What 3 things would I like to see in 2018?

Updated on January 10, 2018
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Jen is a preschool teacher, mom, wife, witch, writer, blogger, author, Disney fan who is from Philly and now living in Joplin

2018 seems to hold the promise of better things for many people. It's almost like this year Is different. Every new year is filled with platitudes of getting finances together, losing weight, and self improvement. But for some off reason, this year seems to be the year for everyone to get their lives in order.

This year I hope to reduce my stress, fix my finances, and spend more time with my family.


Everyone has stress. It's a part of life. There will always be bills. My kids are going to fight. And my septic tank will always back up at Christmas. This is all part of being a train wreck and I get it. But this past year was super stressful.

I'm the only one working so there's significant pressure to stay at my job. No matter what. And this past spring that included being bitten, slapped, kicked, spit on, and having things thrown at me. Mostly shoes. I took daily panic attacks. Cried every day on my commute to work. But I stayed.

I stayed because my husband is in school so I'm pulling for the family. He should be graduating in seven months. Then he needs to find a job. So, I've resigned myself to having to stay where I'm at until the end of the year. At least.

Until then, I need to get my stress down. So I've been meditating again. I've taken to knitting scarves on the weekend. I'm writing every day again. But mostly I'm asking for help.

I realized I don't have to do it all. I physically, emotionally, and mentally can not continue trying to deal with the stress at work and the. Come home to do dishes, laundry, cook dinner, and help with homework. I just can't do it. And it's not fair to think I should. So I put my pride on the shelf and asked my family to help. There's no reason my his a d can't cook dinner. My fourteen year old daughter is fully capable of doing dishes. And my thirteen year old can take out the trash.

I'm on the path to less stress. Let's hope it continues.


Who doesn't want more money? I honestly don't know anyone who would say, "No, I don't need that much money. I'm OK. Thank you." OK, actually, I do. My mom. But she's weird and content and retired. Me, on the other hand, yeah, show me the money.

Like I said, I'm the only one working right now. We have three kids. If you've done the math that means five people to support. Five people who need food, clothes, heat, electricity, and phones. One is in daycare so that's an expense. One is in public school so there's all the nickel and dime nonsense that happens there. One is homeschooled so we still need supplies for that. We have a truck that needs gas. And in this house there is always something that needs to be repaired..

I get paid every two weeks. It's pay check to a week before paycheck here. And I'm sick of it.

I got a planner for my birthday and it has a budget in it. I plan on sticking with it. I don't plan getting a raise or getting fired so hopefully my income from daycare stays steady.

Speaking of income, I'm hoping to add to mine. My YouTube channel is set for monetization by summer. My books sales are going up. And I'm starting a podcast that will hopefully bring in some money.

I'm hoping this year we break the paycheck to end of the money cycle.

Family Time

I miss my family. I really do. I'm one of those weird mom's that actually enjoys her kids. I hate the start of school. And the end of breaks. I love my kids.

That's why working so much kills me. I can write around my family. My videos feature my family. I can't go to work with my family. My son comes to the daycare I work at but he's in a different room.

I just love my family. And I really want to spend more time with them. Not just time but quality time. I want to watch more movies and play more games. I want to sit outside and watch shooting stars and fireflies. I want to build leaf piles and let them jump in.

And eventually I want to take them all to Philly and Walt Disney World.

We've started with small steps. We started family game night. Which has been wildly successful. I hope it's a sign of things to come.

You tell me

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

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