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Kim's Adventure in Cathmandu

He's a struggling writer. He aims to write only what he's experienced in his life.


Kim Meets a Stranger in Boudha

"Excuse me, do you know any jankri nearby?" She asked..

"I do." I replied,adding, "Have you read Fr.Miller's Faith Healer?"


"Ok, then lets meet on Saturday at 7 am in Boudha gate.

"Mero naam Kim ho." She delivered with perfect accent in Nepal in that first meeting. I was amazed!

It was only her ginger hair, blue eyes and fair skin that people would know her as a foreigner.

Otherwise, any person would call her a brahmin girl.

Kim Walks to Gaushala

On Saturday, she arrived at 7 am at Boudha Gate. Then we walked together to Kirateswor to the south.

We chated along the trail. She said she was a student from Wisconsin. She lived as a paying guest in a Nepali family in Gairidhara nearby Wisconsin office for Nepal.

We climbed up to Kirateswor temple. She popped in for a while in the courtyard. Then we took the trail through the jungle down towards Pashupati Ghat.

After ten minutes trudge, we arrived on the bank of Bagmati river. We crossed the ancient bridge. Then we took the trail to the left- Gaushala.

In minites, we reached Ojraj Lohani's dwelling, beside the sloppy road.

We entered his humble hut.

I namaskared him. So did Kim.

4 visitors had already come to meet him for help. They were sitting on the couch.

We sat on bamboo tools near the door.

Ojraj was listening to people' ailments.

After minutes, an old Tamang dame also came in. She had no place to sit in.

That she might sit, I stood up and give her a stool. She didn't want to. She prefered to wait outside.

Kim got interested to chat with the woman.

She went out. I followed her.

Kim Listens to a woman's Adventure- The story of the Faith Healer, Ojraj Lohani

"My buhari was about to die?" The woman told Kim.

"Bap re Baap!" Kim replied with eyes wide.

""One night she asked me for a large bowl for the night." She went further, "she had not eaten properly for months."

The following morning, as I got into her room, I stopped my breath. The room inside was reeking with foul smell.

I kept on holding my breath as much I could and picked up bowl and hurried out.

The bowl was filled with dark red soil and wee. I thought all her intestine and organs have come out from her belly.

Around 11am she gave a fibble voice saying that she wanted to eat chicken. I said ok to her.

She was served with chicken with little rice for the lunch. I thought let her wish be granted.

In the evening she asked for tea. I gave her.

The following day, she again asked for chicken.

I served her with what she wanted to eat.

As days passed, slowly she regained her voice. She could move slowly herself to the toilet. Finally she got cured."

This Guru cured my buhari. He had given me some powered herbs to feed her in the morning and at night after supper.

I fed her as I was told. Then on the 4th day she threw out the poison out.

My husband and my son had taken her to all the hospitals in the Valley.

Then we took her to Delhi, Bombay till Bangalore. All efforts were useless."

Kim's "Bap re Baap" sound of excitement after each sentence the woman uttered, her face glowing red and eyes beaming with wonder, was a sight to watch.

Note: Bap re Baap= dad o dad.

Buhari= daughter-in-law.

Back to Boudha

We thank Ojraj and return back to Boudha around 1pm.

Kim took a bus ride till Chabahil, then strode back to Gairidhara.

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