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Is Stupidity Just a Sign of The Times?

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

A sociological-challenge: go outside and if you reside in a busy metropolitan city, look at every direction. Did you see any signs telling you to "Stop," "Grand Opening," or "Danger: Speed Zone Ahead"? You passed my challenge if you saw such signs and the signs that tell us about other things, then you are a normal American. There is probably more money spent on the designing of signs that most anything else in our country.


No Matter What

the cause, there is a sign to fit the occasion. Aren't you happy that we can get up each day and go about our daily tasks all without us doing one thing for ourselves. Signs may be the early sign of the anti-Christ for today's signs of neon, computer-designed, flown by airplane or seen in newspapers and magazines are always telling us to "Watch Your Step," "No Pets Allowed," or "Caution: No Open Fires Allowed."

But as you know (along with the rest of us), sometimes something good can get a bit out of hand and go spiraling out control. That's the point of this hub. Oh, not about the various and beautiful designs of the signs that we see each day, but the overall-stupidity that we see in these signs and the signs' designers expect us to follow the instructions no matter how laughable.

That is what I want to talk about: Is Stupidity Just a Sign of The Times? And I promise to be delicate and present my topic without harsh rebuke. I promise. Here is a small sample of the senseless, even humorous, signs that I have seen over the years:

Employees Must Wash Hands After Eating -- I have to tell you that the sign-maker who designed this one must have had sparing someone else's life before they dined. I have seen many signs of the contrary telling people that "Employees Must Have to Wash Hands Before Work," if they work in a fast food restaurant, but never have I seen the sign advising employees to be careful about the food they are manufacturing.

Danger: Highway is Dangerous When Wet -- so the people who are about to go for a ride on a "dry" highway is just hunky dory. Drive as fast as you want. A dry highway means a safe highway. That's how I read the sign.

Notice: Customers May Not Inspect The Guns in Stock While Drinking, Because They Can Get Hurt -- this sign in a hardware store confused me to no end. Was the customers being told to not "inspect the store's guns while they were drinking," or the customers themselves? Do you see what I mean by some things being out of control?

Employees Must Not Sleep While Working -- was very confusing. This sign that hung on the inside of a city bus got me to thinking about sleep, employees and working. Did the bus company tell the passengers they "could" sleep while traveling on their bus or telling the bus driver that although he was an employee of the bus company, he was not allowed to sleep?

And I just want to share this sign with you right now. My family and I were on our yearly-vacation and we were in Georgia in some camp ground and the facilities did have a pool for the enjoyment of the customers, but while my wife and daughter were swimming to relax before traveling further the next morning, my eyes caught the wording of the big sign that was placed strategically at the front of the pool and the sign's wording read as follows . . .

"Swimming Area Open From 10 a.m. Until 11 p.m."

"No Cut-Off's, Raft's, and Glass Containers Allowed."

"Dangerous Horseplay is Not Permitted."

In Summary

please let me say that "this" swimming sign won the prize in being the most-intriguing of all the signs that I had ever read. I mean it. I wish that I had bought it from the motel owners to carry home as a souvenir.

But I leave you with a few lingering questions . . .

  • Was safe and harmonious horseplay permitted? And what about the term, "dangerous," in relation to the horseplay? Who decided the danger intent to the pool? And to make things even more confusing, if some people got carried away swimming (as some people do), did the motel have a Secret Horseplay Police who were on call 24/7 to put down all of the fans of "Dangerous Horseplay?"
  • And what was the true definition of "Horseplay?" Don't tell me that the motel had a stable of horses who loved to swim with the motel customers and sometimes get into a rousing contest of Water Polo.
  • About the cut-off's, I don't have the strength to discuss this one.

June 29, 2018________________________________________________________


© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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