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Is Progress Always Good - An Essay

We often view progress in a very positive light. It also happens that we tend to associate the positive outcomes only with progress. If we take the example of evolution of mankind, we would observe and say that we have really progressed a lot over the millennia. Science has brought us many developments over the years - advanced machines, such as computers and automobiles have become a way of life. Scientific progress has made life simpler and more comfortable. The invention of air-conditioning and the discovery of penicillin have proved to be a boon for our society. Electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles make travel easier and are more environmentally friendly.


Progress is good when it is used correctly for the improvement and prosperity of individuals and societies. Progress is evolution to improve a situation for the better. With the neglect of society, more and more new sciences and technologies appear, so there has been some progress in understanding information. With the help of technology, today's students can learn more information and assimilate it faster. But the same progress for some can prove to be non beneficial for some. At best, it begins to seem like a mixed blessing, leading to technologies that have allowed many people to live longer and safer, but at the same time have destroyed global ecosystems, caused the extinction of many living species, contributed to rampant population growth and caused damage to our climate systems, the consequences of which will be an increase in the number of droughts, floods, storms and erratic weather conditions that threaten most global societies.

We all know the threat of global warming which is a result of the progress that we have achieved. This is starting to result in the rising ocean levels causing parts of the cities to submerge under water. Progress increases the efficiency of industrial production, but it also introduces a new serious issue: pollution. Pollution in some countries is so severe that the ecological balance is disrupted, and many animals and plants lose their living environment and eventually become extinct.


While progress has brought us many time-saving machines, it has also brought us pollution. Take some really progressive cities like New Delhi in India - the air is polluted and unfit for human consumption during the winter season. In some areas of the world, the water is so polluted that there is a drinking water shortage. Talk about water water everywhere, not a drop to drink! People have become disabled due to over-reliance on technology. The same progressive technology is used in warfare and it is us who pay the price of our lives. Because of the use of computers and automated machines, progress has accelerated the pace of life. People are nervous because they have to work faster than before. Not only that, people are more insecure than ever as job security disappears from our lives. This only has aggravated the physical and psychological issues that we face today as a challenge. There is a lot of competition today in all aspects of life. With the overly fast paced lives, people these days don’t even have time for themselves or their families.

Progress has led to the widening of the economic gap between countries. Poverty and unemployment is on the rise across countries and if progress would have always been good, this wouldn’t have been the case. Progress is certainly important for society, but it must be sustainable. Progress must mean working within the Earth so that people are not only financially wealthy, but also happy and healthy. This means bridging the gap between the very rich and the desperately poor, because progress cannot only mean improving the lives of 5% of the population. Progress should mean more to us than taking away from nature for the sake of obtaining material benefits for ourselves.


It is clear from the preceding statements that progress is not always beneficial. As we progress, the outcomes of those progressive actions give rise to new challenges and then we strive to overcome those challenges. It has its own negative impact on our lives in the short term. In the long term, it is often viewed in a positive light. We must do everything possible to reduce its negative consequences and strengthen its positive impact.

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