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4 Best Life's Thinkings will Change Your Life

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Sara is a writer and lives in Pakistan. Her vision is to spread optimistic thoughts, hope, cultural and heritage knowledge and motivation.


What is Life?

Someone asked me "What is life"?

Well, that time I realized I haven't think about it.

To find the answer to this question, I spent hours and hours but didn't get one line answer which truly satisfies me.

Then I thought to go out and asked my friends, relatives, young, and old, and people from different professions. The information I gathered gave me a new perspective to think and finally I got an answer which I will write at the end of this article.


Meeting with a Motivational Speaker

What is life? I asked one of the best motivational speaker. He said, as my job is more related to changing people's life and I have to move from place to place for delivering my lectures and talks so I take Life as an "Opportunity". Be vigilant and never miss an opportunity to move on as life is not giving you the chance again and again.


Talk to an Old Man

My uncle lived in my neighborhood and one day in search of answer to my question, I asked him that; Uncle, you have celebrated 70 years of your life and how do you perceive it?

He took a pause, and said; Life is about finding the God". He is the one who created us and... there was sadness in his voice and he added; I had wasted all those beautiful years in gossiping and lies. When I realized the true meaning of life, I was ashamed that I have lost my precious time in unproductive work.

He said, kid I'm not hopeless, but leading your life according to the principles is all that matters.


24 years Old Girl Perspective

I went to my old college and remember the time I have spent there. Some tapped my shoulder, did you recognise me? She was smiling and waiting for my reply. She was my junior. I hugged her and she told me after completing her studies, she started lectureship in that college. We started talking to each other and I asked her the same question. Life..she was thinking and after few moments she told me that "Life is all about pursuing your career".


My Perspective of Life

It's been more than 1 monthand I was trying to find the answer of my question and after traveling in local busses, trains and spending hours on streets watching people, then something amazing clicked my mind and I realized that; "Dedicating your time for others is Life".

I observed some major issues and didn't sleep for many days. I witnessed poverty, no food, no shelter, even old people who have no one to take care of and new generation taking interest in bad deeds. So I thought to write for youngsters and help them to instill positive thinking and integrity in their personalities. I tried to spend my time with old people and listen to them because their own children didn't have time for them. I tried to help poor in such a way that it can make a difference in their lives.

I know there is much more to do but I'm glad that I'm performing my part with honesty and sincerity.

Sara Shahid.

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