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Ignore The Noise

Nowadays, no matter where you look, there is going to be someone or something trying to grab your attention. It is even more prevalent today and more specifically in the last year because people are spending more time online. With all this noise around, it becomes harder to focus and can be so draining both emotionally and physically. Now more than ever, it's so important to be more grounded in what you want and know how you will get there. It's so important to make sure you do what I call ignoring the noise, otherwise, you will get swept up in all the noise out there with no idea how to move forward.


Where it comes from

Who has had the feeling like it would be so much easier to just turn everything off like a light switch and just have quiet for even a moment? I know that for me this something that I feel now more than ever. Distractions are all around us every day from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed and even in bed, we are thinking of these distractions.

The main catalyst is the internet, we can't do anything really anymore without the internet being at the foundation of it. We spend hours upon hours on the internet whether it's social media or even for work. We can't get away from it no matter how hard we try because we have become so dependant on it for everything. The internet has turned us into robots or drones that don't think anymore just run the same program every day. To be honest, how can you blame people they are constantly bombarded by the internet everywhere we go.

The Internet being the catalyst then social media is its partner in crime. It's where most people spend most of their day online and it's where people get most of their information. From ads to influencers there is someone or something trying to get your attention on social media. Have a conversation with someone in person ( I know revolutionary thought) and they will tell you about someone they are following or something they saw on Instagram or Facebook. People now believe that social media is what real life is, they try to act like the people they see and they do it without even realizing they are doing it. These two factors are the main cause for all the noise that is out there and one can't be without the other.


Why we got here

Ok, this is all well and good but why is ignoring the noise in the first place is important. We have a society today that is totally dependant on other people or things for information. This information is going to be biased, why because it is either coming from another human being or corporation. They are going to try and get to believe in what they want to believe in.

No one today is even thinking for themselves, I have conversations with people and I know that they aren't because they just parrot back to me things from the news or social media. When you ask them how they feel about something they either have no opinion or often don't even agree with it. We have lost as a society the ability to discern what is or isn't of importance to us. If we continue down this path it will get to the point we might as well be robots with no emotion or thinking.

We are in the worse shape in history from this perspective we have lost all connection to ourselves and even to our fellow man. We get all our information from people we don't even know and or never met. We know that most information out there is bogus or doesn't sit well with us but we continue to take it all in. The noise totally has engulfed our society and now we are more lost than ever before.


Building the foundation

The picture that I am painting might seem pretty dire, that it might be hard to fix because it's impossible to get away from. However, it's much easier than you might think. It starts with the idea that you need to truly understand what your core values and beliefs are. This will be the foundation for you going forward so that it will be easier for you to ignore the noise. Truly understanding your core beliefs and values allows for you to have direction when things go off the rails. Without this, you will be easily swayed back into the noise much easier.

Most people don't have any core beliefs or values and if they do it' probably comes from people they follow or outside sources. You have to put the time in and understand that you can't move forward without this understanding. A core foundation of what you truly believe in is almost like a tool to weigh any outside noise that comes to you. You now have the ability to take in info and determine if it is of importance to you. If it is then you know that it can align with you and be used in what it needs to be. However, if not then just you can know that you get just ignore it.


How to ignore the noise

So you have this tool now but how do you use it to ignore the noise. Well first your not actually ignoring anything, to be honest, let me explain. What you are doing is not giving any attention and our energy to things that are not of value anymore. If you don't the foundational tool for your beliefs and values then there is no way in which this can be successfully done. This is the trick, it's not about being more focused than someone else rather it's being more focused on what you want and what is important to you.

The next part is going through the process of taking in information and weighing it towards what you value. For example, let's say there is a news story out there about whatever terrible thing might be happening. In the past when all the noise would come in it would affect you, you would take in the information and spend time taking part in other related topics to it. After a whole day or a few hours, you are spent and in an emotional rut because you gave the story so much energy. Now that you have a foundation of your beliefs and values and you can weigh whether or not this story is of value to you. If it is not you can just are of it and move on to the next part of your day. It's not that story that might not be important, it's that it's not serving you at that moment and doesn't align with your values. This will take time to develop this skill but in the long run, it will make your life so much easier.


Moving forward

It's time that we take action and truly understand what we believe in and our values. This foundation will help us going forward to be able to weigh each piece of information and determine if it aligns with us or not. This tool will help us ignore the noise all the stuff of no value to us and serves no one. It will allow us to level up as a society and be able to have meaningful relationships and conversations. Our overall health will improve as a society because all the anxieties and negativity will be of no value anymore as our focus will change. Ignoring the noise is a skill an important skill now more than ever, anyone can develop it and we need everyone right now more than ever to do that for the future of this planet.

© 2021 Ryan c Harvey

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