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Inspired by God

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She has been writing poems when she was young and recently sharpening her writing skills to pursue her desire of becoming a writer.

We may go through a series of ups and downs in our life but, we must learn to bend and pray with every toss and turn of events in our life. My life has become interesting because of this experiences.

"Life will give you trials that can make you strong and eventually give you a lesson."

"Life will give you trials that can make you strong and eventually give you a lesson."

The story of my Life.

I wasn't born poor actually, my father was an OFW, a seaman. He was a Chief mate. He was just an exam away to be a Captain. I look up to him because he was a good provider to us until the day he got ill.

October 1997, marks the turning point of our life. My father suffered a stroke that incapacitated him. My mama told us that he got a clogged vein in his brain that lost his ability to think as an adult should. Luckily, he still can talk and walk and was not bedridden. I was in second-year college then.

My mother, in an effort to restore my ailing father's health did her best to give all the medication he needed although he lost his determination to be well again. My mother doesn't give up even it cost her all their savings or all our property to be marketed. All the appliances in our place were sold one by one, the television, the VHS, even the blender which I just repaired was traded. Eventually, our house was auctioned too for us to survive, until we have nothing but each other.

I saw my mother's effort to survive, she's struggling yes, but she had never given up. I recall when we run out of LPG for cooking she would use woods so she can cook. And we would also share for a pack noodle or a piece of egg for the seven of us in the family. Fortunately, I was a DOST scholar so I didn't have to stop college. I still have my allowance in which I share for my family to thrive. So to speak, I finished a 3-years Diploma course since the grant given to me is for 3 years only. But it is not enough for me to land a high paying job after I graduated.

"Being poor doesn't excuse you for having a degree."

"Being poor doesn't excuse you for having a degree."

Bouncing back

I became a breadwinner for our family after I finished my three-year technology course. But my salary is not enough for us so there was a time I worked night and day to give more to my family but it lasted only a week because I feel like my body is falling me so I realized I have to get a degree to help my family more.

Maybe it's my enthusiasm that drives me or my friends that inspired me so I pushed on taking up Engineering Course despite the fact that no one will be there to support me financially. Also, someone has told me that "To be poor is not an excuse to achieve my degree." So I became a self-supporting student to achieve my goal. I work as a service crew in different fast-food chains such as Brownies, Jollibee, Red ribbon, Tropical Hut, Wendy's. I reckon my mom told me, I should help them first but at the back of my mind, I should help myself first so I can help them more. So to make the story short, with all the efforts I made I finished my Engineering Course. And I have helped my brothers reach their dream too.

I also did pass the Board Exam although I didn't go to Review Center because I don't have money to pay for the fee. However, I have my friends who didn't have a second thought to lend me their notes and let me join their study sessions. My calculator is also borrowed that time. I wanted to give thanks to my friends who have encouraged me all through those times. You unknowingly, made me smile whenever I felt down.

Friends is one of God's instrument to show how he love us!

Friends is one of God's instrument to show how he love us!

The Realization

Throughout all those experiences God was there. In my sufferings and victories, he was there guiding me and light my path until I reach the end of the tunnel. So whenever I have misfortunes I just remember those times because from there I know God will never leave me nor forsake me.

God had given me the opportunity to bounce back from all the difficulties in life, so I wouldn't let it all go to waste. So I still keep on studying. I equipped myself with financial knowledge which my parents have not done. I keep on learning and reading books about it yet I don't forget that God is in control.

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