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Intangibly Tangible


We give importance to all those things which we can touch and see. We give attention to all the things which we can count, measure and weigh. We consider all tangible things like food, money, furniture, car and many more.

There are so many things which we cannot touch and see but only feel them. We cannot see the air but we can feel it. We cannot live without air. We can feel the hunger and thirst but we can’t measure them. We can feel the emotions like love, anger; etc. but we can’t weigh them.

What happens when we eat something? After eating that food item what left with us is the taste of food. Food what we eat is tangible but the taste is intangible. When we meet someone we focus on that person’s looks, dress, shoes; etc. but when that person goes away what left in our mind is the echo of that person’s voice, the touch of that person and the memories related to that person. All these things are intangible. Look at the vacant chair in the corner of your house. The chair is vacant that we can see but lots of memories related to that person who used to sit on that chair that we can only feel.

All the tangible things are mortal. One day all will come to an end. But all the intangible things are immortal. Memories of people and places, tastes of food and all the emotions will be there forever.

So, we need to consider and give importance to all intangible things like the way we behave with others, the tone of our voice and what type of deeds we do will remain in people’s mind when we leave this world.


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