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Tempting Fruits of Truth On Barren Land

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Photographs and Metaphors are the only empowered source which he uses oftenly and experience incredible satisfaction through his work.

Forbidden Journey


When Innocence Got Engulfed by Ultimate Truth

Its the legend of early days when Adam used to live in mysterious land called Heaven. The mother of all comforts Garden of Eden where embedded wilderness became his guide to led him towards that mesmerized path. There was a tree whose trunk was hanging and floating in the air and carrying something that named as forbidden Apple.

He was innocent before eating that tempting fruit. It's been said when he had tasted that tragic fruit then all good and evil appears to him in the form of desires which I see as a Knowledge; it encapsulates as the awakening of something tragic what he has been advised not to come nearby. Later he had been banished from his birth-land to this hideous land i.e., earth. It can be said that knowledge is inherently possessed with the utmost potential to set one's innocence on fire. Therefore, Adam was terribly miserable until he realized that he had been set on incredible destiny which was the truth.

Knowledge is the key to truth, as the truth only has the ultimate power to sets you free. In regards of this statement it can be said that desires can not be burden but rather it's a road towards the naked truth i.e., to have understanding of something can foster inner well being and lead you to satisfaction in the form of happiness. Happiness is what we all want, right?

It’s easier to said than done, nonetheless truth is more like a trap disguise in desires which can blind your free will and sets your sweet home on fire. Yet if you are scared of fire you won't experience the magic of flames where your ashes would be rising again like a mythical bird phoenix and you'd experience rebirth that can brings you ultimate liberation what's been suppressed before.

Tempting Desires


Warrior Soul

Let's imagine there is a cave where prisoners had been given birth a child who has grown up and lived in the dark. He just spend his time watching shadows play on the wall of the cave and can't do much of anything. After sometime, he is dragged out of the cave. He’s screaming in pain, as he is leaving the darkness which is all that he has ever known. He is scared and not aware how outside world works and where he is going. But after some time, it’s over. He realizes he is outside. He experiences sunlight. All the fear is gone and he’s left with calmness. He’s enlightened and knows the truth which he has been deprived for in all of his life.

Bearing the truth is difficult, but it makes you wholesome and makes you realize that you are so much stronger than you think. Looking onto that this goes for our ultimate truth of life what demands you to be yourself. Something what once was difficult and complex , something forgotten has to be remembered now, something unknown can finally be found now.

The knowledge is a power, the utmost demand of living, the vitality of life, the healer which helps you grow, support you in your down moment, make you know the hidden, the invisible treasure what can’t be seen via naked eye.

It helps you connect with the disconnect, and see the unseen that make you peak in the pit of darkness where you blow the spark through knowledge, turns hell into heaven, uncivilized into civilize, beast into angel, dead one to life.

Hang on a sec..

It could be a living nightmare where it would suffocates you on every step, makes you run on unending maze, every other stage might bring the more sacrifices.

Now the decision will be yours?
Are you willing to go after the quest of unknown which quench the spirit or you would keep sleeping like a pig?

Take a leap of faith, taste the forbidden and dive in, unknown embrace the warrior souls.

"Right beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing.
I will meet you there "- Rumi

Ultimate Truth


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