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I Miss You Aunt

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I can’t believe that you have left us and gone to a place where no one comes back. Everyone is shocked by your sudden death. A great loss for a family.

You were an angel in human form. People like you are rare in this world. You were like a gem.

No one can ever take your place. You will live forever in our hearts. We could never tell what you were to us.

I remember when we were young, used to come to you for all our troubles.

You were a shield for everyone. Everyone asked you to pray for them.

You took great care of everyone, forget to take care of yourself while caring for everyone.

We wanted you to stay with us, sit, and talk but you were always busy with household chores.

You left this world so quietly, didn’t say or hear anything. Didn’t you know how much we all and especially your family need you?

There was a lot to talk about, but you didn’t give us time to say anything.

Once you stayed at our house to take care of us in our mother’s absence. Those days are the most memorable days of my life. Watching plays with you, you discussed them with such innocence, hear from me the story of every play.

You used to make milk mix with sprite every night and we loved that. Cooked spicy but amazing food for us.

You loved my tea and pakoras (fritters are special snacks of Asians) and always asked me “you prepare tea with such devotion and take only half a cup why?”. So lovely and innocent you were.

Ah! now you have just become a memory. We will never see that kind smile of yours again.

Our well-wisher left this temporary world, Who do we go to now? None of our work would have happened without your prayers.

Maybe you were tired, wanted to rest, and were very dear to God, so he sent you to heaven. Yes, you deserved heaven. God has promised heaven for good and pious people like you.

Of course, everyone has to go, but as long as we are here in this world you will always be missed, my sweet aunt, phupho Zaib.

Rest in peace

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