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If Today Is Your Last Day

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Ohla has been a foodie, traveler, frugal wife, writer;believes that happiness lies in our hearts and how we see it in our lives.


If today...

If today is the last day you live...
What do you think? Doesn't even want to think about it right. There are so many hopes, plans, dreams we are still waiting to achieve in our lives no matter what age we pass. Isn't that right?

But in every second we pass in this universe millions of people die due to million of different reasons. Saddest thing is many of them didn't see that coming. They could not say their last words to their loved ones because they never thought it's their last breath on earth.

That feeling will I die tomorrow is goose bumping. What will it feel... the missed places, the things to do, the inability to give up... how disturbing.
One day in life we ​​have to go without saying that it will come.
It is the only uninterrupted journey. There won't be an alarm, there won't be to do lists, there won't be any money or wealth you earned all your life. Their won't be your family or friends with you anymore.

Life is like that.


Live a meaningful life

But if that journey is meaningful to you and others around you and to this world... you can be happy and satisfied of your journey without any hesitation.
The meaning given to bonds, the good you have done during your lifetime will determine your next stop. Giving fire to another will never give you comfort. Even a thought is a reason for it.
No matter what religion you belong to, you cannot understand good and bad. Any human being feels pain, pleasure, and comfort. A common man can understand that it is a common issue.
You have become a beautiful tree and tell the little plants what is your duty and why you came to this world. Small plants will become big forests and make this world beautiful.
Always and always do your best you can do to you, to the people around you and also to the nature we live in.


Spend everyday as if it's your last day

It is no secret that we have more to do to the world than what we deserve from the world, and that a person who fulfills his responsibilities receives his inheritance from nature.
Spend every day beautifully no matter what the last day is. smile be happy. Love yourself. People who love themselves are always loved by others. Do not avoid such people. Build your life for a final day without regrets. Time has wings. Stop, can't stop. ❤️

Live today like it is your last day on earth and if you wake up tomorrow, do it again

— Joey Martin posthumus

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