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Is It Halloween or Is It Christmas? Is It Christmas or Is It Halloween?

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And what about Thanks giving? Where is Thanksgiving in the picture?Multiple questions with multiple answers, I suppose. Loaded questions that come to mind due to the way the end of the year is unfolding.

There is a sequential order to events. There always has been and there always will be. There is also perception to the sequential nature and order of events and although the sequential order of events do not change, perception of these events do. The perception affects the significance of each event. It is like perception of age affecting the significance of our birthdays as we get older and perception of age and or Halloween preventing adults from going trick or treating by themselves. That would probably be weird, to open your door again and again to adults in costumes, expecting candy. It belongs mostly to the children.

What I find weird as a matter of perception is how Halloween and Christmas appear to be competing for the end of the year. They are competing compliments of the commercial players in our society, the ones I call the -mart signs of Christmas makes its first appearance the second week of September or thereabouts. Walk into Wal-Mart and the first thing that catches your mind is there Layaway sign informing you that layaways are now available from September 11th until December 11th . Just wonderful. Looking on the bright side it does give shoppers an early start to their Christmas shopping, especially for those gifts that they cannot afford in one lump sum eh?

Take a walk further into Wal-Mart and you will see that some Christmas trees are already out and not far away are some pumpkins and a lot of Halloween costumes. It is not just Wal-Mart either because other corporations and commercial organizations have to jump on the band wagon and follow suit, except maybe for Amazon. There is something very sequential and neat about the way Amazon responds to the sequential order to events. They are very sequential and event focused. Back to the band wagon, go looking for a pain Visa gift card for a birthday and good luck with that one, because you will most likely only find Visa cards with a Christmas theme to them. At least there are no Halloween visa cards eh, or did I miss those ones?

One good thing that Halloween and Christmas do share in common as well as square footage in Wal-Mart and other stores, is the Giving, the receiving and the sharing. Both are a time of giving, receiving and sharing. The adults give and the kids receive. Halloween is a thrilling period and one kids have been looking forward to for a while. It makes them happy and what could make a parent more happy than to see their own child or children happy? The dentists must be thrilled too about Halloween and the flow of candy, for cavities shall happen and teeth need some repairs

The question for the Halloween period is how much candy can you give as a parent and how much can you get as a kid. The question the commercialists have in mind is how much can we make? Another good thing is that if you are a parent, it will be a while before you have to buy some candy for your kids.

Halloween shall come and Halloween shall go and then there shall no longer be a competition between Halloween and Christmas. Here comes Thanksgiving as a runner up and the competition becomes a two even race between Thanks giving and Christmas. I can assure you the Black Friday advertisements will start appearing shortly after Halloween has come to an end, if not the next day.

The good thing about thanks giving is that it is a period of giving thanks and also about sharing and caring, mostly the sharing of turkey, which will shortly be populating a lot of store freezers. It is also about looking forward to the sales and presumably making the Christmas gift expenses a bit more affordable. This is where you bluntly start asking for or trying to find out discretely the Christmas wish list of the kids and loved ones. There will be no shortage of suggestions from the retailers and the abundance of messages that you will be receiving from all media sources. One lesson that I have learnt though is to learn what others want and give it if possible but not to shoot your credit card to death just to do so.

Give what you can and if it is not appreciated, then it is not deserved in the first place. You also have to remember that in spite of the commercialism of all these wonderful events, each provides us with the opportunity to give freely and not because we have to, to be merry, to be joyful, to be happy, to be thankful, to be appreciative, to have some fun along the way and enjoy the company of family friends and of love.

On that note I shall say Happy Halloween to all the kids out there and participating adults. Be safe, stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving soon and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas as it gets closer and closer to mark the end of another year.

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