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Is There an Actual Meaning to Life?

Life Purpose

Is there really an actual purpose for which we are on this planet? Or are we just meant to wander around looking for it until the day our hearts go out?

That is not an easy question to answer. Even philosophers have not been able to agree on this. Are we here for a simple coincidence of fate? To follow the designs dictated from the highest point of the sky? Or are we here to learn a great lesson?

Those who affirm that life has no purpose, but still dedicate themselves to living exclusively to enjoy pleasure in the widest sense of the word, and even fall into all kind of excesses. Are they not, indirectly, seeking some meaning for their existence? They would surely deny it outright, but, by holding on to their tireless pursuit of pleasure, there is something that keeps them on this planet a little longer, even if the so called “good citizens” do not approve of their lifestyle.
Religious have, for centuries, affirmed that the purpose of the human being on Earth is to serve others, and to sacrifice ourselves as much as possible, because pain redeems any impure thought that could end up dirtying our mortal soul. But if the promise of eternal life turns out to be nothing more than a beautiful illusion, would not all this sacrifice be too painful? Isn't there some way to be gentle with all those around us without having to scourge ourselves? However, around the world there are thousands who believe that the true meaning of life is found in absolute sacrifice. It is not their fault, thus they have been raised in this way of thinking from generation to generation.

A more ... naturalistic view, so to speak, says that our purpose on earth is to focus on nature, in order to understand that, according to them, no organism can exist in isolation. They believe that we are all here to learn to coexist with other beings in a healthy way. Will the human race ever understand this, and better yet, apply it to their existence? Perhaps this is not such a simple question to answer it in just one way.

Perhaps there are several purposes of life, and each one is applied to a different type of person, according to their values, ideas and dreams. After all, diversity of thought is one of the things that gives life to the world.

Do not hurt yourself

Finding your purpose does not, and should never mean, flogging your soul. Yes, you can dedicate your life to helping others, but it should not imply that you should forget about those things that make you happy as an individual.

Some misunderstood ideas of the religious type can make you think that caring for others and satisfying yourself as an individual are really incompatible things. But it is possible to combine both.

Just remember that to be able to take care of others to the fullest, you first have to feel calm and happy as a human being.

No Purpose= Emptiness?

Some say that in the end, if human beings were nothing other than organisms a little more evolved than other animals, with no particular purpose of existence, that would prove that life is something empty and futile. But is that really true? Looking at it from a secular perspective, thinking that our life is a blank book, ready for us to fill it as we want, gives us a delicious feeling of freedom.

If there is no guide class preset by a supreme power, then the possibilities could be infinite for any human being.

The human nature is inquisitive

It does not matter

It does not matter if in the end we are only atoms arranged in a casual way or if we are beings created in the image and likeness of a divine power that lives in the highest part of heaven. Perhaps, in the end, what makes us human is this eternal search for meaning in our existence. Where does this eternal search lead us? Will human beings ever find an answer that satisfies the vast majority? The answers to those, and many other questions related to the ever changing human nature, are blowing in the wind.

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