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Is Immortality as Appealing as It Seems to Be?

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So we all are aware of immortality which means being exempt from death, living an unending life for an infinite time. We have been exploring all different ways to extend life, to push off the specter of death either for a little while or forever. Research has been going all over to extend human life by replacing damaged organs with new ones. Let's think for a moment, Is immortality good or bad?

Different people will have a different perspective on this topic. So before writing this article I thought of asking my family about their views on this. No one thought that being immortal is a good thing. This doesn't mean that being immortal has no asset. But at which stage of our lives we want to be immortal also matter, no one wants to be immortal at the age of 50. There are many fictional characters like "vampires" who are shown as immortal. Being immortal can grant you endless time to do whatever you want to.

You can learn the violin, you can visit every place you ever wanted to go, you can extend your bucket list for as long as you want. Who says being immortal is bad. You will a lot of time to tackle issues, you can keep working on them. We can give this earth a new face as research will keep going on. We can live on mars (maybe). So many people will find it very joyful and exciting living a life without any fear of death.

Death sounds scary, but you know living forever is much scarier. But let's go a little deep in this, we find immortality exciting in a short term, but if we think of a long term than one day will come that you would have done everything, you would have completed your bucket list, you would have mastered the violin, you would have visited every single place you wanted to visit. Then boredom will eat you out. You would be nothing but flesh with no use. We now know the importance of life because of death. We love everyone we have a family we take care of each other we spend time with each other just because we know that this will not be forever. Everyone wants to start a family to build a family, just because this life will end one day.

Think if everyone becomes immortal, there will be no importance to life. Relationships will have no meaning because we will start thinking that there is a lot of time we will meet later. Life has meaning because there is no certainty about it. Life holds its importance because of the uncertainty with which we are living. Immortality destroys uncertainty. Meanwhile, the conditions on earth will become worse may be more than worse. Oceans will start rising, there will be diseases, apocalypses. Maybe someday robots will take over. So if you are thinking that immortality will give you a tremendous amount of happiness then maybe you are wrong. Maybe, you will eventually get trapped somewhere which will have no end.

Eventually, you will get insane living the same life for ever and ever. There will be mental decay. Approaching death provokes humans to fulfill their dreams, We spend time with our families, we go on vacations, just because we know we may not get another chance. But when eternity is available to us, along with the possibility of experiencing all that life has to offer, many experiences will seem to lose their value. What is the significance of learning languages, mastering science if when we have eternity to do so?

If not any of these, the death of a star will happily engulf both you and the planet you happen to live on – wherever that may be. You could of course escape into space – but not much awaits for you there… unless you enjoy drifting in endless darkness until the end of time.

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