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In Praise of Grizzly Bears

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Sometimes in this life, words are pure obstacles. They tend to obscure the true vision of what is pretty and pure. So . . .this introduction shall be short, but well to-the-point. Thank you kindly. Kenneth.

The Grizzly Bear: what a majestic creature.

The Grizzly Bear: what a majestic creature.

During 65 Years,

I have had this reoccurring dream. It’s a short, beautiful dream and mute to the sound. I wish, for dramatic affect, that I could testify that the dream is a nightmare, but that would be a pure lie. Frankly, I appreciate short, muted dreams that show me with plenty of color in every corner of each scene. That makes my dreams more interesting, but then on another day, I might dream the same thing, but only in black-and-white and glean the same amount of happiness.

The dream that I am talking about is all about the Grizzly Bear. What a noble beast. Of course, we cannot compare the Grizzly to the Clydesdales who pull the famous Budweiser barrel wagon, but they too are of another nobility, and if these wonderful animals were to meet with our friend, the Grizzly, I feel as if they would agree on their own ideas of what is majestic and honorable.

The sad thing about the Grizzly Bear is that “I” was not born as one of these powerful beasts who only needs to growl (and not a loud growl at that) to get instant respect from whomever hears him. I ask you. Wouldn’t that one fact alone make it worth changing your birth from a male (or female) to a Brown Grizzly Bear? With me, I would not argue the point if that choice were posed to me.

Namely, What Does

a Grizzly Bear really do all the day long? Since any fifth-grade kid in “Anywhere, U.S.A.,” can answer my question, I will give you my analytic answer. The Grizzly Bear, depending on the season, sleeps soundly throughout the bitter winter. He has to sleep to burn that massive load of calories that he has spent the previous spring, summer, and fall foraging for food of all types—salmon, venison, and maybe some occasional berries that has taken to his fancy.

Since I brought up sleep, what a thing for our friend, the Grizzly Bear to do. I mean. If you and I had been born as bears, wouldn’t sleep be our earthly-reward for doing good to fulfill our Maker’s Will during the previous seasons? Sure, it would. We could sleep the sleep of babes knowing that we have to bills, income tax to file, or time-clock to punch upon us waking up in the spring. When we awake, all we have to do is start the cycle all over.

I conveniently left our the other exercise that “we” Grizzlies love to do: procreate. Not as much as having to get a date for Saturday night, but to keep our species alive and well in the earth. Then, back to foraging all that is available to us and then retiring back to our nice, warm cave to lie down in a long, care-free snooze without any fear of being aroused.

While I’m at it. What would be the odds of a pure idiot tracking a huge Grizzly Bear all the way back to his cave and when he (or she) has reached REM sleep, the stupid man shakes the bear and tries to wake him up. I haven’t any desire of such to something this stupid, but if anyone would happen to be this ignorant as to wake a sleeping Grizzly, then they get what they deserve.

What Would You Call

a fitting name for a Grizzly Bear? I have never broached this subject, but there is no time like the present. Do you agree?

And I really do not know why go to the trouble of giving some breath-taking sight of a grown Grizzly Bear, but I don’t think that any Grizzly would mind if you or I were to throw out a few names that might fit his fancy, do you?

What about . . .”Gordon,” “Gale,” “Greasy,” “Gritty,” “Gorgeous,” “G.B.,” “John Henry Bear,” “Mr. Griz,” “Bear Skin,” “Bobby,” “Dale,” and for those lucky female Grizzlies . . .”G.B.,” “Golden Bear,” “Ms. Growling,” “Patty Bear,” and finally . . .”Beautiful Bare Skin Bear.” I hope that the late Alfred Hitchcock appreciates these names.

And in Closing

I would like to say that usually, in hubbing years ago, I would leave with a cutesy list-type of closing that might present “Jobs That Grizzly Bears Hate,” you know. Something like that. And not that good to keep your interest.

So I will just say to all Grizzly Bears, young and full-grown, I for one, love you all. And I vow to never come at you with a firearm. That would be a pure act of blasphemy on my part! I want to, with the life that I have, appreciate you, the Grizzly Bears and all of you can all know that when the world seemingly has turned against you, then you can turn to me because I am here for you.

Peace to you, Mr. (and Mrs.) Grizzly Bears of the World. May you all live happily and always stay out of the sight of any hunter’s gun and never be place on the hearth of anyone’s fireplace.

September 18, 2018______________________________

After a day of foraging, nothing beats a long, leisurely nap. . .that is if you are a Grizzly Bear.

After a day of foraging, nothing beats a long, leisurely nap. . .that is if you are a Grizzly Bear.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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