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If Mules Ran Things, We'd Have Peace on Earth

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Mules in northeast Oklahoma.

Mules in northeast Oklahoma.

Think About it, Friends

and let this thought sink into your mind: peace in our time and without any friction or irritation. Surely this would be the work of some Third World Country and all diabolically-designed to take over our Kentucky Fried Restaurants. Hardly a shot would be fired--maybe a chicken liver or two, but hardly no bloodshed.

And when you stop and give MY thinking the hard, serious thoughts that my headline deserves, you will think my friends and I to be of the sly fox thinking--the kind of people who had much rather work in the cloak of darkness without causing anyone any harm and then heading home before the sunrise.

But . . .you are already about to sabotage whatever mule's and their wayward thinking and I do not see how you can just sit there and laugh with us, the Friends of The Mule, and then when we look away, you start to foil our hard work. Shame on you, I say.

Now it's time for the cold breath of reckoning and where all things have been made equal. Even the lowly-mule. It is time for "them." So listen. You already know how peace could be here in our time, so how about the nine other mule-related trains-of-thought?

Try them out and see if you are still loyal to the Friends of The Mule?

9.) Mules, now good friends to the farmer and lawyer alike, would go on national tours to educate just how easy it was to become one with each other and all without any harm or bloodshed. All the mules had to do was just stall in one place, say nothing, and then start their heads shaking and then the rebellious masses would feel what fear felt like.

8.) Mules would not be like the Hitler's in the 1940s, but gentle understanding at their very hoof-feet. Hardly any trouble would come from this Mule Regime when the mules are led to be leaders of Farming as well as Industry. Peace at all thought, would be the only motto read and understood by mules and man.

7.) What about outside sports? What about it? Oh, the mules would not have one problem with the concept of sports. The mules could act as referee's to the game of Football, but the name would be Mule-Ball and the Professional Baseball League would be changed to PBBML--Professional Base-ball Men League and the rules of the game would be played just like the man-dominated sports, but without any talk of take-over and envy that can cause so much trouble.

6.) Would mankind profit by living inside a mule-led country? Sure. What a question to ask. Men and mules would enjoy the same peace and rights that both help and protect the other.

5.) Warfare of any kind woud suddenly be forbidden. But since the mule-led country is free to think, then "those" outlaw citizens would be free to leave at any time. But their properties would be left inside the Mule Country.

4.) Entertainment such as going to the movies, racing, and going on cruises would be just as it was when "we" men were in charge, but now, with no vulgar talk or actions.

3.) How would the mules navigate the sometimes-complex rules of Industry? Easy. The mules would have a simple group consisting of seven mules--and when an order was going to be produced, a unanimous vote of seven mules would be great, but a three for and a three-against would be handled with the One Mule to break the vote, so that in the Mule Doctrines, no friction or bloodshed would appear in the Mule Country.

2.) Schooling would be handled in the same way mankind has faced (and enjoyed) the educational principals that built colleges and other higher divisions of learning. The only area of friction with (this) doctrine would be NO drop-outs would be allowed because a Totally-Educated Mule Would Be The Best Mule.

1.) Medicines and other health concerns would be held by a Joint Mule and Man Commission who can take the health concerns of any age and by sitting down and talking, there would not be any health-care concerns.

Imagine. Just imagine what a world would be like if mules ran things.

January 30, 2019­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________

Grey mules: loved by the young and old alike.

Grey mules: loved by the young and old alike.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery