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Is It Really Just a Fantasy? - a Fantasy Based on Reality

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Which came first: reality or fantasy?

Which came first: reality or fantasy?

Is, like now people, art imitating life? Or maybe the other way around? Sometimes it is possible to confirm the thesis that reality is subject to fantasy…

The view that human nature determines art, and that life in some way copies literature, seems terrible to many. However, several examples prove that a creative person can not only arouse other people's imagination but also influence reality. Probably the most famous fantasy-related incident was the crash of the transatlantic ship Titanic in 1912.

In 1898, this event was accurately depicted in a novel about the wreck of a ship called the Titan. But that doesn't end the influence of fantasy. One of the dead passengers of the Titanic was the journalist WTStead.

The Tragedy of the Titanic

In his articles, he often presented the shipwreck as a personification of death, equating drowning panic with chaos, which, in his view, would encompass the soul lost after death. But even that is not all the mysterious coincidences of fantasy and reality. In 1935, the Titanian coal tanker almost drowned, colliding with an iceberg near the site of the Titanic disaster.

The relatively recent case should also be mentioned. In 1975, the Melchized family from Dunstable, England, watched a television film about the tragedy of the Titanic. As the ship collided with the iceberg in the film, the roof of their house collapsed. It was broken by a block of ice of unknown origin falling from the sky.

How can real events that seem to be related to a fantasy be explained? Is it just a coincidence, or does it all have a deeper meaning? The biggest secret is how incredibly complex chains of cause and effect can connect people, places, names, values, and so on in reality. Could it be that the answer often lies in sources inspiring poetry such as angels, spirits, and other beings, as well as dreams?

Eighty Days Around the World

In December 1975, Jean-Charles Willoquet, the most sought-after criminal in France, was caught by the police while he was watching a television film about police work. When television was shown on April 1975, "In Eighty Days Around the World," England, suddenly lost electricity. After all, a balloon with a crew of two people crashed into a high-voltage line. It happened at a time when a couple of the film's heroes were preparing to take off from the ground in their own balloon.

We are just puppets

In one of his books, David Boulton suggested that the pornographic novel The Black Predator, published in 1972, inspired Patricia's abduction, the heir to the Hearst family, in 1974. In the novel, the heiress of the millionaire's wealth, Patricia, is kidnapped from the campus and her friend is beaten. Parents are notified of the abduction in the newspaper's advertising section.

The young black leader of the revolutionary group seduces the girl, who eventually contributes to the kidnappers. FBI agents questioned James Rusko, author of the novel The Black Predator because they were certain that the kidnappers of Patty Hearst had copied the book's action.

They even began to believe that Ruska had planned this action together with the predators - the heroes and action of his novel had so many features in common with reality. Rusko, like the FBI, was extremely surprised by the many coincidences. But he proved innocent. The most interesting thing is that even if the hijackers copied his novel, who could have thought that the kidnapper would pass it on to them? Does this reaffirm the thesis that “we are just puppets”?

On March 8, 1971, opera star Marie Collier discussed plans with her manager in her London apartment. Acute she opened the window, fell through it, and shot herself. The singer's last role was Toska, who falls from the wall into the embrace of death in the last act of the opera of the same name.

In one of the best films starring actress Julie Christie - "Don't Watch Now" - the couple is haunted by the spirit of a little boy who drowned in a pond near their home. The content of this film became a tragic reality for Jonathan and Leslie Heale. They lived on Julie Christie's homestead in Wales.

In preparation for the movie star to leave, Leslie Heale saw her one-and-a-half-year-old son in a pond in front of the house. She fell into the water and pulled the child out, as the father had done in the film, but the boy was no longer dead. The action of the film was so terribly repeated in life.


A similar story is described by Alan Vaughan in his book Incredible Coincidence, published in 1979. The impression is that the authors of fictional stories, which later become reality, are somewhat responsible for these events. Undoubtedly, writers or actors are more tested by fate than by other professions. Vaughan writes:

“I studied the basics of synchronism at the University of Freiburg under Professor Hans Bender from the Institute for Psychological Boundaries. Bender then explored the dreams of one actress. It turned out that about 10% of her dreams came true in her later roles. "

Tales and legends can also translate certain events into reality. The case described below is reminiscent of one of the versions of the tale of the Snow Queen. 1979 August 19 The Sunday Express reported that a gang of dwarf men had been arrested in Barcelona. Armed with pneumatic rifles, they robbed jewelry stores. The gang was led by a tall, big blonde named Neves. Translated from Spanish, it means “snow”.

The unexplained phenomena

This is where the question of the origin of myths arises. Tomorrow's stories, as well as about unexplained phenomena, are born today. The recurrence of specific phenomena confirms the fact that some unconscious things have prototypes that recur in the real world.


To explain such processes, it is no longer enough to know the art that imitates life. This concept is very common, but the impact must be twofold. We may not appreciate our ability to shape the world around us. All shamans, priests, magicians, and mystics have this power. As we can see, sometimes the gift of a writer's work is so strong that his work begins to live its life.

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