Let's Not Hear It For The Loud Mouth

Updated on June 22, 2019
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Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Sound Of A True Loud Mouth:

Let Me Begin By Saying

this this hub is NOT, in any way, to criticize anyone of any color, race, national origin, Military level, Favorite color, or anyone who is a Loudmouth. Geee, it sounds worse in type than it does by words. But I was busy doing some heavy research today and ran across the fact that hardly no one has ever written a hub about the Loudmouth. That is such a shame. We, the civil, tolerant U.S.A. citizens, have tolerated almost anyone--but the Loudmouth. Hey, we even learned to love the Rednecks, just ask Jeff Foxworthy. (You Might Be A Redneck If . . .)

If you think of it in these terms you might see Loudmouths in a different light. Again, I urge you to study the Turbulent 60's and the Flower Children and Hippies. We grew to hate these people quickly, but as life went on, we saw these groups of people shed their Flower Power necklaces, went to work in a high position of politics and we changed our tune. That's how life is, I guess. My point: we can either learn how to love anyone if given the time and chance. Who's with me?

Let's see, we have the Pure Loudmouths who do not care whatsover how loud that they talk especially when out in public--the louder, the better. Then we have Lizard Lounge Loudmouths who only drink to get buzzed to see just how loud their yelling is above everyone is whatever bar they are yelling for The New England Patriots, who as you know, seldom lose in the Super Bowl, so the Loudmouths are not stupid. They know which NFL team will produce the most yelling and loud talk, so they hit the bar where 33 big screen plasma TV's are on no matter what the Patriots do, they yell. And yell. Even the loud crowd, so-called, is sometimes offended and looks hateful in the direction of the Loudmouths. But that is a price that the Loudmouth chose to pay. Some call them Dim Witted, but this is because the irritated person does not understand the Loud Mouth well.

This Artwork Is Of A Loud Mouth.
This Artwork Is Of A Loud Mouth. | Source

You Can Know The Loud Mouth By

his or her (I am not a sexist) loud-talking if he happens to be talking to (one of) his few close friends as they enter their favorite "Watering Hole," a bar where the Loud Mouth feels comfortable because most of the bar crowd are always yelling about someone or something. NOTE: I said 'few' to emphasize close friends, because as you know, Loud Mouths do NOT have a large following.

Loud Mouths always talk loudly "IF" (and I mean 'if' strongly) he snags a pretty girl to go out with him to the ball game, restaurant or favorite bar. Possibly, possibly all three places--provided that the pretty girl is not offended by any of Loud Mouth's verbal antics and heads home.

The Loud Mouth would have made a terrific Marine due to the Marines always shouting aye, sir, at the Drill Sergeant, but "this" particular Loud Mouth, turns out, to be TOO loud to be a Marine because the Sergeant felt that if Loud Mouth were sent to battle with his fellow Marines, Loud Mouth might be tempted to whisper while they were staking-out an enemy stronghold and the enemy forces take him and his buddies prisoners.

Loud Mouths Can Be Entertaining.

In The Early Days

Loud Mouth did NOT start at loud-talking when he was an adult. No. He was born a Loud Mouth. Just ask his pediatrician, who retired after Loud Mouth was born along with the two nurses to assisted the doctor all because (and you may know why) it was not his talking, but the Loud Mouth's yelling, like babies too, almost burst the doctor's eardrums. So you might say, once a Loud Mouth, always a Loud Mouth.

(I'm careful when I share this with you): Loud Mouth would have made a fantastic preacher because some men of God love to get into The Spirit and let-go their scriptures and sermons. I said SOME men of God. You are right. Loud Mouth did try-out in several churches, but every church committee said, well, sir, you are a fine man, but we wanted a preacher who was a tad quieter. Nothing personal.

I can tell you of two occupations where the Loud Mouth could easily excel . . .and that is a Cattle Auctioneer or a NFL referee. Both require loud voices, so Loud Mouth could easily be at home with these two vocations.

But the Loud Mouth does face with adversity. Let's say that he walks into his favorite bar alone, and sits at the bar, but a normal guy is already sitting on a stool at the bar when this guy, a friendly guy speaks to him prompting Loud Mouth to (just) reply, how you doing, sport? Friendly guy at the bar is instantly-offended because he thinks that Loud Mouth is getting smart with him, so he, Friendly Guy, who has had one too many drinks, starts a scuffle with Loud Mouth, but no worries. Loud Mouth, who is used to this bar room action, does not use his fists, but his mouth and yells two times to get off me, friend. And the friend faints and is taken-out by the bouncers.

If A Loud Mouth's Mouth Cannot Be Heard, He Will Get A Bull Horn.
If A Loud Mouth's Mouth Cannot Be Heard, He Will Get A Bull Horn. | Source

Places Where Loud Mouths Do Okay

and these places are NOT discriminating against them, but when the Loud Mouth is hired at some big office, he is given a plush office that is somewhere in the next building with him, Loud Mouth being the sole employee. Why? The Loud Mouth's voice carries so loudly, that he can talk regularly to the staff who is in another building and be understood.

At his or her Honey Moon. Yes, the Loud Mouth (man or woman) is very capable of love. So when they get married, when their Wedding Night is history, the Loud Mouth guy or girl, goes to a separate room so if he/she talks in his/her sleep, their partner will not be disturbed. Do not be hurt by these two items, because it was the Loud Mouths who asked for such treatment.

(at a police scene when a person is on the ledge of the 66th floor threatening to jump), the police always call Loud Mouth, not an officer with a bull horn because the bull horn sounds to powerful and stern, so Loud Mouth stands on the sidewalk and talks to the jumper in a normal voice and it will not be long until the man on the ledge surrenders to the police. Loud Mouth even rides with him to the police station and urges the police to give him to a doctor's care.

The All-Time Job That Loud Mouths Cannot Perform

and that is being a Golf Announcer. If you like golf on TV, then you know how low the announcers talk. But not Loud Mouth, no. Even if he whispers too low, voice is still too loud and bursts the broadcast booth and causes a pro-golfer to hear his yelling and the golfer misses a strategic putt and loses the match.

I am without words to say this, but the Best Dinner Guest would be Loud Mouth. I know that you are shocked, but even the Loud Mouth can be trained to talk below a whisper, but that is with years of speech training and many times,with hypnotism.

Warning: Stay Clear Of The  Lips  Of Loud Mouths Because They Are Dangerous.
Warning: Stay Clear Of The Lips Of Loud Mouths Because They Are Dangerous. | Source

Personal Summary:

before I close this out, if you have eve wondered . . .I am NOT a Loud Mouth. Oh, in the past, I can be loud if I am arguing a good point, but not all of the time.

I would say Loud Mouth, we salute you, but I have to confess this sad thought. Since the researching about you, Loud Mouth, writing about you, and publishing this hub about you, well, I am devoting some time to start learning a new language: S-h-h-h-h-h. Are you familiar with (that) language?

June 22, 2019_______________________________________________________

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    © 2019 Kenneth Avery


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