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Dream Lover

My Dearest Love

To My Only Love,

I can still see your smile the look of love in your eyes that gives me butterflies. Although I’m a full grown woman a Mother with children. with you I feel like a girl! A happy girl a teenage girl that’s found her first love. A love so pure and real that it can’t be true, I’m constantly pinching myself making sure that I am with you. Is this a dream or some weird warped fantasy. No relationship could be this good with this amount of happiness.

I’m constantly thinking will this really last. Is this real? I continue to question myself! In my world love has always been a gamble, and I’m tired of the games.

We walk alike, we share the same goals, and dreams. But once again I ask myself. Is this my soulmate or just a dream.

We share days even months together this is to peaceful will we even stay together. Waiting and waiting looking for the flaw. This is what I dreamed a love would be like.

when our eyes met or hearts match. Our souls connect we are in our own world. When people met us there’s no doubt we’re a happy couple. But little do I know this relationships in trouble. He holds the key to every part of me. He’s my strength when I fall weak. He’s my crutch when I don’t feel I can stand. He’s an ear when I don’t think no one is really listening. He’s my heartbeat when I fell that spot is empty. He holds my hand and wash away my tears. We’ve shared this type of amazing love for so many years.

What happened? I didn't see this day the day I got sleepy and woke up the next day. When I opened my eyes. My Dearest Love decided to walk away. Was it real or was this just a dream?

I still ask myself that question to this day…..