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Is This Hub Good, Better or the Best?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Is this model tight, drunk of about to pass out?

Is this model tight, drunk of about to pass out?

Quite frankly, I am not what you call an thinker of great I.Q.’s, such as the late, great Albert Einstein, the creator of The Theory of Relativity. And far from the deep writings of also the late, great Dr. Hunter Thompson, the Father of Gonzo Journalism, and I’m content with my mental failings measured by these two historic icons. In short, I lose. They win. So get my hat and coat and call me a cab. My ego is again, bruised.

But we carry on somehow to face the unsure dawn of another regular, uneventful day. So for me, I have (the below) piece for you to read while you sip your black coffee and eat your breakfast while you plan your challenging day. Your wife looks on and smiles to be married to such a dynamic man of talented treasures. She doesn’t work. Your salary makes sure of that.

But you check your pay with your mental power. It’s starting pay, raises, then top off as high as your company can afford you. So you see that even Salaries with Degrees have their place in the great scheme of things.

The proverbial drunk as a dog.

The proverbial drunk as a dog.

Example: you start out at your company in the proverbial “mail room,” then as you master this position, you are given a better pay grade and after a few years and patience, the higher-up’s give you a better paycheck that your wife smiles a lot when she sees it each Friday. Then it happens. After being on the “fast track,” you are promoted to C.E.O.! Now your salary is considered THE best that a company such as yours will be shown as resentment for not hiring you years ago.

Upon a year or two on the top of the corporate ladder, these same resented companies begin trying to lure you away to run their companies with a salary that is considered as THE highest dollar amount ever offered as you now considering THE ultimate in making money. Get it? From good to ultimate with good pay, better pay and lo and behold, you now sit at the top of a new company as their C.E.O., and General Manager pulling-down the ultimate amount of base pay, stock options perks that the late J. Paul Getty sit-up (from his grave) with shock on his face. Success does come with certain degrees.

So does those employees who never get higher than where they were hired years ago. They are now labeled as average, more-average, and finally, the least chance of ever getting ahead. Are these folks happy? Yes. And no. They never mastered the various degrees of corporate work.

Nice-looking? Cute? Or Gorgeous?

Nice-looking? Cute? Or Gorgeous?

Look at the top photo. There we see a man laying face-down. He has obviously blacked-out for drinking an extreme amount of alcohol. But don’t be rushing to judgment. He started out as an alcohol sipper. He didn’t drink excessively at once. But as he started traveling down the “Booze Boulevard,” he new that he felt better when he drank enough to be gentlemanly tight. He was the “life of the party,”---girls talked to him, his buddies laughed at his jokes, and he did not make a jackass out of himself.

But not long, he drank more and more until he reached another plateau entitled: drunk. Just drunk. Nothing to be worried about. All except the painful hangover headed his way in the next morning. He did get by those painful times until he was to the point of really overdoing his booze consumption. He was drunk as a dog. Ever how much that is. But you see his example, if only by a fictitious picture, he finally reached inubération. Dog drunk. Passing-out each drunk that he pulls. His wife and children have left him. The wife divorced him to keep her sanity. What few friends see him as pitiful, not a stand-up guy. The way, any dog can attend a wild party where alcohol runs like a river and the dog will remain sober while the humans do as the man above . . .face down.

Now in closing, let me carefully present the adjective, beauty, the root word, beautiful, the adjective that describes beautiful women. But all in all, when all of the women and men were born, they were all cuddly and sweet. But these words only apply to women. Sorry, guys.

Female babies start out as cuddly, then grow to be cute, eventually pretty as a peach. And if you guys are interested in pretty women, you will automatically know that a girl who is as pretty as a peach, is pretty doggone pretty by any measurement.

From the pretty as peaches girls come gorgeous women. And if you are married to a beautiful woman, you can walk up to her and call her the most-gorgeous woman that you have ever seem.

She will not mind. In fact, she will give you the warmest, most-passionate night that you have ever experienced. So with degrees, both women and men can profit from them.

Writer’s note - - - “I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this offering. In the next few weeks, I will do my best to bring you a few more observations of things in life. And at the end of my last hub, which I will let you know in plenty of time, I will not stay on this website. The reasons are few, but they are more important than my offerings.” My sincere thanks to everyone. Kenneth.

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