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Is There Anything as Good as -

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Birthday cake and cream. The chocolate cake is truly one of those good things that are incomparable.

Birthday cake and cream. The chocolate cake is truly one of those good things that are incomparable.

Welcome to This Simple Introduction

that says something for all who read. And what is so amazing (to me) is how it came to be. Life is like that, I suppose. And what would life be without those unplanned, yet so special times when you and a dear friend get into a conversation where every aspect of the conversation makes sense.

Do not fret. I am not about to toss a Pulitzer Prize hub for you to read. But I will ask you this one favor: Slowly read the text and see if maybe one thing that is presented in this piece does not speak to you—maybe not loudly, but loudly enough for you to remember it for days.

And for this favor, I will be indebted to you for many day

 Fresh, black coffee on the morning of a day off from work.

Fresh, black coffee on the morning of a day off from work.

I Will Only Use This One Text Capsule

because of its simplicity. Simple things, special things. Things that we think about. Things that we love to embrace and things that happen way so infrequently, and before we settle in to enjoy them, they vaporize leaving us sad.

This headline is . . . Is There Anything as Good as . . .and I know. You and your family and friends are not immune to hearing that simple question, and maybe, you have asked this same simple question without really knowing just how simple it is. But we carry on.

So, Is There Anything as Good as . . .

  • A cup of hot, fresh black coffee on a perfect Saturday morning when you are not scheduled to work.
  • The first bite of a German Chocolate cake made by someone‘s wife or grandmother.
  • Watching children at play while they are enjoying the thrill of getting wet in a summer shower.
  • Walking briskly back to work after lunch and your eyes meet the sight of the prettiest girl you have ever seen and she smiles at you.
  • Enjoying a perfect lunch with a good friend and some stranger picks up the check.
  • The unplanned thrill of catching a prize fish and then decide to let it go free.
  • Leaping from bed at hearing your alarm clock radio and then know that it‘s Sunday morning.
  • The special feeling of an unplanned warm kiss from your wife or husband.
  • The loyalty from a pet dog that you bought because you felt sorry for it.
  • Watching a boring newscast on TV and a story about Kate Middleton shows up with her amazing smile and making it worth your patience.
  • Helping an elderly person go inside (or outside) the supermarket.
  • Sitting in your favorite restaurant while drinking coffee--listening to a good friend share their troubles with you.
  • Sharing your troubles with that same friend and they understand.
  • A telemarketer calls you and then realize that THEY have the wrong number.
  • A customer walks onto your car lot and you sell them a new car and they pay you with cash.
  • You buy your ticket for your alma mater‘s homecoming game and your seat is next to a pretty girl.
  • The taste of that first bite of a Washington apple.
  • The taste of that first sip of homemade lemonade in summertime.
  • Homemade snow cream.
  • Eating Honest to God Chili so hot that you cannot speak.
  • Eating hotwings bathed with Dave‘s Insanity Sauce.
  • Eating hot dogs, burgers and ice cream with family and friends.
  • Friends who stick by you during the good, tough, and trying times.
  • The many who have served and are now serving in our Armed Forces.
  • The many men and women in blue who put their lives in jeopardy every day to keep us safe.
  • That time when you know that your work is good when a co-worker pats you in the back.
  • When you step out on your own and your own business is a success.
  • Camping with your wife and children in a quiet wooded place near a whispering river.
  • Having enough courage to do something like skydiving and then learn that you love it.
  • The symphony of crickets, toad frogs and other life forms in the nice summer nights.
  • Sitting near a waterfall and letting the gentle roar lull you into a near-sense of slumber.
  • Taking the opportunity to shake the hand of an Army veteran and tell him thank you.
  • Taking the opportunity to shake the hand of an Army veteran, but telling her thank you.
  • Watching the pride bubble up to these American heros (veterans) when The Star Spangled Banner is being played and they stand with hands on their heart.
  • Sitting near a big fireplace on a winter‘s night and listening to the crackle of the flames.
  • Sitting near that same big fireplace and eating homemade popcorn that is popped over the fire.
  • Grandparents who love their grandchildren unconditionally.
  • Grandchildren who love their grandparent in the same unconditional manner.
  • Singing your favorite song while you are getting ready to attend your high school reunion.
  • You learned that your favorite song is not how you sang it, but you love it anyway.
  • Winning an impossible argument with the office know-it-all.
  • Watching the silent dance of the Monarch butterfly caress each breeze in view.
  • The office gossip shares a nasty tidbit about your boss and you forget it almost immediately.
  • Your CPA sends you a hefty refund that you didn‘t expect.
  • You and your wife are having your second baby—that you and the wife didn‘t expect.
  • The number one thing At Bottom: Is There is Nothing as Good as . . .laying half-awake listening to a slow rain fall on the tin roof of your home and knowing that you have tomorrow off. I urge you to not only look at the rain drenching a tin roof, but the video plays for a few hours--not minutes. Enjoy.

Thank you all for reading this piece. (Kenneth).

January 4, 2019________________________________

This is My Number One Thing That I Think Cannot Compare With Other Items . . .

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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