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My Life It Seems After My Accident (Story)

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Anyone get signs from the Universe? Or? Because they have been all over my life, like crazy!



Good afternoon, in this post I am going to be going over multiple things. We are going to discuss the sub conscious vs. the conscious and the research I have done on these two different subjects. I am also to briefly cover the reason I take such interest in these.

We can work on it!

Ok, in 2007, I was in a near fatal car accident which changed my life completely. Long story short, I ended up having TBI (traumatic brain injury) and having to learn everything all over again which is what really led me to really research self development. I am thankful I have TBI and survived that accident but do not fear death. I more than welcome it than shy it away. Am I suicidal, no not at all, I have been in the past but that was before. I am glad I am not now because I have come to realize, every day we get to wake up and open our eyes, its another gift given to us by, could be God, could be the universe or it could be whatever your beliefs are. I even had and am still learning emotions! Emotions suck, if you cant control those, that will be the thing to sink you. But with that in mind, we all have to realize that we are living to die, so you as an individual might as well enjoy the h*ll out of it!

The Start...

Having TBI is an experience in its own. Life is so confusing, all the time or at least the first 11 years afterwords. When I left to the hospital a doctor told me "The first ten years your learning capabilities we be best but after 10 years things may slow." I have thought much about that and returning to home, I thought much about everything. I was a different person, well still that same physical persona but a "clean slate" if you will. So I returned to high school with a third grade ... capability. Very quickly did that change, I was kept in the special education room at all times. I had never been in a room like such but I am thankful that I was put in there because "special" people are some of the most amazing people you can meet. Now dont get me wrong, some are not but for the most part alot are.

Finished Up High School

I was in High school for a year and a half late, due to my accident. One day, my teacher "Mrs. Hill", who was another amazing person, came to me and said "Mark, they would like to see you in the office.". My thoughts were "I haven't done anything bad today or even this week what do they want?". Long story short, an hour later I was walking out of the High school, I was complete with school! Actually I had 1.5 credits over what was required! So school was finished and the real lessons started.

Sent To My First College

My father and I got together one morning and he brought up going to school. I didn't want to but again he said he would cover all the costs. He recommended Wenatchee Valley Community and to find something I wanted to go there for. I looked through their courses and found they had a welding program. But during this time, signs were all very apparent but I was so focused on myself and didnt really understand the "real" world that I didnt notice anything yet.

Leaving My Home Base

After a couple of years while residing with my father and his beautiful wife, it was time for me to go. I had talked about it but never had the funds to do so. Well my father came to me one day and told me he already had everything set up for me and that he would cover the rent. It was cool but that's when I learned, life alone without tv or really anything, is really quite boring! But I still did it, it was really cool! He had met someone in town that was still converting their shed into an apartment. Rent was cheap, which is why I think my father offered to cover rent. But I got bored and suicidal. One day, I called my father to come get Rocky (my all black German Shepard) because I wanted someone to take care of him, I was going to end it. He shot straight to my house and talked with me, he talked me out of it. I am so thankful for him its unbelievable!

Finish WVC

So the time came when I finished Wenatchee Valley Community and I didnt know where to go. I dont quite remember my thoughts but I deceided to move to Kelso, WA near my brother. Actually with my brother for sometime and at the time he was married. So really I moved in with the family and it was awesome! This whole time though, I was working on my self development but something I had not learned was that, when people are around, even though they try not being a distraction, they are.


Living in Kelso was pretty cool, at this time, I was super focused on working out and enjoying life. My brother and his wife allowed me to drive her SUV when she wasn't using it. Which made things really handy but I also enjoyed walking a lot. I eventually got an apartment literally right across the street from them. I loved it, it had a view over almost all of Kelso and Longview. I believed so heavenly in marijuana with my recovery of my accident that I smoked it all day, every day. I even bought green lights for my whole apartment and named my apartment something. Green something I named it but I cannot remember the name of it. It was cool but I had a mental .... a mental break they said. I was then put into a mental hospital in Seattle after my brother drove me up to ... up to a hospital in Seattle where they ... its all kind of fuzzy.

Down to AZ

I then came down to Arizona and at first I hated it. It was huge which meant alot of people and it was hot! Now, some people say that I am a social butterfly but I would like to argue with that. I am, when I want to be and most times I don't feel like it but I do keep my manners about me. I learned manners on my own, like almost everything else also, thanks to YouTube and old country western films. But Phoenix or actually East Mesa was a different story for me. So many people, I wasn't scared but again, so many people it made me nervous at first. But again, now that I think back there were so many signs but I wasn't worried and didnt really know about all that.

Since Then

So I am skipping ahead alot of the story back to a couple of weeks ago. I met a lady and she told me her story and I became more aware of signs after talking with her. I did some research into it and signs have been popping off, left and right in my life. But that is what I have to say about that, kinda long and I thank you for reading! Take care!

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