It's Me and Thanksgiving Once Again

Updated on November 20, 2018
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Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Hello, America!

you got it. Me again with one more holiday to tell you about and I am trying very hard to be of thankful mind and heart, but when you are a member of the "Over Forty and Down The Hill From Here," things change. Life changes. Oh, how it changes.

Oh, happy Thanksgiving to one and all and with my wall clock that says 11:43 p.m. CST, I just needed to get this hub published before sometime (hours from now) when I have digested more food than I deserve, because I am going to be 65 on the 27th of this very month and please do not misunderstand. I am not about to goad you about having to send me some birthday cash. That would be so low of one person to do to another. So I won't.

Part of me is happy, but I cannot share the correct percentage and while more of me is sad and the same principle applies, I am thankful to God, the maker and holder of life that He can seen it in His unlimited grace and wisdom to let me see the dawning of another Thanksgiving in America. I mean it. I am really happy to be drawing breath and walking on two feet.

I  wish the for all of you.
I wish the for all of you. | Source

Before I List The

things that I am sincerely thankful to have and manage, I shall attempt to share the "Things That I am Sincerely Not Thankful With, but I'm Getting By," just so the people who might be reading (this) hub at 11:50 p.m., CST and not accuse me of being arrogant and unfair.

  • I am thankful for not yelling "Hurry up," to those long lines at my local post office. Now I am retired, so what's a half hour here and there? When I was younger and more healthy, I would let impatience get the best of me and I would let me feelings show and yes, I would apologize although that I did not use any vulgar words.
  • I am thankful for the stray dogs that roam in packs in my neighborhood. My hometown's city budget is not fat enough to afford an Animal Control agent or person, so the dogs run until a do-gooder with more money and patience and take them home with them.
  • I am grateful that I am not chained to an FM radio station where the only "hit" song is from Stevie Wonder or Dan. (You can figure out the word play.
  • I am grateful for the physical challenges that are with me 24/7. But I am not one to get on the phone and talk about them to my neighbors and what few family that I have because they have heard it all, so I choose to save all of that valuable oxygen.

Right now, it is 11:55 p.m., CST., and I am still writing about my Thanksgiving that is still waiting outside on my lawn just so it can make a Rat Pack entrance like when the Sands and The Dunes were new and Las Vegas stood for gambling, expensive hookers and mean gangsters.

Not anymore. Today Las Vegas is controlled by some company who thinks that environmental consciousness is more proper than watching a great show by the Rockettes. In short, what has become of America? And why can't we all just shut our eyes and go back to when men were men and eating turkey and dressing were more important just one day of the year and more important than birthdays?

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to one and all. Wow! What a show that is unfolding. Isn't that a hologram of Nat King Cole?

I miss him so much.

Enjoy . . .
Enjoy . . . | Source

The Time Right Now

is 12:02 a.m., CST., and I did not try to jump out of the balcony window and try to pull one of those Warner Bros. cartoons with Daffy Duck and Porky Pig and try to beat the hotel dick because I didn't have the money. I was planning all along to publish my "List of Things and People That I am Thankful to Have," and I pray that you enjoy this piece. But by all means, read this hub time and time again. I won't take offense because I think that if you read this hub, your food that Aunt Martha had slaved to fix for you will digest smoother.

  • I am thankful that I have a savior, Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God John 3:16. Where would I be without The Messiah? In lots of trouble. I won't try and be a hypocrite. Without Him, I could not get forgiveness for sin that all of us commit.
  • I am thankful for my wife, Pam, of 43 years and like Jesus, she loves me despise myself and my faults which happen to be many. I admit it. Pam and Jesus (what a nifty Country Music song title, eh?) have saw me through some trying times. I really am thankful for them--Pam and Jesus.
  • I am thankful to be able to maintain a sense of creativity in order for me to write hubs for you to enjoy. My health concerns have made it so I cannot publish 50 hubs a day like in the old days, but I am trying.
  • I am thankful that America is still a free nation--up to a certain extent. I still love Old Glory and the Bill of Rights, yes, sir. What would we be like without rights? Trouble. That rhymes with . . .oh, you know that one too well. (a nod to my favorite actor, Robert Preston).
  • I am thankful too to be blessed with a bed to sleep in and now to hopefully not be upset with me living on a fixed income, but this year I was able to donate to The Jimmy Hale Mission in Birmingham, Ala., where in a few short hours, the lines will be full. Full of men and women who look defeated and many are. God bless the men and women who volunteer to serve the food tables at this establishment for they receive NO credit whatsoever . . .

well they received a firm pat on the back (from me) this year.

November 21, 2018__________________________________

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    © 2018 Kenneth Avery


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      • profile image

        Kenny Avery 

        4 months ago

        Carolyn -- hello and may you have a safe and happy day/night. Thanks for your "thankful" items and me? I am thankful to have a friend like you. I am serious. Write me anytime.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Char -- thanks for the birthday wish and the nice comments. I mean it. May God bless you for your thoughtfulness.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Louise -- thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts. And thank you for the sweet thought about my wife, Pam. She is very kind and pretty. Thanks again.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Venkatachari M -- thank you kindly for leaving such an humble comment. Thank you so much. I appreciate you very much and I mean that.


      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        KT -- we had plenty of fun, food, and just kicked back with our grandkids and their dad.

        And the day was so quiet that I almost dozed off and then I was thankful that our country was this peaceful.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Hello, Liz -- I would think that (just you) living in the U.K. with its history and lovely places that you would be very happy--and you have Liverpool, home of the Fab Four.

        Thanks for your super comment.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Hey, Doris -- thank you for coming by and giving me such a sweet comment. You are very special and that is serious. I hope that you had a great holiday.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Hi, John -- your comments and hubs are all a slice of life that I enjoy so much. I am thankful to have you as my friend. I am serious. And I do not forget my friends.

        Take care and get ready for another Christmas.

        Be careful.

      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Mr. Happy -- LOL! Once again I find myself laughing and then taking time to actually think (in deep terms) of the things that you say. Are you a teacher? I would not disagree if you were a Quantum Phycist with the IQ that you have.

        Speaking of "thanksgiving," let me be serious: I am thankful that we are friends.


      • profile image

        Ken Avery 

        4 months ago

        Dear Ann -- so sweet of you to stop by and leave such a sweet comment. Thank you so very much. We (family) had a quiet Thanksgiving Day--the grand kids were there and we missed our only daughter, but knew that she was looking down from Heaven and smiling.

        So thankful that God, Heaven, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Angels ARE real.

      • annart profile image

        Ann Carr 

        4 months ago from SW England

        Great hub, Kenneth, with gentle humour peppered with seriousness.

        It's good to be thankful and I have much to be thankful for as well. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but I certainly appreciate the sentiment. Family and fun abound at Christmas of course but isn't it great to be glad to be alive all year round!

        Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


      • Mr. Happy profile image

        Mr. Happy 

        4 months ago from Toronto, Canada

        Now You get a glimpse into my life on an ordinary Friday morning at 1:33am. Was watching this BBC Newsnight clip titled: "Does God have a gender? DISCUSSION - BBC Newsnight".

        It reminded me of the question I asked You in the previous comment: " Are You sure It is a "He"?" So, I thought I'd come by and share the clip. That's if You care to listen to the Archbishop of Canterbury for a few minutes. Here's the link if You're interested:

        Alrighty, until again: all the very best and Happy Thanksgiving! : )

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        4 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Happy Thanksgiving Kenneth, and for the interesting hub. Hope you get to celebrate many more.

      • MizBejabbers profile image

        Doris James MizBejabbers 

        4 months ago from Beautiful South

        Dear Kenneth, I'm thankful for my abundance this Thanksgiving and every day I try to give thanks for that. "Abundance", by the way among those of my spiritual viewpoint isn't about money. It is about friends, family, roof over our heads (although mine leaks something terrible when it rains), and in my case, a well-deserved retirement. Sounds like you are thankful for your abundance, too. Wishing you and Pam a very good Thanksgiving with family and friends this year.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        4 months ago from UK

        Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving thoughts. It is good to pause and ponder on what we are thankful for. I am feeling slightly deprived in the UK, as we have no equivalent celebration here.xx

      • Mr. Happy profile image

        Mr. Happy 

        4 months ago from Toronto, Canada

        "I am thankful to God" - That makes the two of us. : )

        "He can seen it in His unlimited grace" - Are You sure It is a "He"? What is the "correct percentage" of your belief that It is indeed a "He"? Haha!

        "I am really happy to be drawing breath and walking on two feet." - Me too! I struggled with bronchitis when I was a kid - it was hard to breath. I'm thankful for being able to breath. And a few years ago I fractured my shin, on my left leg. I couldn't walk for months. Man, was I ever happy to be able to walk properly again on two feet. I do not take it for granted! Thank the Great Spirit!

        "Now I am retired, so what's a half hour here and there?" - Haha!! This made me think of all the times I have to fly around by a grandma, or a grandpa doing 40 on a highway, where You shold be going 60 lol I'm always like: "Hey! I'm not retired yet, I can't take three hours for one errand lol I'm respectful though. We each have our own paths to walk on and we should try to be as accomodating and helpful as possible, to one another.

        "I am thankful for the stray dogs that roam in packs in my neighborhood." - You have stray dogs? That's so strange. There are no stray dogs here. I haven't seen any since I left Romania. Here in Canada, where I've been dogs have owners. If not, the Humane Society, or some sort of Animal shelter quickly picks them up.

        "Without Him, I could not get forgiveness for sin that all of us commit." - Don't worry, I forgive You. And You can forgive me as well. Together, we can forgive everyone else too. There: it's done. We're clear. : )

        "I am thankful that America is still a free nation--up to a certain extent" - Haha!! This was funny. I'm not even going to say anything else, haha!

        "I am thankful too to be blessed with a bed to sleep in" - See? That's the problem: You're sleeping in a bed. I don;t sleep in a bed because: "the man who sleeps on the floor, cannot fall off the bed". I sleep on the floor. Haha!! I am not joking: true story.

        Alrighty Amigo, I gotta go shower and out the door soon. I enjoyed your writing, as always. You and Mrs. Pam: be well!

        May Wakan Tanka walk with You.

      • KT Dunn profile image

        KT Dunn 

        4 months ago from United States

        Happy Thanksgiving, Kenneth! Thoughtful and heartfelt and fun, as usual. I'm grateful, too, that we are all still here to celebrate another year!

      • Venkatachari M profile image

        Venkatachari M 

        4 months ago from Hyderabad, India

        Some beautiful reasons to be thankful with (both half-liked and sincerely expressed ones).

        But, there are so many reasons and it is not possible to list them all even though each one of us might be feeling them deep in our heart.

        Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving day and also to all those reading this.

      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 

        4 months ago from Norfolk, England

        Happy Thanksgiving Kenneth. You have a lot to be thankful for. You are blessed to have such a loving wife, and you have you faith in God. God bless you.

      • firstcookbooklady profile image

        Char Milbrett 

        4 months ago from Minnesota

        Happy Birthday, Mr. Avery... the time is 3:03 a.m. - That is Also CST, but with DST. I'm 56 and apparently didn't watch enough television or listen to enough radio in the 1960's and 1970's to actually know who some of your points are about. In the late 1960's early 1970's, I was playing outside, walking in the woods, watching some mother bear and some cubs. I was busy swimming in the river, which was so cold that you could barely walk home when you crawled out.. Well. I'm still alive and kicking and typing and it's now 3:07 a.m. Good morning...:)

      • Carolyn M Fields profile image

        Carolyn Fields 

        4 months ago from South Dakota, USA

        Thank you, Ken.

        This is year I am thankful that when I turn on the tap, clean water comes out. When I hit a switch, lights come on. When I put water and coffee grounds in a small appliance, hot coffee results in a few minutes. I have a soft bed, a hard table top, a cold refrigerator, and a warm husband. In short, this year I'm right there with you, thinking of everything I have, and feeling pretty darn lucky.

        Happy Thanksgiving!


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