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In the Wonderland of Dreams

It is clearly understood that our life filled with various dreams generates stress and disturbs many people, but why?

My dreams are radically distinctive. The fact that they shift so suddenly.

My dreams can be mysterious.

My dreams can be mysterious.

In the wonderland of dreams

Since childhood, I have kept a dream diary. I have not yet stopped writing in it, though the dreams I wrote about being so weird, and even though I realized that all my friends and relatives were bored of listening to the same old dream stories.

Having lost interest and being repeated too often, I figured out that it is not easy to convince others about the dreams we see. I learned the hard way that my dreams will remain so forever.

When I told about them to my new friend Dennis, the first question he asked me was whether I had seen him in any of my dreams. I said he wasn't anywhere near to it, he instantly told me he was not fond of listening to such stories where he doesn’t have any role to play. Not showing any curiosity to listen to my favorite dream stories. In simple words, he explained that he doesn’t have any fascination or concern for such stories. He also told me to call him back and bring up this topic for discussion when he had a very prominent role to play and when he had appeared.

It was a fair deal, I felt. In fact, why anyone should listen to my dreams when they have plenty of their own?

Dennis’s words kept ringing in my ears, saying that, “In that case not interesting, call me back when I have a leading role to play."

It's a perfect bargain. It seems, he was a master of the business deal. As such he made an agreement between the two of us.

He became the captain and was entrusted with the handling of my several deals.

Thereafter, the relevance speaks all about such wonderful dreams where Dennis is the officer in command, the one who commands and guides to others, so to say, the captain who leads.

I’m in the habit of leading a simple and normal life. My surrounding atmosphere, neighbors, relatives also compelled me to stay simple. Like me, they too show a course or the performance and activities of staying simple, at least they pretend so. What really happens inside them is none of my business. In short, there is nothing mysterious, or adventurous in my normal life.

Well, that’s not the end of the world. My dreams can be mysterious. They play a very prominent role in my otherwise, simple life, at least during the eight hours of sleep I get. They literally spice up my several hours of the day thinking about them, trying to get their meaning, their value, and to be part of it. In short, after Dennis realized the importance of my dreams, several other friends joined me in solving the dream mystery. Those who were simply ignoring me for years came to my risk, trying to understand and interpret the meaning of my dreams which were downright baffling.

My dreams are often unique, always been the only one of their kind, without an equal or equivalent. Moreover, I always remembered them in my waking state. Most of the time, leading to only one result like the sum of two integers is always unique and can’t be changed.

My dreams are radically distinctive and without equal, the fact that they shift so suddenly and frighten me with a terrifying form of mental images that many would have simply avoided bringing them back in their thoughts in the woken upstate.

Sometimes, they are bizarre, but not necessarily so always. Once, there was a vivid mental image, I had a vision of my own death. I was floating in a different world looking at several faces missing from the earth. Well, it was a wonderful series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep.

First of all, I saw many ladies sitting on a cot wearing a white sari. My Granny was among them as if she was waiting for me. She started waving her hand, calling me, as if I had gone to the land of white sari to steal her glance and to embrace her with loving care.

I could see a broad, loving smile of satisfaction with a spark of glow on her face. I went and kept my head on her lap. It was an exciting and marvelous feeling of satisfaction and wonder. I was admiring her extraordinary beauty even at her age of fifty-five. She kept her soft hand on my head as if to bless me, and the next moment she disappeared. But she surely kept a warm feeling of understanding we always had.

I met my cousin's brother. ‘What brings you here’ he promptly asked. “Go from this place,” he ordered. By the time I could reply, he vanished.

I had entered out an unusual, and strikingly strange world of unknowns. Some queer sound was changing location from one place to another.

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. Dinesh was right behind me, dressed in a perfect formal manner as if he was about to attend a purposeful conference. “I was searching for you, where were you?” he asked. “I just came today, what is so urgent?” I asked.

“I was interested in you, since childhood, and you did not respond that angered me.” He said.

Before I could reply, he disappeared.

Slightly odd or even a bit weird human faces were exhibiting the natural curiosity to inform me that I have missed my direction to land in here. Their peeping and peering looks puzzled me. My suspicion was that the universe is queerer than we can ever imagine or think.

I woke up with a jerk. I wanted to meet a few wonderful people I missed for a long. But that world was very strange and unknown to me. I told my Mom that I met Granny last night. She immediately showed her unwillingness to listen further. I instantly called my friends to explain the imaginative re-creation of the dream event. I explained how I met so many of my friends and relatives and what words were exchanged. I could clearly figure out the persons in my dream. Those faces we see only in the photos were there right in front of me.

Do you think such dreams are harmful?

I find it more interesting and useful. They bring value to people near to us.

Luckily I did not call Dennis for an explanation. He surely would not have been there up above.

One thing was sure that the contents of my dreams were shifting suddenly. In between, I had a kind of bizarre frightening feeling of terrifying and unrealistic idea and notion. I suddenly landed in a giant book library. After a few seconds, I realized that it was my Institute library, where I had spent many hours each day studying various subjects of my academic interests. I could see my college mate sitting on a chair with a book in hand. He smiled and asked me where to find a psychology book in the library. I instantly told him to check the sixth-row rack number fifteen. I could see the row and rack numbers for all the letters starting with P. He found his book there, but disappeared soon after.

I once had a very funny dream marked by the intensity of a violent kind clash of several events. I was in the middle of the jungle and my little sister was holding my hand. We in fact had lost our way and we're looking for our parents, calling and shouting Papa, Mama. A strange giant creature looking at a combination of man and animal appeared right in front of us. “Can I help you?” he asked.

“Take us to our Mama”, my sister said crying.

As he said come with me, a bigger giant came into existence from nowhere and took that giant away with him.

I was perspiring profusely when I opened my eyes to see my Mom smiling. “Saw a dream?” she asked.

I embraced my Mom immediately and told her my dream story.

“You always see wonderful dreams. By now you should know how to deal with them. Be strong and face them with courage.” My Mom was firm in what she was saying.

I strongly believed and many people believe that there must be some meaning to our dreams. Though there are innumerable explanations and theories to explain why we all dream, no one has ever firmly interpreted the meaning of dreams.

Some researchers have gone to say that dreams are a bunch of mental creative ability that offers no real purpose.

But my feelings say otherwise. I had dreams warning me of some incidences going to happen in my near future and they really happened after a few days. It was a sign of impending danger or evil going to come on my way. It was giving me a signal of advice to beware. I believe that dreams do have meaning.

I do not need anyone for the interpretation of my dreams. I do not expect someone to demonstrate a purpose for my dreams. Furthermore, my dreams are very revealing to know what is happening in my mind. I can systematically relate all the variables with regards to my dreams to have purposeful meaning.

It seems there are some people who can accurately, give us a profile of the person if given several dreams of him. They can read the mind of the person so as to read as precisely as a fingerprint.

I do not dream because I have certain wish feelings that carry through the day and convert to appear in my sleeping conditions in the form of a dream for fulfillment. All dreams are not to be taken as real. In fact, they are not real. Therefore, they are called dreams. Dreams take the route to our unconscious mind. It at times appears that an occurrence of the dream or the incomplete wishes enter into the subconscious mind to appear in the form of a dream.

It is possible to offer different logic and offer theories to interpret a single dream. The images seen can be explained in a different way. It is a dream work to explain the meaning of a dream perfectly well.

They are not the expressions of repressed wishes or unfulfilled desires. If you find no reality in the pictures observed in the subconscious mind while sleeping, then what we look at things while in the waking state is also a dream in the conscious state.

The interpretation was about to say that both are dreams in two different states and both are unreal because both are dreams? So to say, we all stay in the dreamland of a meaningless world.

Many times my dreams were too personal that I could not discuss with anyone except for the one who came into my dream. I found my friend Raghu stealing some cash from his neighbor’s cupboard while they were away. When I got up, I could not believe that Raghu could ever do such things at his age of twelve. However, my conscience prompted me to investigate the matter. I promptly went to Raghu’s house. He was having his breakfast. His mother was asking him a few questions about his school, but Raghu was looking down eating. His mother got angry and threw a banana at him. Raghu jumped with a jerk. I could see him sweating and shivering. I was sure something really had gone wrong. His mother is coming closer held his hand and asked him what has happened. Raghu started crying.

I knew the answer.

I told his mom that I want to talk to Raghu for a few minutes and she should grant me permission. Being in the good books of Raghu’s Mom, she agreed.

I took Raghu into another room and asked, “why you had to take that money?”

I could see Raghu’s mouth wide open. “How you know?” he asked promptly.

“My dreams do not convey the wrong message. I said. Go and keep that money from where you had taken and confess this to your Mom. Your Mom loves you more than anyone else.” I told him.

Since that day, Raghu became my good friend and never dared take money from others.

He knew the results.

It was not necessary that I could see very clear pictures of events in my house sleeping in one particular room on a specific mattress. It happened while traveling also.

I was traveling by interstate bus from Belgaum to Bombay. It was 7 am and due to disturbed sleep at night, I fell into a light sleep. I could clearly see a tsunami-type picture where my friend was sitting in the house with his family and there was warning news all over the place informing everyone to vacate the entire region.

The entire scene was very visible in my short sleep.

The moment I reached Bombay, I went to my friend’s house to explain what I saw in my dream. He immediately agreed that such a situation was inevitable and my landowner will drag us out of the house soon. The warning was enough for my friend to search for an alternative.

Our material world on this earth is like a dream. It will disappear, once we cross over. Like dreams in sleep, our wakeful dreams are also like passing drama and it has to end one day. We live in the world of mirage.

I’m the dreamer and my idea and the ultimate goal of my dream explanation is to understand the dream and to act immediately to find whether that helps someone. My dreams are the reflections of my waking life.

They reflect my thoughts and it appears that someone from beyond is always guiding me in advance of the events to occur. That divine supreme has been my guiding force for the last several years. Someone who was very close to me cared for me and loves me too.

I only want to remain with this ‘Divine Force’ forever.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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