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Is It a Game of Illusion?

Misbah enjoys using her words and poetry to spread messages of Love.


Just like a trapeze artist wavers indecisively. We in our daily lives cannot see well and does not know what is on one side and the other. We believe that only one of the options is correct, and we fear being wrong.

Every now and then, we cheer up and jump, but then doubt if it were the right decision. Have we missed something valuable? Are we heading into some danger we should have foreseen and will we be punished for not paying enough attention?

When we finally dare to jump, we find ourselves in a new place, the same problem arises: Jump again or stay? Where? Better go back?

Looking at our mind, we suddenly understand the futility of worry. We surrender to the fact that we cannot control the outcome of each jump. In that relaxation, it stops oscillating, it becomes still.

We are then suspended in silence, no longer looking forward or back. We laugh, because we realize that it is a game, and we have to let it go and Trust Him for He is the Lord.

Then, our world is transformed. We are no longer an indecisive aerialist who oscillates between opposite poles. Now we flow like a dolphin gently carried away by the current. There are movements, but there is no fight. It is a simple collaborate with the natural flow of the water.

The landscape is beautiful now. However, despite the fact that the shapes are always different, after a while the traveler realizes that, deep down, they are all the same.

So, we see that we are not actually traveling anywhere. It seems to move around a lot, but it has always been in the same place. The apparent changes, the different shores, the stones at the bottom of the water, everything that seems to be different is just an illusion.

Then, again, we smile, for we realize that it is a game, and so we close our eyes. Trust our Lord and allows ourselves to rest and feel every situation peaceful.

When we start to trust Him, His Plans, when we start to believe all is His will, things starts to get better, and we feel every situation peaceful. Healing does takes time. A lot of time but eventually we heal, we learn and we grow.

When the wound starts to heal, it feels irritation, we scratch it, it opens up again and starts to bleed again. As long as we scratch it, it can never close but once we understand that we have to feel the irritation and the pain of healing. We start to recover, we start to feel better.

The wound heals but it leaves the mark there forever, for us to remember that we have lived, we have struggled, we passed the storms and finally we grew up learning that all.

We learn that God was always there for us even when no one else was, and that He will continue to be there for us. Our lives are tested by difficult situations that teach us what we don't know or never want to know.

I thank God for all of the struggles, tests, and sufferings that brought me closer to Him. I am and I will always be grateful.

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh