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Igniting a Spark of Life in Every Passing Moment

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Live for each second without hesitation.

-- Elton John

What Will Our Future Say About These Passing Minutes?

Are we in a habit of passively waiting for some special feature to "make our day"? So many folks are simply happy that nothing bad is befalling them. Like the dude in that silly joke in which he comes home from woods all excited, telling his family how a poisonous snake "just saved his life". Asked how, he said: "It didn't bite me".

It's almost scary the way we wish our time away, as we impatiently keep glancing the clock on our job, wanting those hours to pass quickly.

And then, how did the phrase "having a good time" become common, while implying that the time before was a "bad" time? Indeed, how many of us, especially of the senior variety, go content from day to day only because "they are still kicking"? Years from now, we may revisit these very days, and with a regretful sigh realize how we were wasting this time like a moneys foolishly spent.

Indeed, memory can make such fools of us. All these worries, and anger, and resentments, and time spent in political rants -- without producing any change at all -- it will all mean nothing but a pathetic waste of time and energy.

Time becomes such a precious commodity after we have hit a certain age, that each morning feels like a special gift. Once I heard this one liner joke saying: "When you pass your fifties, and, as you are getting up from bed nothing is hurting -- that means you are dead and it's your ghost getting up."

I've definitely heard more jokes about the old people than about kids -- probably because we, old geezers, really are some funny creatures. It's like memories are all that's left of life, but we go quite selective there, sparing ourselves from that realization how many of those years were totally misused.

If only that chime of Big Daddy clock was as loud as that garbage truck out there picking up the waste, to remind us of every wasted hour being dumped at the collective junkyard of time.

Well, if these days seem to be shorter from year to year, maybe we could try to attach some new experiencing to those ticking seconds, to make the volume of the day swell up a bit.

So that we may have some nice story to tell our friends at the next getting together -- other than visits to our doctor, report on our aches and pains and discomforts, plus about all those evils befalling the world.


Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.

-- Stephen Hawking

A Metaphorical Kick in the Butt

Luckily, many years ago, these and alike thoughts and questions gave me a good kick in the butt, so that the inventory of my regrets about misusing time doesn't look all that bad.

By that time I already had quite an arsenal of life strategies under belt, with the only "small difference" that I had not been really using them so much. Namely, all that know-how had made me quite satisfied that I was smarter than our mailman, or that friend who "only discovered" in a magazine that stress was bad for us and that vitamin C was good for colds. Yeah -- a genius is born every minute.

Getting back to that butt being kicked a few times by new realizations about my time wasted on drinking, smoking, and a few other crazy things -- it's still sore a bit from those kicks, which is a good reminder not to ever take my time lightly.

It was not like I had suddenly received a blood transfusion from a maniac, so I didn't exactly start rearranging furniture, or painting the whole apartment, and even giving a regular wash to my car didn't come to mind to replace the so called "metro wash" -- I mean rain.

But being a pragmatic dude, I pulled a few of those unused aces from my mind's sleeve, and started using that useful stuff learned in books.

What I basically did was giving every moment its due respect -- by living in the here and now -- and a whole new horizon was opening right before my eyes when I realized how much power over my life I really had by just living in the moment.

I started having fun by choosing my feelings. Then came some of those exotic practices like meditation, self-hypnosis, qigong, and similar self-transforming crap. Suddenly my days were not long enough.

I soon caught myself talking with my wife about the stuff which she would normally only talk about in those long telephone conversations with her friends. And I derived much additional fun out of making the store cashiers laugh, and saying nice things to my neighbors in the elevator.

Everything became fun, and politics became amusing like some circus show, with a lot of those clowns tripping over their own feet, and as if not knowing if they are coming or going. Sorry, just can't think of politicians any other way.

That satiric in me assisted me enormously in my celebration of life. Not to forget my basically romantic personality trait, as I was discovering a new dimension of loving life, loving people, and particularly keeping my testosterone high by noticing those beautiful creatures called women.

Not to be taken a wrong way, I absolutely love my wifie, but she is even the one telling me how that "window shopping" ends up benefitting her -- if you know what I mean.

Yes, I really got busy making a good use of my precious time. If I ever get allowed into the heaven, there will be quite some stories that Ill be telling those angels up there.

I'll do my best not to make them blush.

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