Leaving All Behind; Sailing Away and Starting Over

Updated on May 28, 2019
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Sometimes you have to dump out the trash of life, for even good trash, can keep your mind so preoccupied that advancement is impossible!


Don't Keep Holding On To Everything

Let Go and Sail Away!

Life has its way of wrapping around us and owning us as we grow old. It's like dust in the corners and stories not told. But write them and leave them so you can go on; Life won't last long, if on them you hold.

You've desperately held on to every little thing, to make you or break you, its been your stay. Its been your anchor, that's kept you in place, But I ask you, Is it time to cut loose, and start a new day?

Leave it behind, as you step on this ship, light as a feather, and setting off on your trip. One trunk per person, all else left at home. Its time to be honest with self, and be freely on your own.

Drag all that history on towards your new life? No way, no way, no way! Its who I was, not who I am.

I'm mostly glad I went there and learned it all and won the award, of a life well played. But I'm about moving forward, letting go most of those things. One small box of memories only, is what is allowed; the rest must go by the way, by the way.

My mind so tied up trying to hold all these things, becomes quite useless for its a staggering amount. Can I let it go, once and for all, so new memories can be made?

The counselor said its baggage, and its self worth at a glance, it's my value and I can't seem to forget a single one of those little life events. But if I keep my trunk full of it, the load will be so heavy, I'll be soon left behind.

Its only fair to warn you, a lot I've gone through, and if I tell you all, you will soon be disgusted that we will re-live this story each day, for I'm desperate and falling, with no self worth to display. I've tried, but I can't leave my life and accomplishments out of the way. Oh, what dismay!

Is there more to me? Can I stand free at last? Leave all the sordid details of my life in the past? Is this for me, or for someone far away? What do we do now, with the past thrown away?

Awake! Board the ship! The whistle is blowing! We are leaving on a new course. The boat has pulled anchor, and away! And away! Full of excitement, facing the oceans, catching the winds of the endless seas, Here we go, far, far away!

I dumped the old baggage and memories and all, lost to my past; Oh, so glad to get away: Yes, good memory's and life experience, but If I can't escape even a moment, they chain me in place. Yet now I must push myself forward, where God wants me to go; my life is still precious, and must be let to unfold!

My vow is not to look back.. A pillar of salt I would be. Just like Lot's wife of old. Nope, no excuses, I will not live each day of my past inside of each new day, I will not have to reaffirm how much I am worth by what I have done. Not any longer. My worth, my future and and my happiness shall be based on 2 things. The Love of God, and Christ in me.

My ship is sailing forward. Far out to sea we have come, I can begin to see a distant land. I am not traveling heavy, I am no longer so deeply encumbered, in fact, light as a feather, I anticipate yon shore.

Thanks for telling me, thanks for the news, I would never have tried this, to dump all my burdensome past in the harbor, and to bring just my one little trunk on board. This ship that I travel is carrying me on, led by the Lords large and capable hands, that don't need my help. In fact he's holding me, he's wrapped his arms around me, as we face this new day. I don't need my life to be filled with all my yesterday's.. I now let them go... to float away. My new life that I live, Its all new, but its ok!

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    © 2019 Oscar Jones


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      • PoetikalyAnointed profile image


        6 months ago from US

        Wow, this was so Beautiful and Touching!

        Thanks for this Hub!

      • dashingscorpio profile image


        6 months ago

        You have to "let go" in order to "move on".

        Some people would feel "lost" if they unloaded their baggage. In many ways their baggage is what makes them who they are.

        Suffering is optional. Life is a (personal) journey!

        When we change our circumstances change.

        The world may not owe you anything but YOU owe yourself the world! Do your best to have the best.


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