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I Turned Old One Day! How Did This Happen?

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

ME! Don Bobbitt, the Senior! As Is!


The Realization of Others Opinions

I'm not really sure when it happened!

No one said anything to me as a warning of this important pending event in my life.

Actually, it was more like a sudden epiphany for me.

I just rounded a corner in my life and suddenly ran into that brick wall called reality.

It occurred while I was having a cold beer along with a sloppy Cheeseburger at a sports bar with my son and son-in-law.

Oh, wipe that smirk off of your face, I know how old I was when it happened.

I was 67 years old when it hit me, retired and I had the same old aches and pains that others my age suffered with.

But ....... I still got around OK.

I still raised hell when I saw something totally stupid on the news.

I regularly sent the occasional letter to the liberal editors, stupid politicians and others who needed to set straight about what I considered to be important issues.

I was a constant thinker of great thoughts.

And I still had dreams of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to travel to and see.

But on that special day it happened!

ME! 6-Years Old!

Me ...... Then

Cold Beer, Peanuts in the Shell and Cold Reality

Reality was served up to me in a Sports Bar.

My wife and I had traveled from our home in Florida several days before, so we could spend the holidays with our kids and our grandchildren. It was supposed to be a great time for all, but i had to get over my new life-changing reality.

My son Donny, my son-in-law, Tony and I had a chance to escape the women and kids for a short while so we went out to get some lunch at a local Pub.

We walked in and a cute waitress (aren't they all?) showed us to a booth where we could see the game on a large TV.

Then, she came back with a bucket of peanuts in the shell that we immediately attacked while we waited for our beer order to show up.

Ten minutes later, with our first beer already half empty, and peanut shells duly distributed all over the table and floor around us; the conversation, that had up to now been just random comments on football teams and sports in general, suddenly turned to politics.

After a few comments by both of them, I went into my complaints about how the President and Congress were methodically stripping my medical benefits away and how it was costing myself and my fellow Baby Boomers a lot more money for our health care than it was supposed to cost us.

That's when the first signs of my obvious change in social status showed up.

The Eyes always tell Tell the Truth

First, it was my Son-in-Law. As I was talking, I watched him start to squirm in his seat and even drop his eyes away from mine several times,

So, I switched to my son and and Damn! He was actually frowning at my little diatribe.

I immediately stopped talking, wondering at what I might have said, and I took a long sip of my beer to see who would step in and comment on my complaints.

My son said;

Well, Dad!

You're from the last generation to be coddled by our governments desire to socialize everything they touch.

I sat back, at this and nodded for him to go on.

My Son-in-Law added;

Yeah, Don, Donny and I will never get the benefits that you and your generation are receiving. Whenever we gt to retire, it will be because we saved enough of our money to retire on. We will never get those government Social Security checks you two are receiving.

I stared! My jaw had dropped open! I was stunned!

All I could think if was; My own family had been brainwashed into thinking that I was some kind of welfare recipient.

We all Speak English, but we don't understand each other.

I jumped back into the conversation and told the two of them;

Hey, you guys! Do you realize that I and my fellow Boomers paid into a Savings System called Social Security and then into Medicare for decades of our lives. And we paid what we were told to pay so that we would receive certain benefits, as promised by our Congress whenever we retired.

I went on for several minutes telling them about how our Congress later used the money from these savings accounts with a promise to replace it later, and now these same representatives want to back out of the promises made to us.

That's when my son stepped in with;

Yeah, Dad! We know all about what was done to YOUR GENERATION. But, now it's OUR GENERATION that has to pay the bills. And we are not happy with the cost.

I looked closer at my Son, and realized that he really meant what he was saying to me.

When I realized that I was officially OLD!

Oh, we talked around the subject some more, but no one wanted to hurt anyone's feelings, so we sipped on our beers, ate our giant cheeseburgers when they arrived and eventually we left and went back to our wives and the grandchildren.

That's when it settled in to my mind, the reality of what all of you the next generation of working people, those of you in your thirties, forties even fifties, thinks of us, the Baby Boomer generation.

We are a nuisance and an unbearable expense from your perspectives.

We are those OLDER PEOPLE that you have to be polite to, but wish were somewhere else.

When we go out to dinner, you see us as THOSE SENIORS.

When we buy a new sporty automobile you see us WASTING MONEY on a vehicle we are too old to drive and really enjoy.

We are to be "put up with" until we all die off!

We are no longer contributors to your society, your community, your lifestyle even.

Being OLD is not a sentence to Death!

In your eyes, and I include not just my son and son-in-law but everyone of your generation; we are OLD!

We are OLD and we should just get out of your way.

Well KIDS!

Screw You! Screw All of You!

We are the Baby Boomers! We have wrought more social, technological and ideological change upon the world than any other generation that came before us.

And if you think we are going to walk over into some quiet corner and just watch you and your generation run things as if we were already dead, you are sadly mistaken.

We are going to demand that as we AGE and CHANGE, so shall the world that we live in.

If we want to wear more comfortable clothes, then we are still a large enough population that those designers in New York and Paris will jump on board and make more comfortable clothes the fashion.

If we decide we want more cars to have better Lumbar support systems in them then you can bet that the automobile manufacturers will start spewing out cars with fantastic Lumbar support systems.

And the list of Baby Boomer driven change will continue for at least another couple of decades.

And do you know why? We are still the ones with the money in the savings accounts and stock portfolios that drive our economy.

You see we are OLD. Old enough and smart enough to have saved.

If you don't like us driving thing our way, try saving your money now, so you will actually be ready to take over, in a couple of more decades, MAYBE?

Embracing being OLD

So, I am OLD!

I am old, but I am not dead. I have been looking at those new convertibles. Maybe I'll buy one, just for the Hell of it!

My kids don't need any inheritance. Maybe they just need to learn some new lessons.

I think maybe we Boomers should actually spend our hard earned savings and let these YOUNG people who want to push us aside, work for theirs!

What the Hell, nobody cares anyway, and I'm OLD!


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