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Updated on February 28, 2018
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Please Allow This Introduction

to be sensitive, yet poignant, because I do not plan on causing or taking a lot of useless flak about something that today is huge in the eyes of a lot of people. I am just praying as I write and that way, I will have done my best. Thank you. Kenneth.

Dating is such fun. Right?
Dating is such fun. Right? | Source

Back in 2005

Jerry Miller made a bold move by way of rural people, (farmers), to be looked upon as an integral cog in the Special Machinery that is America and Miller not only founded, (in 2005), but designed FarmersOnly.com and without me jumping on Miller's bandwagon, I just want to be clear here. I am not pulling for or endorsing this highly-successful dating site, as I just want to ask a few simple questions about this dating site that is (really) for everyone--not just "Mr. and Miss Farmer," who have without knowing it, crossed each other's pathway and never stopped to take a look around. Life is like that.

I will use myself as the Male Candidate as I open the hypothetical dating site and see where this leads me. One thing I overlooked was NO, I have NEVER opened up Farmersonly.com to see what type of format they have, questions, etc., I am just using myself as the speaker about this popular site.

I have to hand it to Jerry Miller. His staff allows men and women of all races, national origin, skin color, and other areas that would be copacetic to this topic. Another pat on Miller's back for not sending the signal to society that the Farmersonly.com online dating site is ONLY for farmers. This would be very dangerous to all civil minded people. Not every man or woman knows anything about living on a farm, working on a farm, or owning a farm. Although, the addition of someone really owning a farm and wanting a happy dating life would be great, we have to go back to one of their TV ads that portray a young woman in her 20s and she is walking past those "off-beat" dating sites until she gets to FarmersOnly.com and then her questions are answered.

Me personally? If I had my life to live over, I would surely beg my parents to allow us all live on a farm or maybe one day buy a farm, but decisions like that one would be foolish for me to have talked to my parents from as early in 1960, when I was getting ready to begin my 12-years of schooling here in Hamilton, Ala.

The reason that I liked farm life was easy to understand. When I would watch "Lassie," and "The Real McCoy's," my heart would race like a NASCAR engine for being able to walk to a barn, lay on a stack of soft hay and then watch a gentle rain start falling and I would just fall dead-to-the-world asleep. But with the economy suddenly taking several dips on the national scene, the economy hit farmers big time. And small farmers were the first to fold. Needless to say that men like my dad who were better than proficient sharecroppers had to see public work in order to feed their families.

With that bit of realistic thinking, no, I would have hated having to help my dad plant a lot of corn and cotton and suddenly, a federal government-issued car would pull up in our yard and out would step a Federal Government Dept. of Agriculture representative who came all the way from Birmingham, Ala., to where we lived to tell my dad it was the end of the line. And my dad being a civil-minded man would understand by our nation's agriculture and the exporting of our crops had saw some sensitive ratios begin to fall so, only the big farmers survived. Those who farmed soybeans, corn or cotton in the hundreds of thousands of acres just to break even.

None of the aforementioned text really had anything to do with a lonely guy and girl who just wanted to date, talk to someone besides their walls and get to know someone really special. The only thing that I thought was relevant about all of the farming news was "me" wanting to persuade my folks to stop working for the public and be farmers. But life wasn't so in the lives of "Timmy Martin," so my parents went to work for the public--and while I am here, let me tell you that in my parents' day of dating, there were NO such a thing as a dating site much less a computer.

One question that hit me about Miller's online dating site was another TV ad where two guys are talking about dating and work--just being guys. Then without warning, this leggy brunette walks by and kisses her farmer boyfriend, (I am assuming he was a farmer), and she walks away with the grace of any June Taylor Dancer. This TV ad to me was almost misleading the general public about farm guys and girls or the opposite being workable. And with Farmersonly.com dating site running as many TV ads as they run, I would wager than someone is making a profit.

The other and final personal observations would be: if "I" were dating, which I am not, would I see a set of questions geared toward me as the anxious farming guy who is lonely for a woman? Or would Farmersonly.com's dating site have a set of generic questions--name, address, likes, dislikes, etc., so this website can easily put me with a girl who pretty much agrees and disagrees with my thinking?

I guess it's the name of the dating site: Farmers Only and the song, I won't sing it. You get my drift. I am not lonely, but I am not about to hinder those men and women--with farmer or non-farmer backgrounds.

Want to learn more about (this) dating site? Log onto: https://www.farmersonly.com/

Sitting in the shade strumming a guitar waiting for her date to show up.
Sitting in the shade strumming a guitar waiting for her date to show up. | Source

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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 weeks ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Carolyn -- and firstly, thank you for the comment about this timely piece. Could you tell from the tone of my work that I was once jaded by one of these sites?

      I hope not. I've always wanted to use one to just see who or rather, if, someone who likes me so much as to sit up nights researching materials and living on black coffee. Not many. And I thought that retirement meant REST sometime.

      And your comment is 110% great. Love your points and I know of no one in the business world who works seven days a week--that would get old.

      Write me anytime.

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 3 weeks ago from South Dakota, USA

      “Jerry Miller, founder of niche dating site FarmersOnly.com, says it all comes down to lifestyle compatibility. Many farmers he has talked to say they work seven days a week, 365 days a year. “How many people in regular business could relate to that?” he asks.”

      That pretty much says it all . . .