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I Was Healed by Jesus Christ, or Was I?

Marc Hubs, author of "Reflections Of NPD" is a writer/researcher on the mind, science, psychology/psychiatry, metaphysics and consciousness.

Mystery Illness

Back in February 2016, I was strolling through the local forest area with my youngest daughter and after we'd got home, it became clear that I had been bitten by something. This bite eventually flared up and took the typical pattern of a tick bite. I therefore concluded that I had indeed been bitten by a tick during our walk.

Soon afterwards, I became extremely ill; my skin started turning a shocking yellow colour, I felt weak all the time, I would have dizzy spells and I started to lose my muscle strength and had painful joints. Something was seriously wrong. After searching the internet about tick bites, I learned that there are indeed certain tick-borne illnesses and I came to the conclusion that I could have contracted Lyme disease, or some other tick-borne illness.

At that time, I had also been exposed to lots of toxic chemicals and also toxic mold due to my living situation and so became extremely concerned. I therefore went to my doctor to explain the situation and he informed me that it couldn't be a tick-borne illness because there were no recognized tick-borne illnesses in the area where I lived. He claimed that it was highly unlikely, although he showed great concern for my health. I was skeptical about what he said about no tick-borne illness being in the area at first, as I knew that I had been bitten and that it had caused me great illness. The doctor did, however, agreed to do blood tests.

Within a week, the test results came back clear and nothing unusual was found. I was, however, extremely ill and seemed to be getting worse. My sister even said to me at one point "you look awful, you've gone yellow, you need to get to the doctor quick!" - she was obviously very concerned and that was after I'd already been to the doctor and had already had the blood tests done. Clearly, something was very wrong and my health continued to deteriorate rapidly to the point I thought I was dying.

The more time went on, the more I became convinced that I had contracted some kind of tick-borne illnesss, whatever it was, and that my poor health was being exacerbated by being exposed to toxic mold.


Warnings From Angels

It may sound weird to some but it got to the point that when I would go to bed, strange loud knocking and tapping sounds would happen in my bedroom. Something would first tap on the ceiling, as though it was coming down into my room, then would knock in certain areas of my room; down the side of my bed and behind my wardrobe.

The tapping and knocking would happen repeatedly night after night and at first it scared me, as it seemed like I was being haunted by a ghost or being teased by an astral entity. I kept praying night after night for the tapping and knocking to stop. However, it also started to happen with certain foods I was eating - when eating peanuts (which have high mold content), something invisible would tap on the packet. When eating pre-packaged pasta meals something would tap on the container. When it was happening, I would see glimpses of a white orb-type being.

Eventually, the fear started to go away and I began to realize that whatever this thing was, it was trying to bring my attention to something. I decided to pull my bed away from the wall to see what this entity was bringing my attention to - and lo and behold I found a load of black mold plastered up the wall. I pulled my wardrobe out and again, found black mold plastered up the wall. I logically came to the conclusion that this entity was actually my guardian angel pointing out the things that were causing me great illness - including certain foods I was eating. It was trying to warn me for my own benefit!

Obviously, my health must have been in a lot of danger or my guardian angel wouldn't have been so persistent and constant in pointing out all these dangers that were affecting me adversely. I had to take action... fast! At first I was scared, as all the tapping and knocking me reminded of the phrase "when death comes knocking" but at the same time I was also hugely relieved to know that someone/something was watching out for me.

Meditating With Orgonite

As bizarre and "New Agey" as it seems, at the time I was in possession of a piece of Orgonite, which is a combination of certain materials including crystals encased in a fibre-glass shell. This piece of Orgonite had been sent to me by one of my online contacts who claimed to be in contact with aliens including the Egyptian God Thoth who he claimed taught him how to make it.

This piece of Orgonite was supposed to absorb negative energy and transmute it back into positive energy and the crystals within it had supposedly been blessed to bring only love, peace and harmony to anyone who came into contact with them. Being as knowledgeable as I am about metaphysics (including crystal healing) and quantum physics, I had a tendency to believe that the science behind Orgonite had some merit (but that's another story all together).

My blood test results had come back from the doctor clear - they couldn't find anything wrong, although they were still showing great concern. They could clearly see that something was seriously wrong with my health but just couldn't find anything wrong. It was a mystery.

As I was walking home the one day, thinking about the warnings I had received from my guardian angel, I decided that if I couldn't rely on the doctor to heal me, I would need to rely on my Higher Self. I decided I would go home, place the Orgonite on my chest and meditate on having perfect health, as though it was already mine (i.e. the Law of Attraction).

What happened next came totally unexpected...


Divine Intervention

As I lay on my bed, meditating on already having perfect health, I kept seeing a golden cross in my mind's eye. At first, I thought it was my imagination so I shrugged it off, cleared my mind and started again... but the golden cross came back even stronger.

Once again, I cleared my mind, shrugged it off and started over again only this time the golden cross came back ten times stronger than before and wouldn't go away. It was just there pulsating and started becoming intrusive. In the end, I decided to go with it and just let whatever happens happen and that's when I had the experience.

I started to focus on the golden pulsating cross and as I did, it began to shrink and a geometric shape (which I now know to be Metatron's Cube) starting coming into view. In the middle of this geometric shape was a golden cross with a man against it, arms outstretched. As it continued to shrink and more shapes came into view I thought to myself "Is that... is that.... Jesus?!" - I can only conclude that it was!

There he was on the cross... and no, he didn't look like he does in all the well known images of Jesus. He looked like the man in the well-known image above - that was the man I saw on the cross, which leads me to conclude that Da Vinci somehow found out the truth about what Jesus Christ really looks like.

As the imagery continued to come into view, Metatron's Cube with Jesus in the middle and orbs at each point starting shrinking smaller and the Flower Of Life came into view surrounding everything. It then began to rotate clockwise faster and faster. As this was happening, I was given the command "now sit up and put your hands in the praying position" so I did. I was then told "raise your hands up in the air" so I did that too and as I did, I began to feel pulses of energy coming in through my fingertips like a new lease of life was being injected into me.

Once the experience was over I was told "now get rid of the Orgonite" - I really didn't want to get rid of it and thought to myself what harm can it do keeping it. I then got the message "Marc, this is your Higher Self - get rid of it!" but I wanted to keep it so bad that I kept putting the command down to my imagination. Regardless of that fact, I had just been miraculously healed during an experience with Jesus and felt like I had been reborn - I felt absolutely amazing and all my symptoms miraculously vanished instantly.

Within days I put weight back on, came back to normal colour and felt full of life and energy. I later found out from the person who sent me the Orgonite that what I had seen was Metatron's Cube which is associated with the Archangel Metatron - this cube is apparently used to clear toxins from the chakras. The very next day, I ended up seeing a music video on television which showed the very geometric formations that I had seen spinning - the title of the music track was Archangel Metatron! As odd as it may seem, the angels seem to be able to provide messages in such ways to let you know they are with you.

After plenty of thinking, plenty of reading and plenty of research, I have now also come to the conclusion that the Archangel Metatron is in fact the one we know as Jesus Christ and there is plenty of information which seems to support this theory.

So there you have it - I was miraculously healed by Jesus Christ/Metatron.

© 2018 Marc Hubs

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