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I Turned Old One Day! How Did This Happen?

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

ME! Don Bobbitt, the Senior! As Is!


The Realization of Others Opinions

I'm not really sure when it happened!

No one said anything to me as a warning of this important pending event in my life.

Actually, it was more like a sudden epiphany for me.

I just rounded a corner in my life and suddenly ran into that brick wall called reality.

It occurred while I was having a cold beer along with a sloppy Cheeseburger at a sports bar with my son and son-in-law.

Oh, wipe that smirk off of your face, I know how old I was when it happened.

I was 67 years old when it hit me, retired and I had the same old aches and pains that others my age suffered with.

But ....... I still got around OK.

I still raised hell when I saw something totally stupid on the news.

I regularly sent the occasional letter to the liberal editors, stupid politicians and others who needed to set straight about what I considered to be important issues.

I was a constant thinker of great thoughts.

And I still had dreams of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to travel to and see.

But on that special day it happened!

ME! 6-Years Old!

Me ...... Then

Cold Beer, Peanuts in the Shell and Cold Reality

Reality was served up to me in a Sports Bar.

My wife and I had traveled from our home in Florida several days before, so we could spend the holidays with our kids and our grandchildren. It was supposed to be a great time for all, but i had to get over my new life-changing reality.

My son Donny, my son-in-law, Tony and I had a chance to escape the women and kids for a short while so we went out to get some lunch at a local Pub.

We walked in and a cute waitress (aren't they all?) showed us to a booth where we could see the game on a large TV.

Then, she came back with a bucket of peanuts in the shell that we immediately attacked while we waited for our beer order to show up.

Ten minutes later, with our first beer already half empty, and peanut shells duly distributed all over the table and floor around us; the conversation, that had up to now been just random comments on football teams and sports in general, suddenly turned to politics.

After a few comments by both of them, I went into my complaints about how the President and Congress were methodically stripping my medical benefits away and how it was costing myself and my fellow Baby Boomers a lot more money for our health care than it was supposed to cost us.

That's when the first signs of my obvious change in social status showed up.

The Eyes always tell Tell the Truth

First, it was my Son-in-Law. As I was talking, I watched him start to squirm in his seat and even drop his eyes away from mine several times,

So, I switched to my son and and Damn! He was actually frowning at my little diatribe.

I immediately stopped talking, wondering at what I might have said, and I took a long sip of my beer to see who would step in and comment on my complaints.

My son said;

Well, Dad!

You're from the last generation to be coddled by our governments desire to socialize everything they touch.

I sat back, at this and nodded for him to go on.

My Son-in-Law added;

Yeah, Don, Donny and I will never get the benefits that you and your generation are receiving. Whenever we gt to retire, it will be because we saved enough of our money to retire on. We will never get those government Social Security checks you two are receiving.

I stared! My jaw had dropped open! I was stunned!

All I could think if was; My own family had been brainwashed into thinking that I was some kind of welfare recipient.

We all Speak English, but we don't understand each other.

I jumped back into the conversation and told the two of them;

Hey, you guys! Do you realize that I and my fellow Boomers paid into a Savings System called Social Security and then into Medicare for decades of our lives. And we paid what we were told to pay so that we would receive certain benefits, as promised by our Congress whenever we retired.

I went on for several minutes telling them about how our Congress later used the money from these savings accounts with a promise to replace it later, and now these same representatives want to back out of the promises made to us.

That's when my son stepped in with;

Yeah, Dad! We know all about what was done to YOUR GENERATION. But, now it's OUR GENERATION that has to pay the bills. And we are not happy with the cost.

I looked closer at my Son, and realized that he really meant what he was saying to me.

When I realized that I was officially OLD!

Oh, we talked around the subject some more, but no one wanted to hurt anyone's feelings, so we sipped on our beers, ate our giant cheeseburgers when they arrived and eventually we left and went back to our wives and the grandchildren.

That's when it settled in to my mind, the reality of what all of you the next generation of working people, those of you in your thirties, forties even fifties, thinks of us, the Baby Boomer generation.

We are a nuisance and an unbearable expense from your perspectives.

We are those OLDER PEOPLE that you have to be polite to, but wish were somewhere else.

When we go out to dinner, you see us as THOSE SENIORS.

When we buy a new sporty automobile you see us WASTING MONEY on a vehicle we are too old to drive and really enjoy.

We are to be "put up with" until we all die off!

We are no longer contributors to your society, your community, your lifestyle even.

Being OLD is not a sentence to Death!

In your eyes, and I include not just my son and son-in-law but everyone of your generation; we are OLD!

We are OLD and we should just get out of your way.

Well KIDS!

Screw You! Screw All of You!

We are the Baby Boomers! We have wrought more social, technological and ideological change upon the world than any other generation that came before us.

And if you think we are going to walk over into some quiet corner and just watch you and your generation run things as if we were already dead, you are sadly mistaken.

We are going to demand that as we AGE and CHANGE, so shall the world that we live in.

If we want to wear more comfortable clothes, then we are still a large enough population that those designers in New York and Paris will jump on board and make more comfortable clothes the fashion.

If we decide we want more cars to have better Lumbar support systems in them then you can bet that the automobile manufacturers will start spewing out cars with fantastic Lumbar support systems.

And the list of Baby Boomer driven change will continue for at least another couple of decades.

And do you know why? We are still the ones with the money in the savings accounts and stock portfolios that drive our economy.

You see we are OLD. Old enough and smart enough to have saved.

If you don't like us driving thing our way, try saving your money now, so you will actually be ready to take over, in a couple of more decades, MAYBE?

Embracing being OLD

So, I am OLD!

I am old, but I am not dead. I have been looking at those new convertibles. Maybe I'll buy one, just for the Hell of it!

My kids don't need any inheritance. Maybe they just need to learn some new lessons.

I think maybe we Boomers should actually spend our hard earned savings and let these YOUNG people who want to push us aside, work for theirs!

What the Hell, nobody cares anyway, and I'm OLD!



Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 01, 2015:

peachpurple- Personally, I am not a graceful person, either on the dance floor or in life.

Rather I lurch through life, tripping over my stupidities and jumping over the smaller obstacles. LOL!

But, you are right, growing Old is fun.


peachy from Home Sweet Home on June 30, 2015:

Being old and growing gracefully is a fascinating thing, isn't it?

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 28, 2014:

BigBlue54- LOL!

Yeah, I guess so. You see there is hope for everyone if i can.

Thanks for the read,


BigBlue54 from Hull, East Yorkshire on October 28, 2014:

If you'll pardon the pun, sounds like a plan Don.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 22, 2014:

BigBlue54- Great Point.

Somewhere in one of my articles, I wrote a Rant about how I watched the Seniors before me get abused by "the Corporation" and I put together a 2-year exit plan. And it worked.

The young wolves tried and tried, but they fell to the sidelines as my plan gave me a layer of armor so that I walked out the door, at my time and under my conditions.

All Seniors should have a no-nonsense plan for exit, in my opinion.


BigBlue54 from Hull, East Yorkshire on October 22, 2014:

A couple of months ago we had a debate here in the UK about whether or not the older generation should step aside for the younger generation. My answer to that is if you want it try and take it. If we have to give it to you then it is worthless.

Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on October 21, 2014:

Will do!!

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 21, 2014:

Rachel- I think one of the things that keeps many of us going, that are aging, is the fact that our minds are fresh and sharp, and packed with ages of experience.

On the other hand, when we move, our bodies quickly remind us of the many miles we have walked through life's trials. LOL!

I say, take what we have and flaunt it in front of the many young and inexperienced ones who stare at us with disdain.

Have a great day and Dance a little! (even if it hurts!)


Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on October 21, 2014:

LOL It's been so long sometimes I have to think hard about what I did when I was 16 even though my mind is stuck in that age. lol

BigBlue54 from Hull, East Yorkshire on October 20, 2014:

As you said Rachel, in your mind you are sixteen. The problem is, as you said, when you try to do what you did when you were sixteen your body makes a liar out of your mind. Still it's fun trying to prove to your body you can still do it if you try. :)

Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on October 19, 2014:

You're welcome. In your article, "Embracing Being Old", my husband thinks like you. He said if we have something left over that's good but if we need something we're not going to do without just we can leave the kids an inheritance. Not that we have that much to leave them anyhow.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 19, 2014:

Rachel- I like your attitude. I have found that as we age it's the rare person without any aches or pains.

We hurt, but we keep waking up and if we have the right attitude (like yours) we have great days, most of the time.

Thanks for the Comment,


Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on October 18, 2014:

LOL !! You're right about that, the alternative, I mean. In my mind I'm still 16, but my body reminds me every day just how old I am. I'm turning 66 in December. By the way I have a blog called The Old School Housewife.blogspot.com, if you were interested.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 17, 2014:

Rachel L. Alba- Thanks Rachel for the read and kind words.

It is a revelation when you actually realize that time has slipped up on you like I did.

But, The alternative really Sucks! LOL!

Thanks again,


Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on October 16, 2014:

Hi Don, I'm a baby boomer too. My children never brought it to me like yours did, but if they did I hope I would think of the answers you had. I enjoyed reading your article and I usually don't have the patience to read something long, but yours kept my interest.

BigBlue54 from Hull, East Yorkshire on October 02, 2014:

I was out and about the other day and saw an elderly couple shuffling along in front of me, must have been in their late 70s if not in their 80s. I watched as the woman put her hand out towards her husband and I thought she was going to hold his hand. How nice I thought. Wrong. She pinched his arse. Not once but twice. An I swear he speeded up on both occasions.

So maybe there is truth in the saying there's life in the old dog yet.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 02, 2014:

BigBlue54- Your comment is so true. The great thing about being "older" is that so few people have any expectation sof you.

I find that I can still be creative and even though some days I hobble a little more than others, I can still get around and do the things that I really want to do.

Thanks for the Comment,


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 01, 2014:

MizBejabbers- I am ONLY a Baby Boomer. You made me laugh with that one.

Remember the old saying; "That old Horse has been Rode Hard and Put Up wet, too many times."

Sometimes, when I get up, that's what my body is telling me. But, I will admit that, even as I groan, I force myself to work through those pains that a worn out and abused body throw at me.

My perspective is; Being Old just Sucks! But the alternative is even worse and quite final. LOL!

Thanks for the read and wonderfulcomments,


BigBlue54 from Hull, East Yorkshire on October 01, 2014:

It's that day you look in the mirror and realised you dad is looking back at you, Don. That and the fact you are suddenly surrounded by grandchildren.

I am with Bobbi on this one. Age is just a number, don't worry about it. I don't feel any different now than I did thirty years ago, so I just get up in the morning and do whatever it is I am going to do.

If people ask your age just say old enough to know better but young enough to do it again. :)

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 01, 2014:

Bobbi- Great to hear from you again.

I understand what you are saying. And, I do get "nipped and Tucked" at times, myself. Nut it is usually be a surgeon removing or repairing something! LOL!

In my mind, its the incessant visits to Doctors and Pharmacies that make me feel Old. Set me loose on the world in my old motorhome, and I am a different person.

Keep on pushing the envelope, girl!


Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 30, 2014:

You tell 'em, Don. You are only a baby boomer. You surely were a cute kid. I am a WWII baby and I am still working. Not only that, I'm not the oldest person in my department. One editor is 77 and on a trip to Spain and another is 74 and here today happily editing along. There are a couple of 65-year-olds working next door, so just because we are old doesn't mean that we are ready to be put out to pasture. We are still paying into that social security that your son says won't be here for him. Remind him of that!

I hate being old. Good hub. Voted up++

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on September 30, 2014:

firstday- Thanks for the read and the comment. I have accepted the inevitable. My body is OLD and I spend a significant amount of time working on it with medicines and a haphazard approach to exercise. But, I am also my own worst enemy in this as I do love going to TIKI Bars for a glass of Wine and watching a beautiful Sunset.

SO, I grow OLD, but with a smile on my face.

Thanks for the comment,


Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on September 29, 2014:


I am still young at heart---it is my body that has been here a long time. I could nip and tuck and Botox, but then I would not be the Bobbi everyone knows.

Be happy you are still handsome and feeling great---and we are not old until we say we are old. We are just older and like fine wine we are sweeter and better.

Bobbi Purvis

Rebecca Be from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 29, 2014:

I enjoyed the title and then the hub. I think sooner or later unless you die it happens to everyone. LOL

Rebecca Be from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 29, 2014:

I enjoyed the title and then the hub. I think sooner or later unless you die it happens to everyone. LOL

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on March 18, 2014:

Cathi Sutton - Funny Story.

I now get accused of not even having aButt! My jeans have enough room in the seat to store a couple of medium sized cantaloupes. LOL!

Anyway,I am glad you responded. I jumped over to your stuff and spent several hours enjoying your Hubs. Now I am a Follower and I gave several of your articles a Thumbs UP.

Keep writing, you have some great articles.

Thanks again,


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on March 17, 2014:

Grant's World- Good Comment.

I worked in a high-tech industry, and in R&D to boot.

I had to adapt to a youth oriented world of co-workers and still maintain my value as a contributor to the business. I ended up dedicating a certain amount of time (30-minutes to an hour) just networking with my younger peers.

It worked for me.


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on March 16, 2014:

melpor- It is hard to pretend to be so indignant with a straight face. With all else that we Senors are watching our government do to us, at the same time, I am honestly having a great time.

As a child, I remember when we couldn't even afford bologna, and now, after decades of battle, sacrifice and commitments, I have my place in the Sun.

So, let's keep the pressure on while we reap the rewards of our efforts.

Have a great day,


Cathi Sutton on March 16, 2014:

I'm one of he "tail gate" boomers, born n 1957. Almost everyday one of my sons asks me "are you alright"? Gosh! I mean... YES! I'm fine!! Should I NOT be alright? Stop already!

When I finally noticed I was getting old, I was driving. I felt something under me in the seat of the car. I was rootng around trying to get to whatever it was I was sitting on, (it was seriously bothering me) when I realized it was a part of my BUTT I had never sat on before!! Yes things were heading south...

I am determined to continue to get older. Considering the only other option.... Well... You get my drift.

P.S. I just bought myself a high performance pick up truck. Young people all over town are shaking their heads, and wanting my truck!!

Grant Handford from Canada on March 16, 2014:

I am on the tai lend of the baby boomer generation. 1964. I enjoyed your realization because turning 50 myself this year i am starting to feel like now i am sliding into the old category here at home and at work. I maybe have to many younger friends which was fine 10 yrs ago but not so much anymore as my gray hairs start growing in and theirs are not.

About your Hub. Well said and agreed.


Melvin Porter from New Jersey, USA on March 16, 2014:

Don, great hub. I will be hitting the big 60 in three months to join the young old. I can remember way back while looking at a calendar after the changing of the year, when I was about 10 years old and saying to myself, "It will be a while before I get to that number." Now here it comes, staring me right in my face and I thinking how fast all those years went by. We boomers all know why. We went school, graduated from college, worked for 30 years or more, had children, and now retired. We are where we should be after accomplishing all that. We deserve everything the government has to offer us.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on January 22, 2014:

ChristinS- Such a great Commnet.

I agree that the people we have allowed to run our government have managed to tweak the laws to the point that corporations now dictate how our nations riches are distributed.

And to them, the people of our country are just another kind of TOOL to be used and discarded once it has been worn out.

I have my own plan for making the plight of myself and my g=fellow Boomers seen and respected.

I really do not see your generation taking the time to exercise your political muscle. Rather your generation just seems to be content to accept less and less from our government.

Thanks for the response,


Christin Sander from Midwest on January 20, 2014:

Um, I just turned 40 so I guess I'm one of the "young" ones you mention (thank you lol), but I totally agree with you actually. Your generation did pave the way for today and you DID pay into a system and have earned the benefits you are receiving. It is not entitlement nor is it a handout.

When I think of entitlement and handouts, my mind is turned towards the people who are forced to take minimum wage jobs because the jobs they paid to train for have been outsourced. Those same people then end up on food stamps, medicaid etc. because the companies they work for refuse to pay them a living wage and benefits. People accuse the working poor of being "entitled" but what about the companies that allow their workers to live off the govt. dole?

I hope you don't think we all view the boomer generation as a burden, because most of the people I know in our 30's and 40's certainly do not feel that way. Yes, it sucks that we are paying into the system and likely will never receive any of the money from it - but it doesn't have to be that way and instead of blaming the boomer generation for claiming what is theirs, we should get off our collective butts and insist on fixing what will one day be ours.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on January 10, 2014:

MsDora- I appreciate your comment and I am glad that you liked my article.

I really tried to get the point across that I and my fellow Boomers are not a lie-down generation. We had things to say and do in our youth and we still have much to get done.

Thanks gain,


Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 09, 2014:

Don, I'm a baby boomer too, and I vote SPOKESPERSON for the rest of us. Well said! I'm laughing out loud, but there's so much to ponder in what you said/wrote. Thank you for your candid insight.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on January 06, 2014:

timelesstraveler- I agree with you. We desperately need to shake up th whole DC machine and turn it back to where it has at least a small amount of respect for us, the Boomers, who paid the taxes that provided the services for their working years.


Judy Specht from California on January 03, 2014:

We may be boomers, but we can make a hell of an impact on retrieving what those airheads in D.C. have stolen. I have been wondering when the younger generation was going to catch on. D.C. screwed them. They don't have time to fight, but we do.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on January 03, 2014:

Vistoria Lynn- Thanks for the response.

Yeah, as Itell my son; Time waits for no Man! .... Or Woman! And your turn is approaching when you will need to ponder these same situations.

And, the Convertible? Maybe! Maybe!


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 28, 2013:

Brakel2- Thanks for the comment. You know, I wonder if it is a generational thing or a result of a generations training. Did you know that our children are no longer taught to read or write in SCRIPT? Here we are the gratest nation in the world, using the required language for international business as well as politics, and our politicians decide that learning to read and write our language is "too hard" for our students.

Fools will never learn, I guess.


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 26, 2013:

Pamela Kinniard W- Thank You for taking your time to read my Rant. I appreciate your response and have a Happy Holiday.


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 26, 2013:

ziyena- It is a Club, isn't it. The inevitable wearing out of body parts and growing pains, anyway. And the clubs members are all ages, its just that I am near the peak of the "Bell-Curve" than others like yourself.

Thanks for the comment,


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 26, 2013:

DzyMsLzzy- Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response to my Rant.

I really do try and incite my aging peers into a level of disgust that they will at least write a scathing letter to their supposed representatives in Congress.

The more of us that rant directly to them, the more they may hesitate to steal from our heritage.

Thanks again,


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 26, 2013:

suzettenaples- We are right on track with each other, as are so many of our peers.

Like You, my wife and I worked our whole lives, saving and denying ourselves many times so that we would have our retirement. And, Imy wife and I worked six and seven days a week for 14 years to put me through school until I got my Bachelors in Engineering.

Now, we watch as our government steals our benefits with an attachment to every bill they put through Congress, and even our supposed Liberal Democrats sign on to tape our futures.

Thanks for the response.


Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on December 25, 2013:

Neat hub! I really enjoyed it. It's interesting--different generations' perspectives. And it's also pretty eye-opening when we start realizing we're getting older. Your title caught my eye, as it is exactly the question I have begun to ask myself, a woman in her forties. ;-) Aw, perspective . . ..

Well, Merry Christmas! I think you should buy yourself that convertible!

Audrey Selig from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on December 24, 2013:

Hi Don The younger generation do not understand. I am sorry you had that experience. It is not fun when others treat you if you are over the hill. The medical situation and the mess in the government doesn't help. We must stand tall and be proud of our achievements and hope for better times. Blessings. Audrey. Pinned and shared.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 24, 2013:

fiftyish (aka Andy Aitch) - You make several great points in your comment and I wish we had the time and room here for a good conversation and kick them around.

But, I will select one. You mentioned people who worked two jobs and have two pensions.

I too have two pensions, but I worked for the same company for over forty years, but the LOGO on the door changed twice over that time. Each company manipulated their pension to me so that each is frozen with no increase for Cost of Living. Therefore, my income shrinks annually. The third company did not give me a pension, but they did start a 401k which is the only one that grows at all.

Here in the US, it seems that the government has noticed that we Seniors are such a complacent bunch that they feel they can financially Rape us annually and at will.

This has driven me to a more verbal irritation to my representatives. I wish more of mypeers would do the same.

Have a great Day,


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 24, 2013:

Wesman Todd Shaw- Thanks for the response. And Kudos to you and your Dad having a good relationship.

And, just keep on writing, if that is what makes you tick. It does for me.

Have a nice Holiday.


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 24, 2013:

phdast7- Thanks so much for your response. I go on these rants occasionally and I even designed a LOG and showed it on another of my Hubs. It was LMSA. Leave My S*&^ Alone.

Ieven thought about sell it on T-shirts to other Boomers.



Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 24, 2013:

Dee aka Nonna- As someone once told me;

Some day being Old really Sucks!

But the Alternative is much worse!



Pamela Dapples from Arizona now on December 24, 2013:

I love being a senior. Perhaps when your son-in-law lowered his eyes or looked away he was just thinking for a moment he was hoping to have a nice visit and not need to hear about politics. I think seniors, including you, are mostly well-respected. Enjoyed your hub!

ziyena from the Somewhere Out There on December 24, 2013:

I joined the club a few years ago ... according to my son :)


Great Hub!

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on December 24, 2013:

Damned straight! You tell 'em, Don! Well said. I was just saying to my husband the other day, as we walked up the path to our chiropractic appointment, "Gee, do you realize we've now arrived at what the younger generation will refer to as 'that older couple?!' "

Damn! I sometimes feel every inch of my 65 years, especially on cold winter days when the joints complain, and when I look in the mirror, I say, "Who the hell are YOU, and what did you do with ME?!" However, my brain thinks I'm still 30-something, and it isn't until I start a project, and the body say, "You talking to ME??!!" That I have to accept that yes, I've grown OLD.

But you know what? I have become much more politically active in my older years, and do what I can to educate people--which largely consists of writing articles and passing along pithy wisdom on Face Book...it isn't much, but it's what I can do NOW.

My very first shock of "feeling older" came back in my 40's, when I was telling my kids a story from my childhood, and suddenly stopped, and realized, "Damn! I'm remembering something that happened 30 years ago!!" That was nothing--now I remember stuff that happened 50 years ago...now, where did I put my glasses???

Voted up, interesting, useful, awesome and shared.

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on December 24, 2013:

Well said and well written. Don. Yes, what the younger generation fails to realize is that we WORKED and EARNED those benefits we have in retirement today. They are NOT coming free to us. We skrimped and saved to get to where we are today. No one handed me anything on a silver plater - I had to pay my own way for everything in life once I graduated from college. We baby boomers are great in number so we will always have the numbers to still influence what happens to us. It is sad what has happened over the years and the current thinking in DC and throughout the land that we are slackers and 'expect' to be coddled and taken care of. That is not true. I just don't get into conversations any more with young people about what is happening to me and my generation economically because they truly just don't understand where I and my generation is coming from. Just remember, they will be 'old' someday and get answers they don't like from the generation after them. What goes around .....

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 24, 2013:

Cheaptrick- Thanks for the comment. And, being a pre-calculator, old-school sliderule Engineer, I can still do calculations in my head faster ytha they can figure which web site to go to in order to look up the right answer. And ..... I love it!

I agree, swat them aside and let's hobble over to the big table and partake of todays riches.


Andy Aitch from UK & South East Asian Region on December 23, 2013:

Good insight Don ;)

You're right, old is not dead, and 70 is the new 50, or so they tell us. Or as Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it: "'Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change"

I think there were some valid points made about the Baby boomers. They are the generation that never had it so good, apparently!. My Mum retired at 55 on full pension, but I'm expected to work until 70 before I can draw mine. I also have relatives who have had two careers and draw two handsome pensions because or that; a perk that has disappeared along with the long-term employment opportunities of yesteryear. The list, of course, goes on.

Nothing lasts forever though, and all anyone can do is make the best out of what they've got. After all, it's better for all generations to reflect on what they have, rather than what they don't have or have missed out on ;)

Andy Aitch

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on December 23, 2013:

Heh, I saw the photo up top and thought, "Looks like one of my Dad's bunch."

Read further, realized you're the same age. I hope I look as good as you or my dad when I'm that age, if I even get to that age.

Wish dad would do something like this stuff...write...say something...instead he's in the house next door watching television...which annoys the hell out of me, but then again, he pays my bills these days, most of them; but I do provide some stuff, just not money.

CHEERS for the older and wiser dudes!

Theresa Ast from Atlanta, Georgia on December 23, 2013:

Don - I will be there soon, very soon. Thank you for a fun essay, but also for stating the truth clearly and concisely...

Baby Boomer Social Security benefits are not welfare. We paid for them for years and years -- I am still paying for them! Socialism, my .... Well you know. Great Hub. Have a Blessed Christmas. Theresa

Dee aka Nonna on December 23, 2013:

It has happened to many of us. Love you statement "we all speak English but we don't understand each other." I stopped trying to explain anything. Let them think what they want. Yes, I am old, but far, far, far for dead. Three cheers for being old......

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 23, 2013:

Suzanne Day- Well...... I do like Geraniums!

Read my response to Billybuc.

Thanks for the Read!


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 23, 2013:

Ericdierker- Thanks for the compliment. I really didn't have to wonder where I was, I saw it in the kids (I am OLD enough to call them that, LOL!) eyes and it hit me.

I love the "Senior Menu" reality moment, I wonder ow many more unique moments I will hear ablut.

Thanks for the comment, and have a great Holiday from the Bobbitt family.


cheaptrick from the bridge of sighs on December 23, 2013:

Well said;Let's swat them away like fly's.I agree with you that being old and in good health has it's advantages.We've rearranged our priorities to serve us better and gained a bit of wisdom with time;Something that does not seem to be transferable to young people.

Still,it's just the cycle of life repeating its self for the umpteenth time.I remember when I felt many of the same things about 'old people' myself lol.

I've taken the view of my son and his friends as the 'Updates' for this old steam powered computer in my head.I learn from them,they tolerate the old guy...but I make sure They buy the beer cause...I'm old ha!

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 23, 2013:

Billybuc- It's grand to hear from you on the holiday. I love your comment. I hope I got my point across, I was being so sarcastic, I'm not sure. We, each and every generation, in this world of ours are a product of what the previous generations set forth.

I believe that the time when multiple generations existed, one after the other, with the children living to the same standards and levels of technological evolution are long gone.

Think about it, we are the post-WWII generation, before us was the depression generation, before that .......

Now, what I see is that change is so prevalent, and happening so fast on our planet, whole "slices" of peoples are going to become "OLD" or obsolete while still relatively young. If so, what will society do with them? Up until now,you just waited for the obsolete to die off.

Damn, that thought was depressing!

Whew! Have a great Holiday Billybuc, I look forward to reading more of your "Stuff!'


Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on December 23, 2013:

Ahhh, the Boomer argument again. Seriously, when will people wake up and realise that it shouldn't be generation fighting generation, but rather all people fighting the government for all generations? Anyway, getting old is nothing worrying, you just have to mix more with people whose eyes don't glaze over. People think I'm old because I like geraniums and enjoy crotchet. Ever since I was 14. Best to find like-minded friends who also like geraniums and crotchet and let others be the way they want to be! Works for me. Voted funny.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on December 23, 2013:

Just great stuff here Bob, thank you.

When my wife told me to eat off the senior's menu for a discount is when it hit me.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 23, 2013:

Don, I think we are about the same age...give or take a year or so...and I loved this article. It is fascinating, and sad, for me to see the change in thinking in this country in the last forty years. I don't know what happened but it seems to have happened in a very quiet and subversive way....it is much easier to blame others for our problems than it is to look in the mirror and realize that we are part of the bigger problem.

Hail to the Boomers my friend, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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