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I Saw Myself

I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..


I have read many stories of people that claimed to have died and seen the light. I have read about others that were just at peace as if they were floating. Other times I have read about people floating near the ceiling and looking down on themselves. Are these stories real?

I can guarantee that these stories are real. At one time in my life I died. How do I know? Because I fit into one of the categories listed above. The question that many people ask is if you were afraid. I can't speak for other people, but from my own experience and from what I have read, the answer is no. There is a peacefulness about it that is hard to explain.

My story began in December of 1994. I was at work and I started to get extremely dizzy. I went into the men's room and splashed water on my face. Coming out of the men's room I rushed to a work station and had to sit down. A couple of the women there thought I was joking. I assured them I felt terrible. An ambulance was called and I was taken to the hospital emergency room. They checked me and I felt a little better so I was released.

I did go back to work the next day feeling fairly well, but I got bouts of feeling dizzy for the next week or so. One day at work I told them I felt bad and I had to go home. I backed my truck into the driveway and got out. I immediately dropped to my knees, then crawling on my hands and knees to my front door. I opened it and got inside I just laid on the living room floor. It was there that it felt like my head was going to explode and blood flowed from my nose. I got a message to my wife that she needed to get a ride home.

My mother was also notified and she got me to the doctor. She arranged to have tests given. For the next few months I was given test after test and no medical condition was found causing to make me feel the way I did. Except for the tests I spent my time in bed or several days in the hospital.

For months at times I would get headaches that felt like my head would split open and often had severe nose bleeds. I would lay in bed and it often felt like my head was staying still but my body was moving from side to side. It was a strange eerie feeling. One that I would wish on no one. I would lay in bed not wanting to go to sleep because I thought I would not wake up again. Naturally no one can stay awake forever.

One time I was floating near the ceiling of my bedroom looking down on myself. There I was in bed totally lifeless. I was so pale like life had been drained out of me. I was dead. I knew I was dead, How could it be? Why was I floating here looking down on myself? I can't be dead, I was thinking. I see no light I was thinking. I was thinking, how could I be thinking if I was dead. It was strange, but there I was in bed. Why was I so still? Why was I so pale? Move damn it move, I was saying, but there was now sound, just my lips moving as I floated near the ceiling looking down on the dead me.

I can't estimate the time I was looking down on myself. Was it a few minutes? I think it was. Then I felt myself moving toward the bed. I reentered my body. It was a strange feeling, it was warm. I will never forget that feeling. I was alive again, I was alive. It was not my time to die, I said to myself. Yes, I had been dead, I know what it is like to die. It is not painful, just a strange feeling.

I was still feeling bad. For three months I laid in bed except for the time I had doctor visits. All the doctors realized how bad I was, but none could find the cause. It was one day my mother wanted to take me to a chiropractor. I went and immediately started to feel slightly better. Within a month I was walking again. A little wobbly, but none the less I was walking.

In a little over month I was much better, but I had this fear that if I walked to far I would fall down. It was just a fear that was in my head. I finally got back to work and I will admit that it was a few months until I was back to normal. The chiropractor brought me back to good health again.

I don't talk much about the time I died. It is one of those things that is hard to talk about, but it happened. I know what it is like to die. Next time will I see the light as many claim. I have no idea, but I do not fear death. It happens to everyone, I am just one of those that got the first taste of it.

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