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It's Time to Think Collectively, Not Individually

I speak where I need to speak and where I can't speak; I express my feelings by writing.



No society can develop by individual thinking. To move forward, we must walk with collective thinking. Collective thinking is essential for achieving common goals. It produces more intelligence and ability than individual thinking. Whenever a society has developed, it has done so because of collective thinking. It creates a positive character that is a guarantee of coherence and survival. Today we are going through a difficult time. A disease called COVID-19 has affected the entire world, not just one region. In these circumstances, we must all move forward with a collective mindset. Now the question arises what is collective thinking and how can it be promoted?

What Is Collective Thinking?

When many minds decide together to deal with any problem or situation, it is called collective thinking. Thinking gives us the opportunity to feel, interpret, represent the world, helping others, and make predictions about the world. It is good for us to think because of it we plan or otherwise try to achieve our goals.

As collective thinking expands, people develop a capacity for tolerance and forgiveness. Helping others and sharing their pain is the ascension of humanity. If you find comfort in helping others, you have a higher level of humanity.

The Need for Collective Thinking in the Time of COVID-19

We were just living our normal lives. At the time we were talking about China, how it was fighting the disease. We did not even have the illusion that the entire world would face it. Then came the time when everyone was locked inside the house. Many lost their jobs.

We cannot travel outside without fear. Life has changed so much that we are afraid to meet each other. Sometimes situations take us to where we think a hundred times before taking any action. So how can we help each other? At such times we need a collective thinking. So we must think of the benefit of the whole society instead of just thinking of our own benefit. I know it's hard, but sometimes for good we have to combine our thinking with the thinking of others. Whoever we are, a doctor, a shopkeeper, a wheelbarrow driver or a cleaner, we all have to move forward with one thought and we have to face this problem together.

What is our fault for being poor?

What is our fault for being poor?

Don't Laugh at Someone's Ignorance, They May Need You

We often laugh at the weaknesses of others. This is the reason that causes the deterioration of the society. Weak people suffer from a sense of inferiority, and a laughing person suffers from a sense of superiority. Because of this, the balance of society is not maintained. As I mentioned above, the two situations in which these two people have in mind that no one knows anything except them. This is called individual thinking. The question is, what should we do? We have to expand our thinking. If some people don't have awareness, then we have to find a reason behind it. Obviously, we cannot impose our thinking on anyone but we can definitely change their thinking.

There Is a Lesson for Us in Each New Day

Every day something happens that makes us think. We can help many people if we think collectively. One day I was going to the market to get some essentials, I had a neighbour with me. We saw some children playing in the street corner. They belonged to a poor and backward family. My neighbour smiled sarcastically and said, "Look, our people don't know how to be careful. They do not understand that the disease is spreading. They know nothing."

I looked at him helplessly. Because I couldn't apply my thinking to him. Those children did not belong to an educated family. They can't even pronounce the name of the disease properly. So should we laugh at that? We should promote collective thinking instead of individuality.

The next day I met another acquaintance. He was informing me about the construction of his house. He said, "I want to build a very modern building, but the people here know nothing." I just regret his thinking.

If some people in our society are illiterate or poor, it is our duty to move forward with them instead of mocking them and considering ourselves superior to them.

Find Out the Reason Behind Someone's Helplessness

For example, on the occasion of this pandemic, an old man comes out with a wheelbarrow and asks you to buy something from him. You look at his condition. He is dressed in old clothes, has no mask on his face. How many of us will regret seeing his compulsions? And some will say that even in those days he did not find comfort at home. But only he will know his compulsions. If someone in front of you is doing something you don't like. Try to find out what compulsion he may have behind it. Then you will feel his helplessness.


You and All of Us Have to Move Forward Together

No one is born voluntarily into a poor and uneducated home. If one of the two people in the same neighbourhood holds a good position but the other does not, it does not mean that the other does not have the abilities. His circumstances may not have allowed him to complete his education. So what we have to do is holding his hand and move forward. If someone goes out of the house even during this time of COVID-19, it does not mean that he does not think he can be infected. His life will be dear to him too, but he may be so compelled to go out of the house to feed his family without caring for his life. We have to take him with us. How can all this be possible? When we move forward with collective minds.

Avoid Blaming Each Other

It is not the responsibility of any one individual to improve society, nor can any society develop by individual thinking. Instead of blaming each other for the deterioration of this society, we all have to walk together. Think about the reason why someone is not taking care of their social responsibilities. Instead of blaming him, try to help him. Everyone needs to think collectively about how we can help others.

No Blame Game

No Blame Game

Build Tolerance Within Yourself

Collective thinking will thrive when you develop the ability to tolerate the thinking of others. Every person's thinking may be different. But it is also possible that some aspects of our thinking coincide. When we have the courage to tolerate each other, things automatically move in the right direction. All human beings differ from each other. In modern times, the world has become a small place. In which people's beliefs, religions, and ideas differ from each other. But still, they are living in the same place or in the same neighbourhood. Have you ever wondered how that happened? Because people have developed a spirit of tolerance towards each other and have created the spirit of carrying each other together.

Bring the Minds Together, the Hearts Will Meet Automatically

When we broaden our horizons and respect each other's thinking, our hearts will automatically draw closer to each other. Then whatever place we have in society, we will look at each other with respect. When a strong man takes the hand of the weak and moves forward, the weakness of the society will automatically disappear.


One person can never solve a problem with his own thinking. Everyone has to come together to face big challenges. When we move forward with a united mindset, we can overcome the biggest challenges. We need to develop a passion for helping each other. We have to tolerate each other and have to respect each other's thinking. We have to find out the reason behind someone's backwardness. Then we understand that no one sinks into the mire of backwardness of their own accord.

© 2020 EK Jadoon

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