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Just a living person with stories beyond belief and more than willing to share. By the way, I have TBI so I think differentlyandproud of it!

Wild horses at the river

Wild horses at the river


Hello there, when I was growing up no one ever told me that there is way more to life then just living. I assumed you got older, finished school, started work or hopefully a career and just worked all your days living to age to death, with marriage in there somewhere. I don't agree with that in any way, shape or form. I do not work, I DO have TBI so I receive disability but the experiences that I have experienced throughout life just ... I am speechless about. The people I've met, the experiences I have heard about, the experiences I've been involved in, its all crazy. I think life teaches us lessons along the way and if we don't learn them, then it gives us another lesson but more intense.


I question everything but I really am questioning our community now and their rules or laws. Is it because they know something that ordinary people don't? Very recently, I came into contact with a lady, she was from Boston and she had some CRAZY stories. She was well educated, raised right, nothing wrong that I could see. But she had the title SMI or serious mental illness. Now I have TBI which stands for traumatic brain injury and mine was caused by a car accident. Do you believe in everything happens for a reason? Because I sure do and I think everything that has happened to me, happened for a reason. But what is it? To be able to see these things that "normal" people wouldn't? I am not calling myself special at all but my mind is racing now, it always has but I question EVERYTHING now. Police, jail, court, rehab, jobs, and careers. I even question life and obviously we are not the only life around. This year 2020 has unlocked or opened up so many things including our own government confirming that aliens are a real thing!? I understand there are a lot of crazy people out there but am I?

A little about me

I was born in Washington state and lived there until I was 21 years of age. I was then legally forced to leave, I had a mental breakdown due to having TBI which I received at age 17. But when TBI, alcohol and drugs all come into play with little to no sleep for days, one starts seeing things and freaking out. You know when the presidential race is going on how you receive emails from either side of the political party? Well I did but I thought the president was emailing me! I started feeling all special which I was not but I ended up going to a mental hospital in Seattle waiting for court. This mental hospital was like prison but more open I guess, I've never been to prison but heard its better than jail, which I have been too and that sucks! Anyways, I had court and the judge gave me two decisions. One, I could go live in the mental facility in Tacoma, which is where my uncle is or two, I could leave state with a family member. Well my mom lives in Phoenix and long story short, I now live in the Phoenix area and have been here going on nine years. Phoenix is huge! Before my accident, which gave me TBI, I lived with my dad since the age of 10. We moved around a lot, partially, actually it was because of my getting kicked out of schools. I was a bit "rough" when I was younger and fought alot. But from 14 to 19, we lived in Cle Elum Washington. Small town up in the foothills of Snoqualmie pass. When I say small, I mean when we first showed up a population of 1400 people small. Well, I got accustomed to that, crashed in Easton, 15 miles west of Cle Elum. When I finally came out of the hospital, went back to Cle Elum and finished out high school and then went to Wenatchee for college. After college, I went to live with my brother down in Kelso Washington. In Kelso is where I had my mental "break" or so they called it and was shipped off to Arizona.


Arizona, is HUGE compared to what I was use too and people call it the "melting pot" of the country because A LOT of people come to visit Phoenix. So when I first showed up here, I was to see a physiatrist (I call him the crazy doctor) simply so he could prescribe me pills. I hate pills but I took them to shut my mom up but I ended up in a mental facility down here because I took all my pills at once, trying to commit suicide. I am more than thankful it didnt work because life is so precious and you only get one go at it. But my mom lived in a 55+ community and figured because I was living with her now, a real house would be better suitable. So she got ahold of habitat for humanity and basically built and moved into a real house two years down the road. I'm going to start skipping all this boring stuff and get to what I am really here to write about.

Signs started appearing

So a couple years in the new house and my big brother was going to move down here. Two weeks before he showed up, I got kicked out by my mom for saying "fuck" with her knowing I knew no one and had no where to go. So I started going to the river every day, I love nature and would stay there till close and clean up the park a little bit. One day, I came to town from the river to get some McDonalds to go back and enjoy the river some more but I met a young fellow, name was Cameron. Cameron is my middle name so I offered him a ride home, on the way to his moms place, we started talking and he was a cool person. I didn't have any friends so I invited him to the river so we went and got his dog and went to the river. Long story short, I met another Mark, through Cameron. When I met Cameron and his pup Lucy, that is when signs started showing, when really signs have been showing my whole life. Some of things I've done in my life, most wouldn't survive but I have walked away from it all. Except my car accident, that was THE major one in my life. I am more than grateful to still be here but when I met Cameron and Lucy, thats when I started to notice signs. Dogs have always loved me, always and I have heard so much about why dogs love people, this and that. But it started with Cameron, i think I helped him kick heroin, I could be wrong but I introduced him to how much nature really does change someone. Also I learned about grounding the third day I was homeless and did it and that is AMAZING!


So having met Mark at Camerons, we started hanging out. He had 10 years I believe on me and he is an awesome person. Well he got kicked out of Camerons moms house so he started staying with me in my van but he had friends where we could go and kick it. But then sign after sign started happening and I was noticing them, I met some very interesting characters hanging out with Mark. Eventually, we got seperated due to a female and me taking her tenants away. I got into a rough crowd and was on ice for sometime. I tried to rob a CVS after being awake for nine days. I had fallen asleep in the Red Mountain library parking lot and I did not know that you cannot spend the night in the library parking lot. Well I was arrested and in jail for one day less than a month.

After jail..

So they wouldnt release me from jail because I didnt have an address to go to. My dad, who I had been in contact with all throughout jail time but he found me a halfway house to go to "Church on the streets". All through out this happening, was signs, right and left that I was seeing. Not worried about those though just worried about getting free again. After my dad talked with church on the streets, I was out and headed to my first halfway house. I stayed there maybe three nights and headed back to Mesa, showed up in Mesa and an ex let me stay with her for a while until I was kicked off the property by the owner. Luckily an old co worker who literally was right across the road, invited me in for a few days. A few days lead to a few months, she lived in a 55+ community also so they kicked me out too. So I headed to another halfway house in Mesa. It was a working halfway house, so I was required to go out and get a job. I got a job at a body shop and eventually quit but met some very interesting people!

After body shop

After the body shop, I went and applied at a retirement home, knowing I wasn't going to get the job but was working on my accountability. I met a lady, who I eventually had an eight month relationship with and still talk to this day. But there were signs all throughout this happening. So for signs I've learned, keep your mouth shut. If you find something, a "blessing" and you don't want it to disappear, shut up! I have learned many other signs or lessons but my head cant put them into words currently. Maybe when I am laying on my death bed, I can hopefully type out the signs I have learned in life... If you can comment on this or contact me in any way, please do because I would LOVE to have a discussion over ... life. Thank you for reading and until next time folks, take care and stay beautiful!

© 2020 Mark C

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