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I’ve Seen War And I Never Liked It!

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As I scroll through the internet nowadays, it seems like the news of war happening in Russia and Ukraine is taking a turn for the worst. Many people losing their lives for something that the government was to blame for, and many people losing a roof over their heads because the people who they elected to protect them were a little bit stupendous to understand the situation.

I’ve seen war and I never liked it, every day there’s a thousand atrocities happening in Palestine, Libya, Syria, but the only thing being circulated around the globe is an empathy for Ukraine. Sure, my heart bleeds out for the victims and I know absolutely nothing good will surmount from this situation. But, my question to the world is! Why this biasness? Why only report the wrongdoings of one country while others stay hidden by the mass media. If the truth is to come out then why not let the whole truth come out rather than pieces of information that only benefits one side, and completely shatters the image of others.

The war that broke out in 2022 is the honest depiction of how the world works, where if you have the power you’ll be broadcasted. But, if you have scraps no one wouldn’t even bother listening to your story or portraying it to others.

I’ve seen war and I never liked it because of how it left countless casualties, because of how the only ones risking their lives are the people who never even did anything wrong. Whether its Russia or Ukraine it’s the citizens life that’s on the line not the presidents, not the government officials, all they’re doing is cozying up in their offices sipping a cup of tea and planning out how things will play out during different scenarios.

So with this blog I let you be the judge, as a person of knowledge tell me your point, tell me you validations and justifications. Because this war isn’t between two countries it’s between humanity. Whether one side wins there would be damage to not only both the cities but a heavy blow would be set to the economy of how the entire world works. I’ve seen war and I never liked it and there you have it my reasons for not liking it.

“Let humanity prevail, fight your wars not as a nation but individuals” At least that way not the citizen would have to pay the price of your dumb choices.

© 2022 Nikita Alejandro

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