the highest mountain without fear, for we have each other.

Our strength can defeat anything that jumps in our way.
Our love is a force that keeps pulling us close together. It cannot be shattered.

When times get tough, we don’t feel let down.
We touch that feeling deep inside our hearts and smile.
For we both know our love will last until the end of time.


Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.

— Helen Keller


A Promise is a Promise

Ron, my late boyfriend, wasn't one who enjoyed poetry, but he believed in my ability to do whatever I wanted to accomplish.

While he was feeling so poorly, he worried about me and my future. He made me promise to finish this application to The Ohio Arts Council for a writing grant.

So even today, I am reminded of his strength and courage as I receive this wonderful news that I've been chosen to receive this grant.

It reminds me, once again, in the power of togetherness.

For I was at my wits end, not feeling up to this kind of challenge, but a promise is a promise.

One he knew I would keep.


Help One Another

I want each and everyone of you to take a moment to stop and think.

Can you make a difference?

If you reach out to help someone do you believe you can make a difference in his life?

I believe you can.

The smallest gesture of kindness can help make this a better world.

Recently, I had two such individuals help make a difference in my life.

John Hansen & Steven Lester Carr, who publishes Sweetycat Press, both wrote me letters of recommendation to accompany my application for The Ohio Arts Council.

No doubt, they were both happy to do this and thought nothing more about it.

Yet, that kindness of friendship touched my heart. It helped to give me the confidence I needed to face this challenge.

In life, whether it's your better half, a friend or a stranger, we all need a helping hand.

It doesn't matter how small or insignificant it might seem, it comforts another person to know someone is there.

So reach out to help someone.

Simply share another writer's work, or say a kind word.

Take time to listen to the little girl down the street. You may be her only friend.

Do something nice for someone each and every day.

Let's make this a better world together.

One step at a time.


Together we can do great things.

— Mother Teresa

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