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Indiscriminate Love

Syed Moazzam is sharing a heart touching incident his teacher told him once. The incident was so emotional that the author couldn’t forget.

One of My Best Teachers

When I was doing my diploma of associate engineering at GCT (Government College of Technology), one of my teachers, who was one of the best teachers a student can ever have, shared one incident with us. He kept feeding us literature before or after his lecture. His name was Aslam Jatala and he taught us a subject related to Electronics Engineering.

He told us one day his beloved son brought a stray puppy from the street. Mr. Aslam loved his son so much that he couldn’t refuse him. The dog was very energetic and naughty as most of the animals are at a younger age. It played all the time and it interacted with every single person inside that home. True feelings of love shown from the core of the heart can change the attitude of anyone.

A Happy Puppy

The Core of The Incident

So, one day Mr. Aslam was entering or leaving his home when the puppy ran towards his bike. The bike was a risk to its life so he kicked it. The puppy was saved, it was not hurt physically but it looked at his face and moved away. My teacher spent most of his time outside so he couldn’t notice the change in the behavior of the innocent puppy but he told us after that day he didn’t see it running towards the bikes that way.

After a couple of days, my teacher noticed his son was upset and he was trying to feed the dog but the puppy wasn’t eating anything. Mr. Aslam went to check on the puppy and he was shocked. The puppy was weak and sad. Its eyes were filled with tears and there were marks of tears on its face. Its fur was falling and it got rashes all over its body. It wasn’t looking into anyone’s eyes and it was dying slowly.

A Puppy with Different Mood

A Puppy with Different Mood

A Puppy with Different Mood

The Correction

Mr. Aslam knew what happened and he regretted it even when it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know that the poor creature would perceive it the other way and take the incident personally. As soon as he had the intuition he picked up that puppy and showed it his love in the best way a human can show their affection to the living beings. He fed it with his own hands and spent a lot of time playing with it. The dying puppy came back to life within days.


My Conclusion

I think Mr. Aslam not only wanted to tell us to respect the animals but he also wanted to teach us that there are people around us who are skinny, lazy, fat etc. They’ve been kicked by someone at least once in their life just like this puppy. They need our attention and love only. I can never forget this lesson because my teacher had a darker skin tone than the normal brown me and I felt like he was being criticized for being the person he was.

People try to find people of their own kind to start a relationship with, for giving and taking happiness, to take sides of, and even to have feelings for. I believe indiscriminate love and respect is better than meditating and praying that takes hours.

© 2022 Syed Moazzam Raza

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