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Kiss Me, I Am Stupid and Have No Common Sense - or - Analyzing Life Starting at the Beginning

Things are looking pretty Bleak

polar vortex blizzard

polar vortex blizzard

The Beginning

Here we are. We exist in what some call the bleakest of times. Bleak, as a word, is very full of despair. It's a good word. It does its job. It's accurate. But, how much of our lives can we truly describe as bleak?

You're right. Not much. Most people who terrorize our ears with complaints of things being bleak, are simply sticking their proverbial toe into the cold waters of question to find out how other people feel about anything. It's almost an invitation to have something to talk about. Negative or not, it's a subject.

The worst part of being questioned about bleakness, is if we respond to same with agreement, we become objects of scrutiny. Subject to judgement and scorn, and then, the subject of gossip.

It's best to not participate in the conversation of bleakness, just because it doesn't accomplish anything.

At least, not for us. Perhaps for someone else just dying for something to occupy their own mind. Small as it may be at times.

Gossip and Bleakness

Yes. Bleakness is the father of gossip. Perhaps bleakness can be the mother, first cousin and grandma as well.

At any rate, it's a quality that consumes the mind like a wildfire out of control. Oh, and to warn you, this page is completely random and may subject change at a ninety degree angle at any time, like right now:

Speaking of wildfires out of control - from information I collect on the television, we have been listening to complaints about the wildfires in the west coast area. But recently, it's been complaints of too much rain, and then snow, and then, mudslides.

Yeah. It's looking pretty bleak, isn't it?

Then, you hear about hurricanes in the south, and find out that parts of Florida are pretty much gone. Then, you move over a notch, and remember that Louisiana was a victim of bleakness with storms destroying the old city of New Orleans.

Moving eastward, you hear tales of electrical outages at prisons during subzero temperatures. No heat, no extra blankets, living in a room where life expects you to become a better person. Life seems pretty bleak there, too.

Where did people get the idea that prison or jail, is an ideal place to live? Perhaps, it's because they get all their work done for them. Laundry, meals, a nice bed. They seem to have it better than some people who live their day to day existence in a box.

Don't they. SIgh.

It's to the point where the bleakness suffered by others in remote places, makes our day to day bleakness seem rather trivial. This is when more exciting things start to happen. We turn to television to break the monotony. We watch shows that show blood and gore and people being dangerous. It's all pretend and those same people live through being killed, and end up in another show, where we cheer them on.

The difference comes when there are people who take day to day matters a little farther and think that they can do the same things in daily life.

Things like killing their neighbor, stabbing innocent fetuses, setting off bombs, crashing their cars into complete strangers, driving during blizzards, expecting sympathy for getting stuck in their car in blizzards.

You name it. The worst part, is that the gossipers thrive on all this bleakness. Did you see the show on [you fill in the blank]. Or, how snow are we going to get? Or, how long before spring? Or, did we have spring and we're back to winter. Did we miss something?


When Will it Quit Snowing?

plow is getting covered by snow

plow is getting covered by snow

life goes on, during snow, even if you have to go to the bathroom

life goes on, during snow, even if you have to go to the bathroom

Seems small enough

Seems small enough

No. That was just the tip of the nine foot long icicle.

No. That was just the tip of the nine foot long icicle.