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Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Michelle is a professional freelance teacher-writer who loves music, poetry, pets, and the arts. She is a techno-geek as well.

What is life if it is without challenges? Pretty empty, although embracing obstacles wholly or tolerating failure is not a walk in the park. Life and the environment have conditioned us never to accept a lack of success.

However, in life, a little rain must fall, and obstacles block our paths, often through no fault of ours. While many of these circumstances are beyond our control, there is one thing that is - we can shape, positively and in good form, our attitudes towards them.

How to Cope With Rainfall: Overcoming Challenges

1. Make Contingencies

Coincidentally, I am writing this at a point of crossroads. These can be points of discomfort. We want to stay where we are safe; we like to know what will happen next and be prepared

However, life is good at throwing curve balls. While we cannot control the activities or responses of others, we can make plans for ourselves. It always helps and is a must to have contingencies that will stand us in good stead.

2 You Are Not Alone

Everyone reaches low points in life, so we are never alone in misfortune. We have every reason to look forward because the person sitting next to you on that bus probably had a bad day. Terrible days don't play favourites, so everyone gets their fair share. Take heart that you are not alone.

3. Ask for help

Cultures teach us that we should fend for ourselves. Asking for help is a sign of weakness, so people retreat into our little world when trials and tribulations hit.

But we must acknowledge that, in this day and age of global pandemics, we ..cannot live in isolated holes. Sometimes we need a neighbour to look after our children or a colleague to cover our duties while we are on medical leave. We may live on islands, but no man is one.

4. List or Mind Map Possible Solutions to the Problem

A lack of clarity sometimes gets in the way when we try to overcome challenges. Trying to climb uphill is no mean feat when we cannot visualize the summit.

5. Beware of the Self-fulfilling Prophecy

According to the Law of Attraction, what we think about manifests itself. So if we think that we will have a bad day, guess what - the Bad Day makes his ugly presence felt.

So saying, a positive mindset is vital. if we want a good day, plan to have one. no matter the challenges that come your way. matter the challenges that come your way. matter the challenges that come your way.

6. Don't Give Up

Challenges have earned their moniker for nothing. They are so because they are not mean feats.

They are daunting to face, and persistence is key. Colonel Saunders faced a whopping 272 rejections before his recipe for fried chicken, which made KFC what it is today, finally gained acceptance. The Santa look-alike was homeless and lived out of his car.

I experienced pituitary tumours which caused stunting. I am, of course, below average in height.

7. Work Smart

You know how it is-you put tremendous effort into your work, only to find your superior either ignoring it or focusing on another project. Either way, feelings of frustration and hopelessness will set in.

So, how do you handle them effectively? By working smarter and not harder. There is more than one way to solve problems. Focus on your goals before working towards them; this will help you develop a clearer idea of what you want to achieve. Take note of the skills you have or need to complete tasks.

My Rainfall : A Life Story

As mentioned, the rainfall in my life left a deluge that only Hurricane Katrina could generate.

Pituitary tumours developed in my brain when I was ten, malformations that had stunted my growth and caused cognitive difficulties such as ADHD. ADHD was, and still is, a condition that requires meticulous management- the condition has compromised my ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks meticulously. It diminished my capacity to sustain jobs. I have to organize my time and activities to carry them out effectively.

I count as blessings task management tools such as Trello and Notejoy, which have greatly assisted my organisational abilities. Breaking tasks down into small segments prevents overwhelm.

I also count my husband, who has been a rock, as a blessing. He has been a constant pillar of support through my setbacks and illnesses. My mother-in-law and family have been an immense source of strength; coping with the rainfall would have been impossible without their presence.

No one wants such rainfall in their lives. There is, however, a reason for it;

Poem: Into Each Life A Little Rain Must Fall

the sun
seems to hang
In the cloudless sky
Into each life rain falls

the wind
tosses the
light, swaying leaves
Into each life rain falls

the stars
Glow which comforts
Into each life rain falls

the waves
Wash away
sandcastles and
Into each life rain falls

Birds soar
Rainbows glow
Hope's trumpet calls.

Rhythm of the Falling Rain Cascades


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