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Indigo Children, Depression, Mental illness and modern medicine.


Indigo Child Definition (courtesy of Wikipedia and Nancy Ann Tappe): A group of children supposedly possessing special traits; beliefs about the traits vary from paranormal abilities (e.g., ESP) to simply being more confident and sensitive.

If you’re looking for a detailed explanation of an Indigo Child, a revelation that Indigo children exist, or a denial stating that Indigo children are merely mentally challenged children then you’ve come to the wrong article. The simple fact of the answer is that I do not know either way whether Indigo Children are real, or fictions used by parents to explain odd or disruptive children.

There are plenty of websites that will give you biased and unbiased facts about Indigo Children – I would point you to the well thought out article by Habee ‘New Age Indigo Children' – it’s a very good article explain what an ‘Indigo Child’ is.

All I can do is relate my story and hope it gives a little insight into the whole ‘carbuncle’. This is an entirely personal article based on my experiences with a potential ‘Indigo Child’.

Entombment of Christ, 1672, in Saint-Martin Church in Arc-en-Barrois (Haute-Marne, France). Mary Magdalene.

Entombment of Christ, 1672, in Saint-Martin Church in Arc-en-Barrois (Haute-Marne, France). Mary Magdalene.

I first heard of Indigo Children….

…about ten years ago when an artist friend of mine (who is into the whole new age thing) explained to me and my wife that our twin daughters (fraternal) were Indigo Children. They are very intelligent children, have some social inadequacies, one has had major problems with authority and has been disruptive – the other has problems with dealing with people, not in a bad way, but she cannot understand how people can be so ignorant or immature.

We of course thought this concept was simple ‘hogwash’ and dismissed it. Ten years later as one of my daughters fights depression and other symptoms of psychosis that allegedly casts her close to ‘schizophrenia’ I begin to wonder about the wisdom of my words.

Kim Peek was an amazing man and a savant - he was the inspiration for Rain Man.

Kim Peek was an amazing man and a savant - he was the inspiration for Rain Man.

Why would I doubt a doctor?

Firstly, my wife and I, throughout our lives, have experienced glimpses of psychic abilities – logical people will explain these things away, but there’s no denying that there have been strange occurrences.

I have had precognition on at least three occasions.

1) I predicted my exam results from school 5 days before I received them. Was this seeing into the future? I highly doubt it. For me there are a few logical possibilities:

  • As I took the exams then I must have had a good idea of how well I did – so it’s possible that my mind formulated a very good guess that turned out to be right.
  • I truly believe that each one of us can ‘mind read’ – it’s nothing mystical, simply an ability that we have to read ‘brain waves’ – some of us have a lot more ability – this, to me, explains all the people able to ‘talk to dead people’.

2) I predicted the first two numbers of the first British Lottery. I actually dreamt the first two balls over two days – I told a colleague and once the drawing was made, she told me off for not having further dreams. Was I seeing the future:

  • Highly unlikely – with all the furor about the national lottery it’s inevitable that I would be thinking about it – the dream was probably random – and while very remote, the odds of getting the first two balls right aren’t impossible.

3) On several occasions I’ve had gut feelings about death. The most profound incident related to my mother. While my mother was dying of cancer I used to get up early every day to make her breakfast – I did not miss a breakfast in six months. One day I simply didn’t wake up at the normal time; when I woke up I felt profoundly calm and new my mother had passed in the night. Did my body know that my mother would die that night?

  • This one I do not understand – I suspect that I was in tune with my mother’s illness and had seen the progress of her cancer – I simply was able to tell that my mother would not last through the night – many doctors can generally do this, so why not an untrained man.

There are many other occasions I could write about you, suffice to say I have a logical reason for each of them. I hope this shows objectivity about the subject matter. I do not dismiss the idea of psychic abilities, but until science proves that they are real, I will remain a skeptic.

Secondly, and more importantly, I find it amazing how quickly modern doctors bandy around the term ADHD, Schizophrenia, ADD etc – it seems to be a generic ‘we don’t know what is wrong’ defense mechanism. The doctor in question is a great doctor – he’s friendly, very sensitive and is normally against medication where he can avoid it – however he is not an expert in mental conditions, and therefore his initial diagnosis and prescription of strong ‘chemical balance changing’ drugs are a major concern especially as no psychiatrist has been consulted (I do note that the doctor has advised consultation with one though).

I’ve seen drugs thrown at many children simply because that is what is expected for children with these conditions – in many cases no one tried to look into the causes or any underlying conditions. Having gone through depression as a teenager myself, I understand how drugs are not always the answer, and that sometimes simply finding the problems and assisting with the problems are the only cure – In my opinion the use of drugs is often the easy way out. Don’t get me wrong, they are useful and can work in some cases, but they shouldn’t be the only option explored.

My Indigo Child

My daughter has been highly stressed over the last six to twelve months, works overnight and is very sleep deprived. She has had many symptoms of schizophrenia and the doctor prescribed very heavy drugs to assist her before she could speak to a specialist – he believed she was in crisis mode and needed the drugs to calm her.

She has a history of hating anyone in power (including my wife and I); she is very intelligent; she was disruptive (although not bad) in school; she has some social problems and some anger issues; she is very sensitive – she is the one that all her friends go to with their problems. Many would argue that these symptoms are those of a mental problem, or a chemical imbalance – others would say that these are the signs of an Indigo child.

The drugs made her sleep – she was sleeping for 15-18 hours of every day and then was very tired when she woke – some of the symptoms receded but they were still there. She simply was existing and didn’t have a life – the doctor told her she would be on these pills for the rest of her life – for me, I lost my daughter the day she started taking the pills.

Over time she slowly reduced the dosage and eventually stopped taking the pills – while the symptoms returned, she felt that the life she had with the pills was not acceptable. She is going to seek professional help, but if she can have this help without resorting to pills then she will feel that will work for her.

The other day my wife spoke to her about Indigo Children – the look of hope in my daughter’s eyes was amazing; she suddenly has something to focus on, something that may or may not hold some truth. While she is still seeking professional advice she is going to talk to a Reiki master and find out more about Indigo Children.

So are Indigo Children real?

While I am unsure about the whole concept, I do believe the human mind is changing, and some of the dormancy of the brain is re-emerging – I believe in psychic powers, but do not see them as mystical! I am an objective man, and will only believe in what I see, but the hope in my daughter’s eyes gives me pause to think…

Modern treatments of depression, psychosis, ADHD, ADD, schizophrenia and many other mental disorders mostly involve drugs; in almost all cases the person left behind after taking the drug is a mere shadow of the real person – nothing is done to find or treat the underlying treatment – drugs are simply thrown at the person as the only solution.

My feeling is that we must look for different ways of treating these conditions – the stigma must be removed, and we must research all avenues. Even if Indigo Children do not exist, the approach of treating children with problems by facing them, rather than hiding them with drugs has got to be more effective.

The human mind is a powerful thing, and it’s always said ‘think positive’ – so why not apply this to all aspects of the human condition, and not segregate a percentage of the population!


Simon Cook (author) from NJ, USA on December 23, 2018:

I think it is important you have faith - doesn't have to be faith in religion etc. The faith should be in yourself and your ability to come through this anxious time stronger. However do not ignore the depression or the feelings and if they get too much seek professional help even if it's just to talk about your problems. Confronting the issues is important as it realizing that you are not alone in dealing with them. I am not a professional, I just have dealt with my daughters issue - she's 27 now and is good - still deals with issues but age has brought some wisdom. Do not be afraid to share with loved ones - with family, friends - and again I re-iterate - if you need to seek professional help - there is no shame in that.

Ricardo on December 22, 2018:

Hello. I'm 20 years old, and currently I'm going through a rough moment. Since August I've been dealing with some of the symptoms you mention about your daughter's condition. With all due respect, I identify a lot with it. I feel what you can call schizophrenia, also tinnitus resulting from passing out at a festival (where all my doom began). On that place, I started to percieve too many things at once, and my mind blew. I felt, and I still feel, haunted by that experience, and by all my existence so far. I'm seeking for help, but I feel lost. I lack a good night of sleep, I avoid taking sleeping pills and I lost all my life. I barely do a thing, I just subsist at home, eating, organizing. I lost all the joy. However, faith remains, and it all falls in these keywords: shamanism, indigo children, perception. I feel that there is a cure for my problems, however, my household is not a balanced environment as well, and I am desperate to free my Soul from the pain I'm suffering. Hope you enlight me a bit, thank you.

pronatali2003 on January 02, 2018:

Hello! This is a very interesting topic. Indigo children are a miracle of nature. They are not at all like us. They do not look like adults or their peers. Today, the phenomenon of indigo children is still not fully understood. Scientists suggest that in such children, even the structure of DNA is not the same as in ordinary people. How can they recognize children with a blue aura? An indigo child can be recognized in the second or third year of his life. Often such children manifest themselves from birth.

You can not talk with them with orders. Baby requires constant communication. Sometimes neuropathology’s note that these children have hyperactive. Psychologists do not recommend removing it medically, especially in the first year of life. Any intervention, possibly, will provoke the development of negative traits in an indigo child. If you suppress hyperactivity, then there may be problems.

When a child is 5-6 years old, he refuses to sit still for more than a minute. No teacher can take him more than two minutes. So the problems will be at school with behavior. Older children of indigo recognize even easier.

If you concluded that your child is an indigo child, this is no reason for mania. It is not necessary to drag the kid over the psychics and try to find out the purpose of his arrival in this world. Live peacefully and try to maximize the best qualities of your child and get rid of shortcomings.

Indigo children communicate more with adults or children who are several years older than themselves. Uncomfortable feeling in the company of peers. For him there are no idols and authorities. The child has his own view of the world around him. It does not even coincide with the parental world.

The energy of an indigo child is inexhaustible, and your task is to channel it into a peaceful channel. The most common mistakes parents make - to strictly control the child or suppress. Indigo children do not tolerate deception. Their intuition is so developed that it is simply impossible to deceive them. If you have such a child, then I wish you wisdom and good luck in educating him.

Emma from UK on January 13, 2013:

The colour is Indigo because that is the colour associated with the 6th Chakra; The Chakra of the 3rd eye or as we know it commonly " Your 6th sense".

I have a level of interest in Indigo children but can not see how they would come to pass. Indigo children are brand new shiny souls, how can that be when there is only a certain amount of energy in the world? Energy doesn't disappear, it merely changes, so what happened to the old souls to make these brand new souls that have never had an experience of existence? What is missing so these can exist, they had to have their energy from something that use to exist and now does not.

I love some of your workings out and totally agree with a number of your points, my comment is not against your article, merely an addition to it of what my own mind has thought over this subject.

Janis Goad on August 07, 2012:

I love this article, SimeyC. I really think there is truth to the idea that human consciousness is evolving, and the sensitivity in these children reflects awareness and responsiveness to subtle vibrations that all of us share.

Love and light to your daughter, and to you. We are all one, and deeply connected to each other.

Simon Cook (author) from NJ, USA on November 19, 2011:

FloraBreenRobison - the color indigo was chosen because their aura is Indigo...and btw I fixed the link!

FloraBreenRobison on November 19, 2011:

By the way, the article to which you refer by Habee no longer exists. It has been unpublished. I tried to read it and couldn't.

FloraBreenRobison on November 19, 2011:

I'm not familiar with the term Indigo children. I wonder why "Indigo"-a colour-was the word chosen?

Susan on November 17, 2011:

Your post makes me so sad as it was so unnecessary to have all this happen. It is essential that a person who has strong intuitive abilities is taught how to manage and control them. It is also important that such a person has a deep understanding of what is happening. I spend every day trying to help people understand their abilities and it is just heartbreaking to watch what happens to those who do not gain this knowledge.

imaperson06 on November 16, 2011:

I can relate to what you are saying. I too have had precognitions and was diagnosed and given medication. I know these conditioms have always been around. In the past, it was seen as witchcraft. I think this is a modern hype similar to new age branding of witchcraft. Teenagers always deny authority and so do some adults.

One must have an open mind when listening to hype concering indigo children. Sometimes medication is needed. Some drugs are simply wonder drugs. I would rather be well than having symptoms and being frightened and thinking paranoid thoughts and that the world is against me. I choose to be a sane member of society.

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