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"Island Life"-Beach, Food, and Scenery

Generose is a new writer here. She is currently studying at CPAC and took a BSED major in English.

An Introduction- Personal Experience

Way back 20 years ago, I was a living testimony of how beautiful life was when you were living on the island. It's away from the city, but not that far. Every day, I would wake up early in the morning to the sound of chickens, boats, people passing by, and my mother singing melodious worship songs. Living on an island is a dream for some, but not everybody. However, many people choose to take a vacation during every summer break and every family event. They choose islands or beaches because they want to have sunbathing; they want to eat seafood; they want to have fresh air; they want to experience a chill; refreshment; and memorable memories from the sound of the sea breeze, birds singing, and people laughing

Every sunset, children used to play with sand castles, hide and seek, and many more children's games. Every morning, I would swim in the sea and wait for my father to return from fishing. That's a memory that I cherished until this moment. A memory that will never fade but will always have a special place in my heart.

The best part of living on the island is the beautiful sunset. The view melts the heart, calms the eyes, and brightens a lonely or sad life. That's the beauty of island life.

What is an island life?

Island life is having the ocean as your playground, dining with your feet in the sand, and being treated to the most incredible sunsets. But ultimately, island life is still the same as any other life. We still do all the normal things we would do anywhere. We cook, we wash clothes, we clean the house. Some of the people here live as fishermen and fish vendors. Others are jewelry makers from shells, and others are tourist tour guides.

Because of the sound of the sea breeze, island life is the most fascinating. Whenever you feel like you are stressed, you are in agony, and lonely, there is the sound of the breeze and the light of the moon every night to comfort and give light to your sad life. Island life is the life that anyone dreams of living here. This is the life where you can do what you want and eat everything you want to eat. The sea breeze, water supply, seafood, palm trees and their fruit, and many other things are worth cherishing and living with. Here are some reasons why island life is beautiful. The beach, food, and scenery will show and encourage you to choose the island life.



The beach is frequently associated with relaxation because of the ocean tides, sea breezes, and warm sand, all of which reduce stress from daily living. While a trip to the beach will momentarily lower your stress levels, folks who live close to the water can benefit from this effect every day. A beach is a stretch of land that extends along the shore of an ocean, lake, or river and is narrow and gently sloping. Beaches are covered in sand, pebbles, boulders, and bits of seashell. Old English "bce" is where the term "beach" originates (stream). "Beaches" was the term used for the round, weathered stones that lined the British coastline during the reign of King Henry VIII. Because "strand" sounded more like a sandy beach, it's possible that they used the name exclusively for a pebble beach. Beaches provide a barrier against the intense winds and waves of powerful storms or choppy seas, protecting people who live close to the ocean.


Food is the most anticipated time of day for people who live on an island. Eating, of course, is what people need to sustain their physical aspects. However, the food on the island is the best. The best part is that the food there is fresh. Fish, shells, fruits, and others. Traditional main meals consist of bread or rice with starchy vegetables such as taro, kumara, coconut, fish, and a variety of ocean delicacies such as pasua (giant clam). breadfruit, banana, cassava, coconut, papaya, and taro. local fruit and vegetables.



Gazing at the beautiful creatures that hover all over the beach and in the deep-sea waters mesmerizes the eyes. There are sights of beautiful birds that fly all over the dry shore land and over the seawater. Their colorful feathers gave the sea a magnificent appearance when illuminated by the sun rays. A peaceful environment is the one in which I feel most at ease. a location that is calm in its own way. It is where you should go to escape all of your problems. The deepest blue I have ever seen is there, and I could sit there for hours on end and never get bored of it. It is the spot where I can think the most comfortably in a location where only the circumstances of the present moment are significant. The ocean is the only location that may cause my senses to become overstimulated.



Some of the appealing pictures that come to mind include being surrounded by water, drinking from fresh coconuts, and swimming in the ocean. Living on an island isn't always ideal; it has drawbacks of its own. Living on an island can be difficult at times due to lack of commodity supply, poor or scarce roads, and power shortages. The stunning and varied scenery are the nicest aspect of island life. Depending on the island you choose to reside on, you frequently have stunning beaches, ponds, hills, waterfalls, or volcanoes to explore. You'll adore it if you like to travel and seek out beautiful locations and undiscovered treasures.

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